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By earthy at 05,Jul,20 14:20
I've had a hand-held shower before. You're right, it's AMAZING! I think I'll get another one soon. Maybe today

By earthy at 29,Jun,20 18:25
I was 12 lying on my bed jerking off, the next thing I know a friend is knocking on the front door. He was laughing and yelling "quite jerking off!". Pissed me off at the time. That sneaky little shit

By earthy at 29,Jun,20 13:56
Yeah I've hooked up with a number of guys that way (Adam 4 Adam app), one of them several times now. Only oral so far which is fine with me. Just meet the first time in a public place, for me it's been McDonald's lol. As for the face pic, it doesn't have to a nude pic.

By earthy at 22,Jun,20 12:23
What section is it?

By earthy at 21,Jun,20 18:21
My latest

By earthy at 20,Jun,20 21:09

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 17:59
9 inches and really thick. TOO big really. I could only get about 2 inches into my mouth

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 17:37
I sleep naked all the time, unless it's really cold. Been sleeping nude since I was 12 I think.

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 15:30
Growing up, we were not nudists but being nude occasionally was typical. Like in the morning waking up, getting out of the shower, ect. I also skinny-dipped in the pool alot.

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 14:34
I do that a LOT in the bathroom. I think it's hot as hell watching myself jerk off.

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 14:30
I kind of stand back to make it visible, but try not to be too obvious about it.

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 14:28
Me too, maybe 12.

By earthy at 18,Jun,20 14:12
I'm 5.5 hard, have no problem with it. I'm not sure if that's considered small or the small side of average. But I think 5-6 is the perfect size for sucking. But I'm definitely small when soft, about 1.5-2.

By earthy at 16,Jun,20 14:57
About 30 or so, but some multiple times. Love it

By earthy at 11,Jun,20 19:28
I masturbate at least ttwice a day
Epecially in the shower

By earthy at 11,Jun,20 14:30
Suck first dick when I was 12

By earthy at 07,Jun,20 19:15
I guess it's a little risky. But I have nothing to be ashamed of.

By earthy at 07,Jun,20 06:06
Yeah a few times. Loved it

By earthy at 02,Jun,20 09:48
I'm naked as much as I can.

By earthy at 31,May,20 12:28
Adam 4 Adam is a great app for that

By earthy at 30,May,20 11:18
I'm medium. 5 -5.5.

By earthy at 28,May,20 13:46

By earthy at 28,May,20 13:38
I edge everyday. I love it can't stop.

By earthy at 28,May,20 09:38

By earthy at 28,May,20 09:31
I think around 30, started early. Wish it was more.

By earthy at 28,May,20 09:27
I couldnt agree more

By earthy at 25,May,20 12:18

By earthy at 17,May,20 07:48
Love tighty-whities

By earthy at 11,May,20 08:49
I was about 8 when I jerked off my step brother the first time. I walked in while he was jerking off. He asked me to take my clothes off and do it for him.

By earthy at 10,May,20 10:14
I've done done that. Plenty of times. While edging/being edged. Being edged is sooo much better!

By earthy at 06,May,20 18:21
I was 13 the first time I shot sperm. It kind of freaked me out for a little bit even though I knew what it was. I was lying naked on my bed after school one day and was like "oh shit!" But definitely not painful. It felt amazing!

By earthy at 26,Apr,20 14:40
There are no stay-at-home orders here(New Braunfels,TX) really, so I haven't changed anything except work hours. Only 48 cases in the whole county.

By earthy at 24,Apr,20 18:09
I haven't worn a jockstrap since was 12 for soccer and baseball. Plus they're not all that comfortable with the cup inside.

By earthy at 24,Apr,20 17:04

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By earthy at 15,Apr,20 12:04
Yeah that's hot as hell

By earthy at 12,Apr,20 18:09

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By earthy at 10,Apr,20 01:07
Definitely smaller dicks, much nicer to suck. I can get the whole thing in my mouth.

By earthy at 05,Apr,20 23:45
I've done it many times!

By earthy at 05,Apr,20 21:26
When soft it can be pretty embarrassing in my gym locker room and shower. Everyone is almost always bigger. I'm usually anywhere from 1.5 to 2 inches, depending on circumstances. A lot of times I'll jerk off a little in the shower to make it a little bigger though. Have to be careful doing that though

By earthy at 05,Apr,20 04:59

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 15:20
Yeah I noticed that too. I never did at first, but after I got more comfortable I got semi-erect a few times. Guess I was nervous about it.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 13:12
Nice! Sounds fun.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 10:50
I think I like this one the best.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 10:33
Yeah 9 inches is huge! Almost too big to get my mouth around

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 09:29
I'm usually a little embarrassed by it, but still turned on too.

By earthy at 20,Mar,20 09:05
Yeah I stand back a bit in case he wants to take a look.