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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Robben [Ignore] at 16,May,20 15:29  other posts
Hello! Im curious about other peoples sexual fantasies, Tell about them here. Here is about some of my: /blogs/44087.html

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By everett [Ignore] at 02,Jul,20 05:19 other posts 
mine was i guy seeing my boy dick out of my pants on my bike touching me all over hope he suck me but never happend

By montana [Ignore] at 28,Jun,20 14:40 other posts 
I fantasize about having a gay neighbor move in next door to me! I would stop by to say hello and introduce myself to him, and then if at anytime it became obvious that he might want me, I would waste no time in offering myself to him! I would be so excited, turned on and hard that I would instantly strip naked for him and then with plenty of my precum for lube, I would let him slide his his big beautiful hard cock into my horny bottom!! I would soon be thrusting my ass backwards meeting his forward thrusts!!! I would want him to fuck me long, hard and deep.....really pound my ass good until he cums shooting his big hot load deep inside my belly!!! I would from then on always be wanting to to be fucked, so I would make myself available for him in anyway that he wanted, anytime he wanted, and definitely anywhere!! I would be so excited and turned on that I eventually wouldn’t even mind if he fucked me where others could see and watch! I would be so thrilled to know others were watching, and even more so if I knew they were making videos to post online, to show the world how much I liked to have my neighbor’s big cock fucking me!!
By X_Y_Z [Ignore] at 28,Jun,20 14:45 other posts 
great fantasy

By knewbi [Ignore] at 18,May,20 11:34 other posts 
I guess my top sexual fantasy would have to be to find a rather large mature black woman with massive tits, massive tits are very important in this fantasy, that isn't a real beauty, just an average pleasant looking woman, that I can use as my personal cum dump whenever I needed her. Maybe even share her with friends but that part is not important.

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 17,May,20 09:43 other posts 
I like to have my balls sucked, as in this clip:

Yes, that's me.
By BALLZDIXNCLITZ [Ignore] at 17,May,20 19:10 other posts 
I LOVE to suck BALLZ like that!
By BALLZDIXNCLITZ [Ignore] at 17,May,20 19:15 other posts 
I LOVE to suck BALLZ like that! Even better would be to suck them like that WHILE that GORGEOUS DICK is filling up a BEAUTIFUL SNATCH!

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 17,May,20 09:45 other posts 
The other fantasy I have is this
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No, that's not me.
But, yes, I've done this many times.
By X_Y_Z [Ignore] at 17,May,20 16:00 other posts 
great...never managed to cum without touching

By #615968 at 17,May,20 02:10
Sister caught me in the shower playing
By #588071 at 17,May,20 02:13
Nice did she play to
By #615968 at 17,May,20 02:41
Nope but did watch she can home drunk forgot i work nights

By Smoothbutt [Ignore] at 16,May,20 19:57 other posts 
I haven't but who plays with reatives.

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