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By knewbi at 11,Sep,19 12:29
Damn that looks good... I just love a good bulge...

By knewbi at 11,Sep,19 12:28
Ya know, there are times when a good jerk off session is better than sex with another. It does not happen often as sex with a person is what I crave. But I have had times when I could have had another there but chose to just jerk off alone. Generally because I was wanting to try something special.

By knewbi at 11,Sep,19 12:26
Like most of us here I would love having a jerk off buddy and more. Had a gay couple years ago that fit the bill but they have been transferred and have never been replaced.

By knewbi at 11,Sep,19 12:23
I just love getting off every day and some days more than once. If I miss a day of sex, which I often do, I stroke my stiff cock until it spits. If I have sex every day I still sometime jerk off just for the fun of it...

By knewbi at 11,Sep,19 12:21
Just love a nice bulge in this type of panties!!!

By knewbi at 11,Sep,19 12:21
Now that is what I would call one sweet bulge!!!

By knewbi at 08,Sep,19 17:23
I cum to see the great cocks and chat with some of the members both ladies and men. Oh, and to jerk off.

By knewbi at 08,Sep,19 17:21
No bush!!!

By knewbi at 03,Sep,19 11:14
About three days!!

By knewbi at 23,Aug,19 18:06
Bummer.. had a great gay couple that I played with often. They loved cock as much as I do. They even had my cock photo on their desktop. They had to move and U still miss sucking their cocks and them mine. Miss their sweet asses too!!

By knewbi at 22,Aug,19 12:43
Oh I hear ya... Don't see her often enough and it seems always with a group as well as the wife. But if I ever have an opportunity alone I am making the move on her... Until then...

By knewbi at 19,Aug,19 11:28
I'd tickle my tonsils with that thing...

By knewbi at 19,Aug,19 11:26
Sure, I love it when we both or all participate but I personally get the biggest rush out of sucking a guys cock. I have had a few times where I sucked a friends cock with no return of the favor. I was quite pleased and so was he.

By knewbi at 19,Aug,19 11:23
Just give me something that shows a nice bulge and I am happy....

By knewbi at 16,Aug,19 11:31
Oh hell yeah!!!

By knewbi at 16,Aug,19 11:23
Every time I have sex with a woman I do...

By knewbi at 16,Aug,19 11:22
Oh hell yes!!!

By knewbi at 16,Aug,19 11:15
You betcha she does!!!

By knewbi at 14,Aug,19 13:34
Had an old GF that loved giving head and hand jobs while I was driving. Can't count the number of hand jobs she gave me in our travels. We generally kept a box of condoms in the glove compartment for the hand job. She'd swallow for the blow jobs.

By knewbi at 12,Aug,19 11:55
Hell, I was in my mid 50's when I first gave cock a try. Before that I had some feeling of wanting but it just never really happened But, found a site that was free (did not want any trace to show that the wife might find) and joined. This gay coupe contacted me and I thought, why not? So we met and they made me feel so comfortable. We all got into it the very day. So, my first time was with 2 rock hard cocks. That was some treat. Been into it ever since. I actually found that I loved sucking cock and having mine sucked by guys as well as women. I also found that my jerk off sessions were now leaning towards jack off to cocks instead of women most of the time. Today, given a choice of sex with a woman or sex with a guy... unless the woman was something real special I think I'd go for that cock.

By knewbi at 09,Aug,19 13:17
While I prefer a cut cock an uncut cock looks great if the skin is tight and shows lots of vains. Generally, almost any stiff cok looks good to me...

By knewbi at 07,Aug,19 16:24
Oh, maybe a guys cock up my ass and he pisses while in there...

By knewbi at 07,Aug,19 16:22
Probably finding eother a sweet tranny or a very passable CD to play with at times. No commitment other than the two of us and anyone else we invite having a great sexual time.

By knewbi at 05,Aug,19 11:27
I cum here to have a look at what is going on. Some times I have a sexy chat with the guys or girls. But I ALWAYS find that I have a lot, and I mean a lot, of precum just watching, reading and chatting. Love the taste of precum and try to capture every drop. THAT is part of my reason for viewing cocks.

By knewbi at 05,Aug,19 10:42
Love them wet as long as the guys hard on shows through...

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:09
Fuck that is so yummy!!!

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:08
Oh fuck yes!! I would love ripping that out of there with my teeth!!!

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:06
I generally query the guy or girl that will be playing with mine. If they like it long I leave it alone, trimmed, I trim it. Shaved then that is what I do. After all, it is my potential cock sucker that I am trying to please.

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:03
While I like it all, give me a fully clean shaved cock to enjoy any time.

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:02
I was in my mid 50s when I sucked my first. I was very fortunate as it was a gay couple and got two hard cocks on my first time...

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 15:00
Damn!! I'd love sucking your cock too... Beautiful!!

By knewbi at 04,Aug,19 14:52
Yes!!! But then again???

By knewbi at 24,Jul,19 11:33
I am fine with that. While I like going both ways I am ok with me just sucking a guy off. Sucking cock is what I enjoy doing and recieving is just the bonus.

By knewbi at 22,Jul,19 11:01
I know what ya mean. I have hooked up with a number of guys through places like silverdaddies. But all too often someone will contact me and want to get together only to disappear when the time cums to setting up a meeting.

By knewbi at 22,Jul,19 10:59
Never tried one but I'd be up to giving it a go. How does one find them?

By knewbi at 22,Jul,19 10:50
None of my close friends know that i love sucking cock. They also do not know that I watch guys crotches while shopping and sometimes get so turned on that I have to find a rest room to jack off in while fantasizing about a guy I have seen.

By knewbi at 19,Jul,19 16:27
I love chaturbate. It is live and free to join. The best part is you get to chat with them while they put on the show and you jack off. Many of them are true nasties and love talking pure dirt with you. Some will coax you on to get you off.. Beats pictures any day.

By knewbi at 15,Jul,19 12:46
I am cut and shaved smooth. I prefer a shaved cut cock I have had them many combinations and have enjoyed almost every one of them.

By knewbi at 10,Jul,19 12:55
Wife and I are swingers and I remember the first black guy she did. His cock was massively round but only average length. She enjoyed it very much. Not sure if it was because of the weird shape or the fact that he was black. It was her first. But she has enjoyed many black large cocks since and seemed to like them even more than the first one. So I am sure it was because the guy was black and that was a fantasy of hers for years.

By knewbi at 10,Jul,19 12:51
Sure have. I have had times when shopping and see a guy with a bulge that catches my eye and became so horny that I would head to the rest room and jerk off thinking about it. Love spring and summer when the guys are wearing their bike shorts. That tight, silky shiny material and a bulging cock drives mmy nuts!!

By knewbi at 10,Jul,19 12:42
One of my Ex's would have me cum in her pussy and then straddle me and let it drip into my mouth. Then we would kiss and swap it back and forth.. She certainly was one fun fuck!!!

By knewbi at 08,Jul,19 12:40
Oh yes!! VERY nice!!!

By knewbi at 08,Jul,19 12:37
What's not to like? Love it!!!

By knewbi at 08,Jul,19 12:35
Just get out there and find her a real black cock to play with. It is just sex and she will love you even more for it...

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:33
Fuck yeah!! Do anything sexual that you feel inclined to do as long as it is legal. I've had some really weird stuff around my cock in its time.

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:31
When I need to I generally can. Had a few times when shopping that I had to stroke me a quickie and went into the restroom and got off very quickly.

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:29
I joined the other day but it looks as if it is now defunct..

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:28
I just love sex and almost anything involving sex is great with me.

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:27
I'd fuck any hole that she offers...

By knewbi at 02,Jul,19 16:32
Well, you would not have to ask me twice...