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By earthy at 08,Dec,19 12:15
I jerk off dry all the time

By earthy at 06,Dec,19 10:22
I've always loved that

By earthy at 06,Dec,19 09:43
I moan a little but mostly I'm pretty quiet

By earthy at 25,Nov,19 19:26

By earthy at 10,Nov,19 20:12
This is one of mine.

By earthy at 05,Nov,19 06:51
I do that alot, just jerking the shaft. I have to use just 3 fingers to really stroke it but its great. Usually end up jerking the whole thing right at the end. Feels amazing and yeah it does last a little longer for me.

By earthy at 31,Oct,19 20:50
When I was about 8 I watched my step-brother, who was 15, jerk off on his bed. He came all over his stomach and chest. It seemed like ALOT of it! I remember that freaked me out because I had never even heard of that before. But I also started laughing for some reason

By earthy at 19,Oct,19 21:06

By earthy at 18,Oct,19 18:12
Yeah Ive always thought smaller and average tend to look best.

By earthy at 18,Oct,19 16:42
Just few days ago at a hotel. A straight friend was sleeping next to me.

By earthy at 18,Oct,19 14:37

By earthy at 01,Oct,19 10:06

By earthy at 01,Oct,19 09:59
Hell yes!

By earthy at 01,Oct,19 09:45
I'm 35 and have had sex with 3 women and 16 men.

By earthy at 17,Aug,19 10:39

By earthy at 26,Jan,19 12:11

By earthy at 04,Nov,18 07:29

By earthy at 04,Nov,18 07:21
Many times starting in middle school. It just feels amazing when someone else does it.

By earthy at 03,Nov,18 16:24

By earthy at 03,Nov,18 16:20
Definitely a BJ

By earthy at 03,Nov,18 11:58
I love small cocks! They are beautiful and don't hurt so much

By earthy at 03,Nov,18 11:49
I love getting fucked in the ass. But not with too big of a cock

By earthy at 31,Oct,18 18:01

By earthy at 31,Oct,18 17:57
I'm a grower no question about it

By earthy at 16,Oct,18 17:24
My friend and I were both 13 and skinnydipping. At first just rubbed each other then we ended up sitting on the side of the pool and jerked each other off.

By earthy at 26,Sep,18 16:30
I like 5-7 inches best but love them ALL really.

By earthy at 21,Sep,18 00:36

By earthy at 17,Sep,18 12:21

By earthy at 15,Sep,18 15:35
I'm fine with what I have but a little bigger couldn't hurt

By earthy at 15,Sep,18 15:31
I'm more of a sub really but it really depends on who I'm with.

By earthy at 11,Sep,18 12:39

By earthy at 01,Jul,17 15:42
Yeah me too. You just have to be careful.

By earthy at 25,Jun,17 11:04

By earthy at 20,Jun,17 08:55
I like it while lying down on my back. It is just so relaxing.

By earthy at 18,Jun,17 14:48
I'm in this group. No problem with it. But yeah I like cocks that are about the same size.

By earthy at 09,Jun,17 18:49
About 30 to 40 times.

By earthy at 24,Dec,16 09:54

Won't let me post the pic for some reason.

By earthy at 19,Dec,16 02:40

By earthy at 13,Dec,16 11:46
A little under 6" hard.

By earthy at 24,Nov,16 20:31

By earthy at 23,Oct,16 12:57

By earthy at 23,Oct,16 12:54

By earthy at 22,Oct,16 11:05
I've done exactly the same thing. Even if I don't cum it helps me relax and fall asleep.

By earthy at 31,May,16 13:18
I love it shaved!

By earthy at 31,May,16 13:10
Mine is smaller that a lot when it's limp. Kinda suxks but it works just fine!

By earthy at 31,May,16 12:52

By earthy at 25,May,16 13:22
Very nice and casual.

By earthy at 18,May,16 10:57

By earthy at 16,May,16 12:56
I'm cut too. But yeah always wondered how it feels to jerk off uncut.

By earthy at 27,Oct,15 15:45
Me too.