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Started by #58214 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,10 22:26
One of my favorite fantasies is to 69 with 100 different women all in one day...all ages, shapes, sizes, colors...what are some of your favorite sexual fantasies?

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By DirtyGirl89 [Ignore] at 13,Nov,19 08:26 other posts 
Taking a dick in every hole while being tied up with my nipples being sucked on.

By Dev01 [Ignore] at 13,Nov,19 01:51 other posts 
Walking on a bed of Lego bricks while being attacked by honey badgers next to a Justin Beiber concert. That's just me tho

By Lvphose [Ignore] at 12,Nov,19 23:34 other posts 
I I have a nylon pantyhose fetish I have a fantasy of being made to get in the middle of the circle women wearing Hozier pantyhose and they make me jack off in front of them and the challenges to try and get hard so I can fuck them all

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 08,Nov,19 04:33 other posts 
The sucking and blowing the most gorgeous cock I've ever seen in front of everyone. This cock is so hypnotic that as soon as one gazes upon it you would or I would immediately drop to my knees, pulling his pants down and he is going commando. It's like m!e and that cock are the only two in this world. I know everyone is watching but they are hypnotized by how I am loving, enjoying, and pleasing this beautiful speciman of love.

By Azjiz [Ignore] at 21,Sep,19 19:50 other posts 
Having a group of guys jacking their cum all over my cock and in my mouth.
By Onanizer [Ignore] at 25,Oct,19 22:19 other posts 
Love to
By knewbi [Ignore] at 06,Nov,19 14:00 other posts 
Works for me too!!!

By #603877 at 06,Nov,19 13:46
I never had anal sex before, so I get turned on thinking about getting fucked by 5 guys in the ass and they all ejaculate deep insode me

By Smoothmann [Ignore] at 28,Oct,19 17:41 other posts 
To have my smooth cock rubbing against another smooth cock!

By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 17:33
Mine is to get dressed as a sexy sissy girl and go to a club or a party to serve as many men as I can.

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,19 04:19 other posts 
Will be changed. Their bodies will be more relaxed,stress levels will be down and frustrations will no longer bother them. No one has to pay a penny and they can keep cumming back. So from early morning till the bars close and everyone goes home with a smile on their faces. I work tiressly to help everyone have a good day . basically it's a 24 hour a day operation. I catch sleep in between jobs, blowjobs that is as I take their heavy load from them. It's a tough job but somebody gots to do it. My motto is you'll cum back now here.""

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 26,Oct,19 04:06 other posts 
One of my fantasies is that my back door has a hole cut out about 4 inches in diameter and about 3 feet up from the bottom. That way it should be able to accommodate any human male being. Now from early morning before men go to work,young men go to their classes, and those that don't do either of those two options just do whatever it is that they do can stop by my back door for some kind of relief. They just stop stick their dicks through the glory hole and in about 5 to 10 minutes their outlook on a new day will be

By Lilboi [Ignore] at 30,Sep,19 20:52 other posts 
50 strangers with big cocks using me on a building rooftop. They would strip me naked and take turns doing dirty kinky things with me
By Onanizer [Ignore] at 25,Oct,19 22:18 other posts 
You can have my cock inside you

By deepchocolate2071 [Ignore] at 21,Sep,19 16:27 other posts 
1. Going on a Cruise Ship with 1000's of Swingers for 2 weeks ALL D&D FREE me fucking and semenizing lots of women!! .

2.Travelling all over the world fucking married women with their husbands in 3 some sessions.

3.A room with Chubby Grandads with big bottoms for me to fuck and fill up with CUM.

4. Group Sex with women aged 60yrs + with their husbands!

5. Visiting a Gloryhole with anonymous Women's Mouths, Pussies and Asses available to fuck bareback. All ages 18-80.

6. Live in a World where Free Sex isn't an issue. NO WARS NO VIOLENCE.

By #599860 at 18,Sep,19 12:35
To be a slave... with a little bit bondage... that's my favorite fantasy.

By Sal5408 [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 11:39 other posts 
I'd like to jerk off on my wife and her sister's face while they kiss.

By #587826 at 17,Sep,19 10:32
Licking my girls pussy while she is standing, under her skirt, and she begins to pee in my mouth. I continue sucking her until she cums.. YUM YUM

By Sweetsexy [Ignore] at 03,Oct,18 16:21 other posts 
My fantasy would be having one guy fucking my pussy and another guy licking my clit
By #587826 at 17,Sep,19 10:27
I can help you with that..

By #587826 at 17,Sep,19 10:25
Licking my girls pussy while she is standing, under her skirt, and she begins to pee in my mouth. I continue sucking her until she cums.. mmm

By #599585 at 17,Sep,19 03:21
Love to find a nice young cock that's been jerking off with his sisters panties stockings or slip and give him his first blowjob, then have him start wearing something every time he comes back to my house, and eventually have him fuck me

By jumbu [Ignore] at 15,Sep,19 23:28 other posts 
to be naked on the beach and about 4 women come up to me and tell me that they want to take turns sucking my dick and having sex with me

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 30,Aug,19 00:29 other posts 
I actually have to many,so. Right now I am stuck on a few great ones and they all have to do with sucking their dick all day and night.

By #569242 at 11,Oct,18 00:03
My fantasy is to have 20-25 guys around me with me nude lying face up. I would suck each one, not to orgasm, as they would all shoot their load over my shaved cock and balls. Then they would take turns sucking my cock and licking up the cum until I shoot my load. Then they would turn me over and all of them would shoot their load on my ass. Then each one, if they could, would use the cum on my ass as lube and fuck me, filling me to overflowing with their cum.

By cmsdude [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 19:04 other posts 
Sucking my mates cock after he pulls out of his wifes pussy, then him doing the same to me

By #562213 at 09,Oct,18 19:08
Mine is to get wife **** drunk at party.Leave her in bedroom upstairs with door open enough to show her lying on bed ,with her skirt raised to show her panties.Knowing every guy who goes to bathroom Will see her,and hopefully will go in to take advantage of her.When I go to get her to go home at end of night,she's missing her panties,and is covered in cum,I take her home ,and plunge into her used wet pussy,my fantasy.
By AussieMan187 [Ignore] at 10,Oct,18 03:37 other posts 
How about naked on the bed? Would be more enticing

By Greek18cm [Ignore] at 09,Oct,18 18:58 other posts 
There iss this two girls i want to fuck. The one lets call her Anty does not want yet the other lets call her Jordin jusstjerking me, not even blow me. Sso my fantasy is like that... i am the king sitting on my throne with antzy next to me and jordin on her kneess mycock out. And ssince thoese two dont like each other and antzy iss abussive, sshe push jordinss head to deapthroat me. Sshe push hard that jordin criess and antzy enjoy it

By Robben [Ignore] at 09,Oct,18 18:31 other posts 
To see and feel two sexy women give me a four hands cock massage

By hotcock33 [Ignore] at 08,Oct,18 02:52 other posts 
Would love to live the cuckold lifestyle with the wife, at least on a part time basis(like 4 month stretch aprx)...have her find the perfect black lover, with the perfect big black cock, that would please her in ways I never could, but also a man who will take time to put me in my place, make me to suck his cock, and taking my tight ass if I deserve to be punished or it's what he desires.

Another would be to have one last romp with a barely legal, chubby teen girl...18 or 19. Not getting any younger, so would be really hot to get in there one last time...having the wife watch and maybe participate would be icing on the cake!

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] at 06,Oct,18 23:30 other posts 
Hubby here. My fantasy is to have a mmmf 3some where 2 hot guys get to play with wifey and for once I could just sit back and enjoy the show whilst quietly stroking myself to orgasm.

By CountryCouple54 [Ignore] at 19,Sep,18 16:54 other posts 
To watch a midget fuck a Walrus.
By up-for-it [Ignore] at 03,Oct,18 16:37 other posts 

By #568737 at 03,Oct,18 15:48
Undressing a colleague at work from her blouse, tight business skirt and stockings, then fucking her, being sucked off by her or jerking my load over her cheeky bum!

By onthelose [Ignore] at 26,Sep,18 18:40 other posts 
56691 I have helped many women out of similar circumstances and in most cases was treated like I owed them. I stopped stopping and offering help. Did I think I would get a sexual favor? Not on your life. Women are brought up to believe they are privileged. I am all for equal rights, open your own doors, lift your own toilet seat ,change your own tire, pay for your own meals etc. etc . Isn't that what EQUAL RIGHTS is all about???

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 22,Jun,15 19:40 other posts 
To participate in a bukkake thing...
By #566668 at 26,Sep,18 15:33
i will join

By Lvphose [Ignore] at 26,Sep,18 03:18 other posts 
My gf has several friends over. They all are wearing pantyhose/nylons. She has me strip naked and stroke myself in front of those nylons friends, then one by one and then add one the start giving me nylon foot job, then told to duck each one and climaxby cumming over all their nylon feet or legs!

By ionutvoicu020296 [Ignore] at 21,Sep,18 11:06 other posts 
To have my virginity taken by a mature woman

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 20,Sep,18 01:10 other posts 
A threesome with one guy fucking my ass, one sucking my cock and me giving a blowjob to one,,

By ghostfuck [Ignore] at 12,Aug,14 01:22 other posts 
One of mine would be to have 20 or more guys fill my mouth and ass with cum and piss. As many times as they wish, all day long.
By #553286 at 19,Sep,18 16:13
I'm like you be pivot man for circle jerk swollowing all the cum they had and the piss to

By Allalexallday [Ignore] at 19,Sep,18 15:02 other posts 
Watching my fiancee get fucked by a huge cock while jacking off

By Arexa [Ignore] at 10,Jun,13 10:42 other posts 
I'd have to say mine would be being tied up outside, somewhere in the woods with my hands over my head, being fucked for hours. Or sucking dick on a beach, preferably at night. But the first one sounds way more fun. Lol.
By Yimmy [Ignore] at 15,Jun,14 14:10 other posts 
Call me
By #567021 at 13,Sep,18 16:46
Iíll volunteer for that fantasy Arexa!
By #547532 at 18,Sep,18 20:03
Would you take bent over a log?

By #547532 at 14,Sep,18 15:07
First off my wife & me are both bisexual & swingers and have did anything & everything to do with sex possible. But recently I have had this desire to fuck my mom's best friend. She is 68, about 5'5", & is 270 lbs with most it in her ass. She is fat & old, not the type of woman I usually go for, yet I want her bad. Just this morning I took the pocket pussy my wife gave me went into the bathroom closed my eyes & fantasized I was fucking her from behind. Is there something wrong with me?
--------------------------------------- added after 100 hours

I have a sexual fantasy I have never admitted to anyone. Now I can't say it is my favorite because I could never pick a favorite. Every since I first saw her when her husband ran for President and to this day. I have had this desire to have sex with Hillary. Yes, that Hillary, the one that ran for President. I want to rip that pantsuit off & fucking pound her pussy. I want to do her in any position possible & then try some that might not be possible. Now I know some of you are thinking why. But when I see her I don't see the stuffy politician I see a woman, a woman that has needs & desires & that is the woman I have fantasized about fucking so many times.

By #566722 at 08,Sep,18 19:34
One of my sexual fantasies is that I **** in my bed at night and my mom comes into my room silently. Then she gets in my bed and lie down by my side.I wake up when her hand touched my cock and I see her fully naked besides me.She makes my cock hard and starts sucking it, while i rubbing her titties.Then she rides me until I can't take it no more and shoot my big load in her big tits.

By ChocolateDevine [Ignore] at 22,Jun,15 12:52 other posts 
It changes, but right now mine is to be invited by a man to fuck his wife. He could join in, too if he wanted.

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