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First time ever sucking cock?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by curiousguy760 [Ignore] 08,Dec,13 13:29  other posts
How was your first time sucking cock? Whede did you meet him? Was it what you expected? Any good stories?

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By dl2000sec [Ignore] 23,Feb,21 16:59 other posts 
I've thought about blowing a guy for as long as I can remember, but I didn't act on until I was 55! I had started to go to a XXX bookstore at lunchtime, and was in a booth when a note was tossed over the door. It said, "Let me in and I'll suck you off."

My heart started pounding and I was pretty scared, but I unlocked the door. A guy that I recognized from hanging out in the hallway came in and reached for my dick. He had me stand on the little bench seat and proceeded to worship my cock. He was amazing and I thought I would cum in like two minutes. I was so horny but I still amazed myself when I whispered, "Can I taste yours?" He pulled off my cock, undid his belt, loosened his pants and hauled out his dick.

We traded places and I soon had my first penis on my tongue. I loved it and couldn't believe how many years I'd wasted. I licked and sucked until he came in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and started coming myself, just from the experience and the taste of his load going down. Needless to say, it was the start of something wonderful in my life.
By tb1 [Ignore] 23,Feb,21 23:57 other posts 
Good times

By earthy [Ignore] 22,Feb,21 12:10 other posts 
Me and a friend were 13. We would have sleepovers and sleep in our underwear, then eventually naked. We started jerking off together, then doing each other. Then one night I leaned over and started sucking his dick. It was amazing!!

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 22,Feb,21 09:31 other posts 
I was 12 or 13 my friend . We were in his garage messing around and he asked if I wanted to suck his dick. I said I would he pulled his pants down and I started to suck. Not sure at first I knew what I was doing, but I got the hang of it in no time. He didn’t cum but got real hard . His dick stood straight up. Later other times he sucked mine. And we played more from time to time. It was fun and I loved cock ever since.

By Sissycockslut [Ignore] 21,Feb,21 17:28 other posts 
I was 10 it was my friends old brother chisr he was 19 i stayed the night one and my friends parents where out town my friend fell asleep and was hang out my friends brother down in the basement when he pulled down his pants and told to get on my knees and open my mouth I did he put his dick in my mouth and passed in it then he started to face fuck me making me choke on 7in of dick he was calling me a slut he pulled his dick out slap me in the face and asked me if I like it I say yes he layed my head on the back of the sofa stand over me and fucked my throat and shoot a load down my throat he kept fuck my face all nigth cum in my throat 5 times I loved it

By swvsucker [Ignore] 11,Apr,20 17:24 other posts 
I was 14 and so was my cousin. We had played with our dicks in front of each other, but never touched or anything. I had seen his cock enough that I was craving sucking it.

We got ahold of a porn movie and was watching it and had our dicks out. In one scene this girl agrees to fuck two guys if they suck each other first. I asked if he would suck a cock to get pussy and he said no. He asked if I would and I said yes. Then I added that I would like to do it even if I wasn't getting pussy. Nothing was said after that.

A few minutes later I asked if he wanted us to play with each other and he said yes. After a few minutes he stopped playing with mine and just laid back while I stroked and rubbed his. From our angle my head was sort of blocking the TV and he asked me to move my head, so I lowered my head down putting my face just a few inches from his cock. I knew if I stayed there he would shoot on my face and I was really excited about that, but I was dying to suck it.

Then he said to go a little lower and put his hand on the back of my head. I decided to go for it and opened wide and lowered my mouth onto his cock. He didn't stop me, so I started sucking. I was in heaven!

After maybe three or four minutes he told me he was about to cum and said I better stop. I kept sucking. A few moments later he warned me again. I kept sucking, but I applied a little more suction and rubbed his balls. A third time he warned me and said I had to stop now or he was cumming in my mouth. I kept sucking. He didn't say anything else, I just felt cum blast the back of my throat and fill my mouth. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted and I swallowed it all.

He was shocked that I did out and that I swallowed. I told him I had really liked it a lot. He tried sucking me, but stopped after a minute and said he didn't like it. After that I sucked him off all the time throughout our teen years and into our late 30s.
By tb1 [Ignore] 19,Jul,20 01:24 other posts 
Good times
By Aloha123 [Ignore] 30,Aug,20 12:22 other posts 
My experience was similar, but it was my college roommate instead. He doesn't like doesn't even like jerking me off unless he was fucking my hard, then he would touch mine. But he often asked me to suck his dick and/or ask to fuck me. I like him as a friend even better we have seen each other naked, and I think I had fallen in loved with him over the time… so I also say yes when he ask. Yet… he only calls me a "friend with benefit"😢

By liketoedge [Ignore] 30,Aug,20 12:00 other posts 
A boy in my nieghborhood that was a few years older. He gave me my first blowjob and I did him afterwards. He had been jacking off together for a couple months when he asked if I wanted to feel something that felt ever better. For the next few years he would secretly suck me anytime I wanted and I wanted it often. But he always rather I jacked him off instead. In those 3 years till he left and went into the Milatary he sucked he on the sly at least 150 times and nobody ever knew of how horny we were.

By #622014 21,Aug,20 15:44
Didn't want to suck till I was mid-20s. Saw ad asking for a blond guy. Give his address so I knocked on his door. As we chatted I ended up lying on my side on his bed and he was kneeling on floor facing me. He excused himself and went into the bathroom. I immediately stripped naked and resumed my position on the bed. When he returned he was greeted by my nude body displaying my cock for him. He returned to kneeling on the floor beside me and started to fondle my cock and balls. I was being somewhat coy at first but decided yo stand him up, unbuckle his belt, un button his jeans and in one swift move pulled down his jeans and drove my lips onto his cock. We spent the afternoon sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing.

By #624140 20,Aug,20 05:17
My first time sucking dick wasn't planned.I was 16 then with the friend same age.We had a secret.We both masturbated each other for about 3 months then.That evening was same.We both sat besides each other and I jerked his hard dick and his hand was on mine.Out of nowhere I got crave to have a taste of him and without any word I kisses him in the cockhead.He was surprised.I wrapped my lips around his dick and swallowed it.He moaned.I started move my head and suck him.He was still jerking me and liked the taste and feeling.After 5 minutes he said its coming.I kept my lips around his dick, while his dick ejaculated.My mouth got full of his sour cum and I tried swallowing but couldnt.Spat whats left on his dick.He was very happy and jerked me until I came.

By #622870 02,Aug,20 04:40
I was into crossdressing from a young age.At 16 I was borrowing lots of moms clothes and toys.One evening I was wearing black nylon stockings,red thong panties and bra.On top white mini skirt and blonde wig with makeup.I was riding my homemade dildo dressed all sexy trying to reach hands free orgasm.Also was fantasising how I should suck a cock if I had a chance someday.I had swallowed tons of my loads.I wanted to become sissy so bad.Suddenly I heard someone come into house.I stand up from my dildo and saw my sisters boyfriends car outside.I had my sissy urges to act so I put red lipstick on and went to him.He was surprised when he saw me.I said I want to be his secret cocksucker so no one will know.He got confused, but I calmed him by unzipping his pants and taking underwear off

By #622438 25,Jul,20 04:00
I was a little drunk , but I remember it.I was 16 having a little party at a countryside.There was 22 years older guy, who is friend of a friend.We partied and after midnight I went to sleep with him in a same bed.I didnt knew he was bi.I felt his hand on me and I touched him.He was flaccid.I went under a blanket and sucked him

By Eubin_Scrude [Ignore] 19,Jul,20 00:48 other posts 
It was about 15 years ago. An adult book store near my house had the option to press a button and the glass between the stalls would go clear and you could watch each other J/O. I was Jacking it with after turning the screen clear with another guy and he motioned as to asked if I wanted to meet up. We quickly left and met up outside and chatted for a while before I went to his house. We had a few drinks then started to J/O together. He had a small cut dick and I decided to go for it and started sucking it. I first started licking on the great looking head with my lounge for some time teasing him before I put my lips around it. I have a jaw that clicks so I was glad it was a small one. I sucked on it for quite a while until he came in my mouth. I did not swallow but just let it run out of my mouth and down his shaft to his balls. I love to suck dicks, preferably small ones but haven’t had too many opportunities lately, the book store is long gone. I did recently hook up with an Asian guy after **** together at a casino, we were both on the same floor as we were calling it a night and ended up in his room. Surprise , a nice looking tiny dick that I rode for a bit, it couldn’t go too far in my ass but I liked it and just before he came I got off, pulled off the condom and took the load just like the first time. Most guys like it if they can cum in your mouth. I am always on the lookout for someone to get with but keep it discrete.

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 11,Apr,20 07:16 other posts 
I was about 60 yrs old, when i finally sucked a cock. It was in adult book store,in New Jersey. the glory holes were covered so i left the door unlocked. It wasn't long and another guy came to the booth, it didn't take long and i had finally had a cock in my mouth, something i wanted to do for a very long time. Wish i had started sooner it was a very nice experience, and i did swallow all his cum.

By BIGtown2020 [Ignore] 02,Apr,20 20:44 other posts 
At a bar i went into the kitchen to get a beer and he said you like he pulled his shorts down there was 10 inches i said i have never he said go a head taste it ,it was great then he said what you got and grabbed my crouch and said pull it out then he sucked me for 30 minutes and took my load so i had to repay the favor!

By sweetdevil [Ignore] 11,Mar,20 15:18 other posts 
I was 13 on a school; camping trip and shared a tent with the gym teacher who was 30ish first night I was in y sleeping bag when he came into the tent and switched a battery lamp on with is back to me he took off his tracksuit and stood there in his y fronts I was watching him and realised he was wanking !
he turned towards me when I saw his enormous cock rock hard he saw me and asked me what I was doing
I said ive not seen one so big sir he laughed and said I bet you enjoy wanking and before I knew it he bent down unzipped my sleeping bag and pulled my y fronts down where my hard cock was poking out of them
he started to wank me then omg he sucked me off then he stopped and knealt between my legs and wanked his hard cock and spurted fucking loads of spunk all over my cock n balls
he then resumed sucking and licking his cum off me I cant tell you how I was feeling it was awesome the I had the strangest feeling and as he continued to suck my hard cock I spunked in his mouth he swallowed every drop
I was really pissed off as this was the first time I had cum and I never saw it shoot I just felt it shoot
well after that every morning and evening he would wank and suck me dry I also got to suck his cock ………...that's why today I love guys who cum on my cock then suck it off

By #612667 09,Mar,20 11:15
My first time was at age 13 my best mate was same age we used to hang out after school every day as it was summer after school we went uo to local train station where there was an old water tower that was used for filling steam trains it was half full of water ther was a platform inside so we got into water tower stripped off and started swimin when we had enough well we dried out on platform inside tank as was open not enclosed he noticed i had a boner one thing led to another and we end up sucking each other stupid everyday after that dam that was fun his cock taste awsome lmfao no wonder we were happy well ajusted teens

By kebmo [Ignore] 25,Feb,20 02:43 other posts 
Here's my blog story about my first time. Warning: May cause /blogs/31268.html

By #551147 24,Feb,20 16:09
I was 14 as was he, we were neighbors/friends. He stole some liquor from his Dad's alchohol stash, it was peppermint schnapps. We started drinking it and after a short time we were both rather tipsy. We noticed that our cocks were hard and started talking about girls. Curious! We kinda wanted to see each others cocks, well, unno, wondering if we looked similar or were normal. Without hesitation he whipped his wiener out and flexed it, so I pulled my pants down too and did the same, we giggled at that. His had a slight curve and was about the same length as mine, mine was slightly fatter. I decided that we didn't have to talk about or wish for girls and suggested we could take care of the problem ourselves. He was quite nervous about it, at first, but once I got his boy cock in my mouth, I noticed his sound of euphoria and noticed his eyes roll back. He then asked if he could reciprocate to which I said of course. Precum was literally draining out of me at that point and he was a bit taken aback by that. I wiped it all off and he took me into his mouth, wow! It felt SO good. We went into the living room took our pants all the way off and started 69'ing each other as we had recently heard what it meant. As I was rubbing his body with my free hand, I felt him tense up, inhale deeply, and try to muffle his moans as he blasted the inside of my mouth with spurt after warm spurt. He came first and it was quite surprising to say the least. It's funny, I knew it was gonna happen, yet, completely surprised! It felt like he was never gonna stop cumming in my mouth as I struggled to catch every drop. I had no where to spit so I just decided to swallow it. It had a pleasant salty flavor. He had paused briefly servicing mine while he was cumming, it was such a hot moment when he took me into his mouth to finish me off, I lost it too. He took the first shot like a champ and then pulled off, from the surprise. Some shot on his face then he went back down on me took some more into his mouth pulled off some shot onto his shirt, I was quite the cum fountain myself, even to this day I shoot massive amounts. Anyway, we both layed back and just took the moment in for a while. We ultimately finished the booze he stole and that begun a very different aspect to our friendship that would continue for several years.

By Cumforme [Ignore] 19,Feb,20 17:25 other posts 
was 19 when my friend same age went to the cinema , little did I Know what was going to happen later that night, So the movie ended and we went to get the bus when my friend said lets get a few cans and chill in the park being a mid summers evening, So I went along with it, got the beer and went into the park as dusk was setting in a very remote area in case the police came. so we talked and drank when after 2 beers he said he needed to pee so went to a nearby tree not to far away, I needed to go as well so was at a tree next to him . I had turned the corner of my eye to see his cock being curious and as he finished e shook the last drops of his pee out and walked towards me as I was peeing and looked at me peeing , when out of the blue he said he wanted to wank as he was horny as I finished my last few drops , this kind of got the blood flowing as he took out his cock and proceeded to jack off in front of me to my amazement and also got me hard, He said think you need to wack off well as I was sporting a rock hard boner, he pulled his fore skin back and forth and I was like dam so I followed suit and there we were wanking off in front of each other. then he said he want to try something and asked me to bend over , could not believe he inserted his cock in me pushed in a few times but guess having no lube he pulled out turned me around and wrapped his hand around my cock and wanked me off could not believe the great feeling so I grabbed his cock and did the same. he then got on his knees and gave me a toe curling blow job. I grabbed his head as he bobed up and down for a few minutes when he said my turn, I got on my knees and got my first taste of cock and loved it as I sucked back and forth. We took turns till I remember he started to shoot his load in my mouth. it took me by surprise it was warm and salty and a good load he pushed me away as he became so sensitive, He then just grabbed my cock and finished me off with a hand job which was a great feeling and let out a groan as I felt my load shoot out with such force. ill my next experience

By bil47 [Ignore] 17,Feb,20 21:19 other posts 
I had very briefly taken some stiff cocks in my mouth when I was 13 and playing with same-age neighborhood boys, but never really a suck job. That would wait until I was in my early 40s (25 years ago). I had been monogamous with my wife since my mid-20s, but she was slowing down sexually. I found myself masturbating to gay porn more and more. I was drawn to adult book stores in the city, with their movie booths... especially one that was very near my job, and I would go after work. In the peep-booth area men were loitering around, waiting for someone to enter a booth but leave the door cracked open. The first few times I went, I kept the door closed, and I jacked off to gay-porn videos. Finally I built up the courage to leave the door part-open. A middle-aged man immediately came to the door and simply asked "OK?" I nodded. He came in and closed the door behind him, then put some tokens in the video player. He reached for my belt buckle at the same moment I reached for his. We quickly opened our pants and pulled them down a bit, exposing our hard cocks. "You want to suck me?" he murmured. "Yeah," I replied, as I sank to my knees.

By #610509 17,Feb,20 18:50
I was 13 and I had stayed night at my friends his mom was out town it was just us and his step dad Ron when my friend fall a sleep I stayed up and watch tv in the base than Ron come in just his under and sat beside me on the sofa and put arm round me he told he had fat dick for me he pulled is under down and me to open my mouth I did he stand up and put dick in my mouth before I know he was fucking my face I had 8 in dick down throat for about 45 min before he fill my throat with sperm I loved it I know rigth there I was a cock slut

By #578258 27,Jan,19 19:45
First time I sucked my friend and classmate, until he came for me was when I was 17.We were five friends and classmates same age. On the spring weekend we went to friends homestead near out city. We bought food and drinks.When we got there, we started drinking and cooking food. We got in sauna. Around the midnight I was pretty drunk and told my friend I will sleep with him. He was masculine and taller than me.At night there were three beds in the bedroom. We both went to sleep to a free bed in a corner. He took of his pants, shirt and went under a blanket. So did I and lied besides him under a blanket too. I
My hand started move under a blanket and stopped on his underwear. I slided it inside and touched his soft dick. I felt it started to get hard slowly. We looked at each other and smiled. Then I told him I want to taste him. So I went under a blanket on top of him.It was dark, but I felt warmth coming from his crotch. I pulled his underwear down and wrapped my lips around his cockhead. Tasted sweaty and salty, but I started taking it in my mouth. I sucked him under a blanket for a while and was excited and hard doing that. After about 10 minutes of sucking he said he is cumming and his body started shaking a little, while I felt warm cum shooting in my mouth for a first time. It wasn't gross and I catched his whole load with my mouth and swallowed it. After I went back besides him, he was satisfied and happy, so I jerked myself off, while besides him still tasting his cum in my mouth.

By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 25,Jan,19 00:48 other posts 
Whilst in the army was hitchhiking home as had little money.It was late evening and a car pulled up alongside me and the guy asked where I was going.I told him and he said he could take me part of the way so I got in.As we were going along we chatted and he put his hand on my leg and started to rub my leg.As this was not my first encounter with a guy(blogs on profile)I let him carry on.After a while his hand moved to my crotch and rubbed my now hardening cock.I looked over at him and he smiled so I undid my jeans and slipped them and my pants down to my ankles.He smiled again and took my semi hard cock in his hand and started to masturbate me.I then unzipped his trousers and took his cock out of his pants,he was already hard,and started to masturbate him.After a short while he asked if I had ever given a guy a blowjob to which I replied no.Would I like to he asked,ok I replied leaned over and started to lick his cock and his balls.When some pre cum came out I licked it up to taste it,it tasted good,and then I put the head of his cock in my mouth and started to give him a blowjob.When he was about to cum he asked if I had ever tasted cum before to which I replied no.So he masturbated himself,squeezed his foreskin tight so no cum would come out and told me to hold out my hand and he let some of his cum out onto it.I licked it and liked the taste so he let out the rest and I licked it all up.Then I licked his cock clean.He pulled into a lay by and leaned over and gave me a blowjob and when I was about to cum I tried to pull his head away but he carried on and took my load in his mouth.We dressed and carried on our journey till he dropped me off.

By #576878 14,Jan,19 00:58
It was when I was 20.I met him online on sex dating site.We were decided to meet for a mutual wank off.I came to his home.He invited me inside.I said lets get to bussiness and we sat on sofa with bottoms naked.He had few inches longer dick and was smoothly shaved.I touched his dick ,he touched mine and we got pretty hard.I liked how his dick looks and feels in my hand.He had a really attractive cock.I got hypnotized or what and started move my face closer to his dick.His cockhead was near my lips.Then my lips were kissing his head and my tongue licking it.I felt that taste of dick for my first time and was licking his shaft up and down.My lips wrapped around his head and I took half of his cock inside my throat.Started move my head up and down and his dick slided in and out my mouth.Then I felt his hands on my head and he started moving his hips up and down.I felt his dick sliding in and out my mouth and bumping at the back of my throat.Then pretty soon he told me he is cumming and I felt his warm cum shooting on my tongue and in my mouth.I kept lips closed,until he was all done.Took his cock out of my mouth,with his warm cum inside.I swallowed his load and he saw that.Was very happy.I was happy too with this what happened.

By #549223 04,Jan,19 14:35
I have only sucked one cock, my childhood friend that lived a few houses down from me. We played around with other neighborhood kids when we were little, played doctor and such. Us two were also touching dicks and such separate from the others.

It died down for a few years and then in junior high we would walk from the bus back home together. His house was before mine and empty for few hours before his parents got home from work. We would sit and watch some tv and then start messing around. We started with frottage/jumping and I started sucking his cock. He started fucking me eventually. I only fucked him once, he didn't do well with the pain. We did this through high school multiple times a week in both of our homes. He is a Latino with an uncut cock of about 7 inches, I loved sucking his cock and running my tongue over his cockhead, although I did not love the smegma,

By #571440 01,Jan,19 23:11
my moms husband made me suck him when I was 14. At the time I didn't know what to do? He would come in often and start touching me. I always pretended to be a sleep so I wouldn't be too ashamed! He liked to stick the head of his cock on my mouth and slowly push it in and out fucking my face! his pre cum made it feel better! and I actually was turned on by it! He eventually started to finger my ass while he fucked my mouth!! He would gently rub me til he came! then he would rub his semin in me! there were so many times I would let out liitle moans so wanting to wake up and let him fuck me it felt so good! He and my mother seperated shortly after! And I never got over wanting him pleasuring me! He was a freak for doing it to me but if If I had it my way I would fuck him over and over and take all his nice smooth cum

By #575378 01,Jan,19 21:08
I was at a very young age. Maybe 14 and I had a friend same age. When we were alone together he always tried do something sexually with me. We were masturbating together one day and he offered take my dick in his mouth if I will do the same for him.I agreed and he was in front of me with wide open muth. I put my dick in his mouth and he started licking it inside. I felt new feeling on my dick and enjoyed it. Pretty soon I told him I will finish and he pulled out my dick and finished me with hand. It was my turn. I got on top of him and licked his head. Then shaft and took his dick in my mouth.Licked it around, moved my head up and down with my lips around his shaft until he came without any warning. With his first shot of cum I felt salty so I spit out some of his cum and dick. He finished cumming on himself.

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 01,Dec,18 09:04 other posts 
I was around 6 or 7 and loved it !

By #573046 01,Dec,18 08:57
I was 26 when I sucked my first guy.Dreamed about that for long time and I met bi guy from my city through dating website.I told him I want to suck a dick, but want to keep that between us confidential.He agreed and we decided to meet at his place tonight.In the evening I went to him and when he opened I saw muscular alpha man and got a little scared.He invited me to come inside.He introduced himself and said he is going to take a hot shower to relax and asked if I want to join.We got naked and get in there.I saw he shaved his pubes and his soft uncut dick looked so tempting so I got on my knees and asked him to come closer.His cock was in my face , I was nervous, but when I licked his shaft and took his head in my mouth I felt his cock growing and I knew I am doing good.He got erection and I was holding his hips while my head moved and his cock dissapeared in my mouth.He enjoyed that and pretty soon he said he is cumming and he pulled out his dick out of my mouth.He finished on my face and I quickly washed his cum off.Then we got out of the shower and went to bed.He lied on his back and I got on top of him for round two.

By JustWill [Ignore] 27,Nov,18 12:16 other posts 
By #551147 27,Nov,18 15:53
HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend reading his blog. ⬆️⬆️ ⬆️⬆️

⚠️Caution⚠️ If you weren't already turned on, you will be...
By JustWill [Ignore] 27,Nov,18 18:08 other posts 
Thanks so very much for the praise, Scorpio!
By #551147 27,Nov,18 18:12
Hey! My pleasure, it's well deserved. I wish I was half as articulate.
By #570437 28,Nov,18 09:10
Wonderful !!!
By JustWill [Ignore] 28,Nov,18 12:34 other posts 
Thank you very much! (For what it's worth, I have 44 other chapters about my adventures with Mark posted on my blog.)

By liketoedge [Ignore] 28,Nov,18 12:31 other posts 
A boy in my nieghborhood that was a few years older. He gave me my first blowjob and I did him afterwards. He had been jacking off together for a couple months when he asked if I wanted to feel something that felt ever better. For the next few years he would secretly suck me anytime I wanted and I wanted it often. But he always rather I jacked him off instead. In those 3 years till he left and went into the Milatary he sucked he on the sly at least 150 times and nobody ever knew of how horny we were.

By countrynaturist [Ignore] 27,Nov,18 23:05 other posts 
My neighbor invited me to go with him to a nude beach. We were both 16 and did lots of things together. We are both nudists and skinny dipped in their pool plenty of times. His older **** and her partner (who were also nudists) drove us out. They set up and we continued another 50 feet or so, got naked and set up. About twenty minutes later, I sat up and noticed his cock getting quite hard. He was watching his **** rubbing sunscreen all over her partner. She began fingering her partners clit and soon her partner was returning the favor.

He was getting hard watching his **** getting it on with her lover and I was getting hard watching my friend's gorgeous cock get rock hard. I knew I really wanted to touch and feel his cock. He took a glance at me swirling my fingers around my cock and spreading the precum over the head of my cock. we both reached out to touch each other's cocks and I started to moan. What a rush. Before I knew it I had him lie back and I began to lick his shaft and flick my tongue on his cock head. I had seen a fair bit of gay porn but to have a real cock in my mouth was indescribable.

He was soon asking me to suck harder and faster and begged me to let him cum into my mouth. I kept sucking and soon I felt his body get tense and I got to taste his delicious cum.

It was far more than I was expecting ... So much so that I never felt the need to try having sex with a gal.

By knewbi [Ignore] 27,Nov,18 11:31 other posts 
Met this gay couple on line. They were not too far from my home so I went over just to meet them. Withing the hour I was on my knees with a cock in my moth and another in my hand. I was so excited knowing that I could have sex with these two if I wanted that on their first move on me I was all in...

By #572188 17,Nov,18 18:43
My first dick I sucked was my friends about 6inches.We were both at his house, bored.We started watching bj videos and both got hard in our pants.My friend said he was grossed of seeing dick sucked, but I said it gets me horny.He asked if I want to try like the girl in porno and I said why not.He asked to close my eyes and open my mouth, so I did.I felt sweaty warm meat touching my lips and going inside my mouth.As I opened my eyes I saw my friend's cock in my mouth and I wrapped my lips around his head and started sucking.He loved it so much he came in my mouth and I spitted his cum on his cock.Then he went to clean.

By #487206 22,Aug,15 14:59
First time was a few years ago. Meet a guy on Craigslist he came over I was so nervous and excited. He sat down on my bed and asked me what I wanted to do "I wanna to suck your cock" I replied so he took his shorts n sexy little manties off. I got on my knees grabbed his sexy semi hard cock n put it in my mouth. It felt so good feeling it grow. He still to this day has the best dick ever 7.5" long, pretty fat ,uncut and curved down. We sucked each other off for a while I made his big sexy cock cum all over my face....greatest sexual experience ever
By spermkiss [Ignore] 23,Aug,15 14:46 other posts 
"...greatest sexual experience ever" Spoken like a true cocksucker. I fully agree. Sucking a man to climax and receiving his sperm is the ultimate pleasure.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 23,Aug,15 14:43 other posts 
In a wooded area behind our house when I was less than eight years old. Another boy and I decided to show each other our dicks. Don't all boys do that? Isn't it part of growing up? Then he suggested that we suck each other. This was new to me, but I was willing. I went first and it was little more than a quick in and out, but that satisfied him. Then he sucked me and he really went to town. I knew even then that this was something he had done before 'cause he really liked it. The next time I had an opportunity to suck a cock I made the most of it. And I was hooked.

By 67malibu [Ignore] 11,Jun,14 12:44 other posts 
Buddy from school, we were about 17,parked on a dirt road. In the front seat of??? Liked it from the start

By #211891 15,Mar,14 06:58
When I decided it was time to suck my first cock I picked out a personal ad that gave an address. I went to the address, knocked on the door, was greeted and invited inside by Ken. Small-talk led us to the bedroom where we looked at magazines. Ken excused himself to the bathroom. When he returned Ken found me completely naked on his bed. He immediately started playing with my cock which got me hard and throbbing. I helped him out of his clothes and took his cock into my mouth. I had found great pleasure! I love sucking cock! Having a cock in my mouth is the most pleasurable experience only surpassed when a cock explodes with cum and I swallow that warm goodness. I ♥ cocksucking!
By #463249 08,Jun,14 14:31
You went to a complete stranger's home address? You were lucky.

Some years ago, a friend of mine invited what he thought was a nice guy back to his flat. In the early hours of the morning, the fire-brigade was called by some neighbours. When the fire was extinguished, they found my friend in the flat. He'd been murdered - beaten to death. They never caught the psycho who did it.

PLEASE, people, be careful!
By #211891 11,Jun,14 08:16
This happened way back in the 70s. Definitely a different time. I agree with you: Be careful!
By spermkiss [Ignore] 11,Jun,14 11:01 other posts 
Definitely a different time. When I first became sexually active back in the middle sixties I picked up guys on the street, in parks and in bars and went to their homes or invited them to mine all the time and thought nothing of it. Those were the days.

By #453579 12,Mar,14 22:51
I'm bisexual and until recently i always had my cock sucked but i had never sucked a dick. Im in my early 30s but one of my friends has a 16 year old son. We were at a cottage for the weekend and my friend and his wife went for a walk. I walked into the bathroom just as my friend's 16 year old son came out of the shower. He was ripped and hung. I didnt know if he was gay but he never covered up as i stared at his huge wet cock. I just walked over to him and shoved his cock in my mouth, I sucked him dry and swallowed his cum. We never said a word. He then went to leave the bathroom, i took him by the arm and said hey its my turn, I put him in front of the sink turned him around and pounded his ass til i came in it. We fucked every chance we got for the rest of the weekend.
By #68656 13,Mar,14 07:12
This is so very wrong.
Firstly we have a case of sex with a minor and secondly a despicable breach of trust both to the b0y and his father.
Shame on you made even more reprehensible by the fact you openly brag about it.
By #281008 08,Jun,14 18:25
and like u some people r sooooo gullible to believe these stories
By Arexa [Ignore] 13,Mar,14 07:22 other posts 
That is completely despicable! How could you take advantage of a minor like that? And have the audacity to describe yourself as a friend of his father? And to top it off, come here waving the fact you had sex with a minor on a public forum? You're sick!
By JeffinKS [Ignore] 13,Mar,14 08:26 other posts 
not to place right or wrong.. just an observation....
so you blast this member for having sex with a younger male, but say nothing when a younger male has a sex encounter with an older this some twisted double standard?
By #428387 13,Mar,14 08:46
We are blasting Mr Krane because the boy was a minor and not fully aware of the consequences.Any way If the older guy lets himself be involved with a minor in a sex act then he would have to face the consequences.
By JeffinKS [Ignore] 13,Mar,14 09:31 other posts 
right I understand that but... like the post below where the younger male seeks out am older male you say nothing....
so 13 going after 35 is ok.... but early 30's going after 16 is not? that's all I am asking
By Arexa [Ignore] 13,Mar,14 15:14 other posts 
I did not see the post you speak of... One is just as bad as the other. Both are despicable acts that completely lack morality. Shit like that sickens me. :/
By #68656 14,Mar,14 05:55
As Arexa correctly states both 453282 and Mr. Krane are as bad as each other, devoid of morals and ethics. However thankfully they have both closed their accounts which is no great loss.
By #94263 13,May,14 01:37
As the member is no longer on the site, I can not be sure of this, but The if the guy came from the UK or some other countries, the age of consent is 16, so he would not of been having sex with a minor. It is wrong to always jump to the conclusion of sex with an under 18 is sex with a minor.
HOWEVER!!! I do not condone the original poster, as he did not check that the lad wanted sex with him first, he was not even sure he was gay and the lad was his friend's son, it was all morally wrong.
By #281008 08,Jun,14 18:26
and like u some people r sooooo gullible to believe these stories
By Arexa [Ignore] 08,Jun,14 22:47 other posts 
My gullibleness is none of your concern.
By _avg_ [Ignore] 13,May,14 01:49 other posts 
Oh c'mon, really? You guys are actually buyin' this bull?? nothing but a fantasy story (wrong though it may be)...and in any case, just another drive-by. Save the outrage.

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