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Started by #231712 [Ignore] at 13,Mar,12 05:30
What are peoples thoughts on Haveing their son circumcised?
I am 100% for circumcision!
As a man who was circed as an adult and has lived and had sex with both a foreskin and now circed I can be confident in my decision that my son to will be happier!
Although this is what I believe I'm not sure if I would give my son the snip as a baby as afew guys on here wish they had the choice, but will rather let him choose if he wants to have it done at between age 8 and 10 as it can be done by a clamp method without leaving unsightly suture marks which will come from a post pubescent/adult circ
I knew from about 5 or 6 years old that I didn't like my foreskin and wanted to look like dad and other kids at swimming lessons and if offered by my parents I would have had it done!
People say "let him choose when he's 18" but I did that and like most adult circs the results just aren't as good as infant/****.

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By Matt52 [Ignore] at 15,Mar,12 23:34 other posts 
From Matt's Wife:

Are there benefits from circumcision?
There are several:

1 Many older men, who have bladder or prostate gland problems, also develop difficulties with their foreskins due to their surgeon's handling, cleaning, and using instruments. Some of these patients will need circumcising. Afterwards it is often astonishing to find some who have never ever seen their glans (knob) exposed before!

2 Some older men develop cancer of the penis - about 1 in 1000 - fairly rare, but tragic if you or your son are in that small statistic. Infant circumcision gives almost 100% protection, and young adult circumcision also gives a large degree of protection.

3 Cancer of the cervix in women is due to the Human Papilloma Virus. It thrives under and on the foreskin from where it can be transmitted during intercourse. An article in the British Medical Journal in April 2002 suggested that at least 20% of cancer of the cervix would be avoided if all men were circumcised. Surely that alone makes it worth doing?

4 Protection against HIV and AIDS. Another British Medical Journal article in May 2000 suggested that circumcised men are 8 times less likely to contract the HIV virus. (It is very important here to say that the risk is still far too high and that condoms and safe sex must be used - this applies also to preventing cancer of the cervix in women who have several partners.)

A BBC television programme in November 2000 showed two Ugandan tribes across the valley from one another. One practised circumcision and had very little AIDS, whereas, it was common in the other tribe, who then also started circumcising. This programme showed how the infection thrived in the lining of the foreskin, making it much easier to pass on.

5 As with HIV, so some protection exists against other sexually transmitted infections. Accordingly, if a condom splits or comes off, there is some protection for the couple. However, the only safe sex is to stick to one partner or abstain.

6 Lots of men, and their partners, prefer the appearance of their penis after circumcision, It is odour-free, it feels cleaner, and they enjoy better sex. Awareness of a good body image is a very important factor in building self confidence.

7 Balanitis is an unpleasant, often recurring, inflammation of the glans. It is quite common and can be prevented by circumcision.

8 Urinary tract infections sometimes occur in babies and can be quite serious. Circumcision in infancy makes it 10 times less likely
By SIRcumcised [Ignore] at 12,May,16 12:43 other posts 
Good facts, I prefer everything about my now circumcised penis, foreskin isn't all it's cracked up to be

By #511804 at 06,May,16 13:02
I was cut at birth and doc knew what he was doing, by leaving enough skin to cover everything but the head when flaccid. I am a grower and most of the time my glands are covered and we'll protected. I have had 2 friends that medically needed to be cut and both have told me they enjoy sex as much as before. One likes it better since his skin got so tight it caused pain. I think it is up to the parents. There are pros and cons to either cut or uncut. Both friends did not enjoy the surgery and pain. Both tried things like stretching the skin and saw several docs before getting cut.
By SIRcumcised [Ignore] at 10,May,16 23:33 other posts 
Well said

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 06,May,16 07:52 other posts 
I would never do that to my son! Thank god it is against the law here to cut someone! Just awefull! Foreskin is there for a good reason and it should be left alone!!!!!

By JeffinKS [Ignore] at 06,May,16 07:38 other posts 
if you were circumcised at birth like most men in this world.. then you know no different and you will get the answer "I am circumcised and like it." sure because you know no different. Does that mean it was right for it to be forced on you? I don't know. now I know the knee jerk reaction to that statement will be anger and name calling by the circumcised men.... ask yourself, why is that? is it because deep down you wish you had the choice? why is it every time circumcision is brought up, there is LOTS of anger and resentment from the circumcised men?
If your circumcised and your happy with it then fine. If you are an Adult who had themselves circumcised as an adult, great I hope your happy with YOUR PERSONAL decision to have it done. Do you due diligence and research exactly is involved in circumcising your son. about the possible complications, about how the foreskin is the MOST erogenous tissue on the body... just spend more than 60 seconds thinking about it. why should a baby boy's first experience be this traumatic mind altering event? Did you also realize that not to long ago women in the USA also were circumcised? but the women came together and voiced their feeling and now it is ****.... but yet it seems perfectly OK to do this to males.....

I am sure I will get blasted for my comment....and I will once again ask why is there so much anger and resentment from the circumcised crowd? think about it. I know this original post is from 4 years ago and the member has left... I am hoping anyone reading this NOW will pause a moment and maybe decide this practice needs to stop...

By leopoldij [Ignore] at 05,May,16 14:14 other posts 
I am cirmucized and like it.

By SIRcumcised [Ignore] at 05,May,16 08:16 other posts 
This is a really great perspective, and most of this rings true to me also.
I had the snip as an adult also and much prefer it

By #418564 at 15,Dec,13 16:58
I'm circumcised and don't know any different.
To be honest, I'm glad I've never had to bother with foreskin care, one less thing to worry about in life. I've got a good lookin cock and I'm very happy with it.

as for foreskin restoration procedures, what a waste of time, just goes to show how much excess money and time people have in the western world
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 17,Dec,13 19:04 other posts 
good for you, you're happy with your cut cock!

but hey, why should anybody else feel the same way?

having "to bother with foreskin care" is 5 seconds a day, and if you're clipped, does that mean you don't have to wash your willie?

excess money and time is shown by cutting up for NO reason! NOT the other way around!

leave it!

By oldbugle [Ignore] at 13,Mar,12 06:54 other posts 
You seem to be mainly concerned with the appearance of a penis. If he gets to like the look of a bare headed cock then he could always pull the skin back off the glans which efectively looks the same...

Meanwhile, please consider some of the following;

He may NOT share your views when he is 18 and think (like so many cut men) that he was very badly treated by those who were there to look after his interests when he could not do so himself and that he has (rightly) been mutilated unneccesarily and been 'robbed' of an important part of his sensuality.

Secondly, whatever you personally prefer visually, does it make a good case to have your son mutilated to lose two thirds of the most sensitive nerve ends from his most private part just because YOU prefer the look?

Thirdly, does it make a good case to deprive your son (or anybody for that matter) of an important part of his sexual organs and his sensuality,...just for visual effect that he may, or may not, feel later? If he does do so when he is an adult then he can get it done himself,...he does NOT need the input of any other person for such a vital, private and personal matter. Or, are you saying your son cannot be given the rights over his own body?

Finally, although you yourself did not see the benefits of having a foreskin, PLEASE do some research and find out about the function and sensual value of the foreskin BEFORE you make an irrevocable move on your sons future life,'s NOT the 'clear cut' thing that many think, pun intended!
By #231712 at 13,Mar,12 09:03
I actually agree with not doing it purely for looks and for my preference.
I think giving my son the choice to choose is the right thing rather than to have it done as an infant
If he decides he likes his foreskin then good for him! Nothing wrong with choice though.
It's not just looks for me it's far better in summer no sweating and smell and having sex with a condom my foreskin would cover the glans and I'd have to keep pulling it back.
Now the sex is just fantastic all around
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 13,Mar,12 13:25 other posts 
......There are no 'sweat' glands inside the foreskin, and presumably, you are going to teach your son personal care and cleansing....(??)

The foreskin behaves inside a condom during intercourse much the same as it does without the condom, does not have to keep "pulling it back" in normal sex so why then with a condom?

Personally I DO have problems with the size, fit, shape and action of condoms, but that is due to my shape etc,...I don't have any foreskin related difficulties that could be eliminated by something so drastic as circumcision.
By #81941 at 13,Mar,12 14:22
I think that your condom size issue is infact due to having a foreskin as it slides about and moves around. I found after being cut that condoms are a lot easier to use and stay on and it was no longer as important to select the correct size.
By welshlad [Ignore] at 20,Mar,12 08:56 other posts 
having a foresking doesnt affect the sue of a condom.. clearly u were using a condom to big for ur size... if u had a smalled condom maybe it would have workd better.. i am uncut and have never had problems with condoms
By yellowman [Ignore] at 13,Mar,12 12:21 other posts 
This is the most sensible posting that I have ever read regarding circumcision.
I won't bother to read further as I am sure the hysterical comments will follow on.
I just hope that Justcut takes heed.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 13,Mar,12 18:52 other posts 
thanks "oldbugle"! i think this is the most reasonable and intelligent answer one could give! and the thouht behind it is also from MY heart!

there is no reason and no RIGHT to clip a boy! he can decide for himself when he is old enough, if it even has his consideration. he might be just happy with his skin!

an uncut penis is, except for sometimes a medical reason, a perfectly constructed "instrument". and a foreskin is a joy. leave it alone!

in europe, 90% of the boys is NOT clipped, because there just is no need to do so. jews and muslims do it, and sometimes because of a narrow skin it is done... but nine out of ten guys walk around intact.

if the penis was meant te be cut, evolution would have taken care of it!
By #4222 at 16,Mar,12 18:46
right on. Once chopped there's no going back.
By Rayb1054 [Ignore] at 13,Dec,13 11:17 other posts 
yes you can get it back lookup this really works
By JeffinKS [Ignore] at 15,Dec,13 10:36 other posts 
I am also on

By Rayb1054 [Ignore] at 13,Dec,13 11:08 other posts 
my name is roy iam 50 years old and i have 5 kids iam restoring my foreskin the sensitivity is awesome. i started restoring in november 2012. the hardest thing i had to do in my life is to tell my son iam sorry. please lookup hopefully one day parents will stop having thais sons cut. guys that r cut have no idea.dads only won't the sons to look like them.

By #303133 at 03,Feb,13 12:24
What I have learned from reading the countless threads of this nature is this: Having a foreskin seems to make many guys grumpy and emotionally hyper-sensitive.
By johnp [Ignore] at 11,Dec,13 21:32 other posts 
Now that's funny

By #393930 at 11,Dec,13 19:51
But, why propose to cut it in the first place. Why not just leave it naturally as it implied.

By chris23d [Ignore] at 03,Feb,13 15:27 other posts 
Even though I love the look of cut cocks, I would never have it done to my son...

By #2331 at 13,Mar,12 10:18
I think it should be left up to the ****.
Same with girls getting holes in their ears.
My opinion.
By joy19 [Ignore] at 03,Feb,13 05:21 other posts 
I agree!

By PATRICK [Ignore] at 29,Mar,12 11:19 other posts 
It's nothing more than just religious thing.
You believe in that-cut it off.
If not leave it alone.
I wouldn't do it to my son anyway.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 29,Mar,12 19:18 other posts 
why should a parent have a right to cut it off?? why? if there is not a medical problem? in week one????

there is NO NEED to clip!!

no-one would ever do that to a girl in any way! and rightfully so! why would it be OK to do it to a babyboy??

it is HIS penis for the rest of his life!!

let it be HIS decision when he can decide for himself, there is NO reason to ALWAYS circumcise!!

the male, uncut, penis is a perfect designed instrument!

please leave it!! it's the best a man can have!

By #49676 at 27,Mar,12 20:10
Fascinating.. what an interesting discussion.

My wife didn't really understand the difference until she had the opportunity to examine my penis (which is uncut).

She loves it and we have discussed not circumcising our son, should we have one.

I remember growing up in Eastern Europe and wondering why the penises in the porn that I glimpsed at looked different than mine and all of my friends.

With the foreskin pulled back there is hardly any difference.

The whole hygiene argument... just like the space underneath your balls, your armpits, and any other part of your body - if you don't wash it, it will smell. Duh. When I shower (everyday, what an idea!), I make sure to pull my foreskin back and wash everything. It's just completely natural, like brushing your teeth daily. When I urinate, I also pull the foreskin back. However, when my penis is just relaxing and lounging in my pants, the foreskin is pulled forward for comfort, which is its natural state. When I am excited, it usually pulls back itself.

In conclusion: I am uncut, my penis does not smell because of it, my wife thinks my foreskin is a hoot, it's out of the way when it needs to be, we are not having out son cut (assuming we ever have one). Thank you, drive through.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 29,Mar,12 19:08 other posts 
if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

as simple as that!! thanks fou4r for your comment!

By bigone21 [Ignore] at 27,Mar,12 16:06 other posts 
SharonS, i did not miss out on the fact that your sons and husband are intact! i just did not comment on it, but hey, this 2 little and 1 grown-up man may be happy this way!

this survey in some (two) populations in AFRICA, that will echo around for a century, that circumcision protects against HIV, only states that (statistacily) clipped man have a lesser risk at HIV than uncut. the point i was trying to make is mostly: IT DOES NOT PROTECT WOMEN MORE!!

so the cut guy can maybe fuck 10% more around, not wearing a condom, before he get's HIV, but the guy's circumcision doesn't protect the woman ONE BIT!

and that IS just my point!! what if circumcision would lower the risk of HIV (which is not true), we would, circumcised or not, still have to have safesex untill being in a steady relationship!

so what is the "plus" on that?

ok, reading your comments, i have an issue on something you say, and i quote:

"To me the possession of something as trivial as two inches (in my husbands case, he's got a big cock...I love it!) of movable flesh that as far as I can tell only makes for knob cheese and a rather unpleasant odor if not washed every other day is really a non-issue."

did you EVER hear an uncut guy talk about HIS foreskin as "two trivial inches of movable flesh"? who are you to put this piece of male anatomy down? "only makes for knob cheese if not washed every OTHER day"?? washing it EVERY day might be a solution!

what would you think and say if 50% of the people on this site were thinking of cutting up your female parts because they think it would look better or lower your stink?? RIGHT! SAME HERE!

and for your last post, you did not have to do that... yes, i enjoy cockrings, ballstretchers and my PA piercing! i'm into MANY things you might not be into! but at this site you shouldn't be shocked too easely!!

if you want to put that information into this discussion, to proove that i am a FOOL, and therefore all i have said is stupid, go ahead! i am not in this discussion to win or loose. i am in this discussion to be ONE of the people that could, in a few more DECADES, in the end could stop the circumcision of babyboys who are rightless over their foreskin!
By Piercedknob [Ignore] at 27,Mar,12 19:19 other posts 
I also resent SharonS's implication that anyone with a dick piercing can't hold a serious conversation. I think the many doctors, lawyers, business execs, etc that I know and that have dick piercings, would love to hold a serious conversation with her and probably put her right on a few facts.

By #192548 at 26,Mar,12 02:12
And be it known that I am married to an uncircmsised man and neither of my two sons are circumsised.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 26,Mar,12 16:35 other posts 

sure. this points raises his head in every discussion with americans about circumcision... even IF the results are significant (we are talking AFRICAN population and results!)

a quote:

"Several types of research have documented that male circumcision significantly reduces the risk of HIV acquisition by men during penile-vaginal sex".

...BY MEN!! doesn't protect a woman who, without a condom, is far more in danger getting hiv from the guy!

but..? what is the lesson for your son? go ahead, fuck unprotected, you are "circumsaved"?? or: fuck with a condom! always!! until you are into a safe and secure relationship!?

before the eighties, when HIV and AIDS did not exist, boys were circumcised without this very argument.

so: not valid!! the survey is not valid, the conclusion is not valid!

By bigone21 [Ignore] at 25,Mar,12 12:53 other posts 
circumcision of a babyboy is the solution for a problem that does not exist...

99% of the time, a foreskin is a perfectly designed functional part of the penis.

only when a problem arises to a boy or a man, about his foreskin be too narrow for example, than circumcision might be the solution.

to circumcise 100 boys because 1 of them might develop a foreskin that is too tight is NOT rational! we don't have preventional chemotherapy because we MIGHT get some kind of cancer!

and cutting up a babyboy without anaesthetic is just cruel and sadistic!!

but, if you DO circumcise your son, be so honest to come forward that you want to CONTROL HIS sexuality, that you feel you have a right to take from HIM, for ALL of HIS LIVE, what was never yours, but HIS!!

that you did circumcize him because you wanted it to be YOUR decision, NOT HIS!

that you did it because you could!! because he couldn't fight back, because his litlle legs were strapped by a doctor that earns a living out of cutting up little babyboys!

By #229803 at 24,Mar,12 20:45
to Matt's wife: I'm shocked! Not even one word has been used from your side for a little baby boy who's foreskin has been cut and he is in terrible pain. Not even one word of mercy for all those more than 100 deaths per year in US only.

And on the end you are just proud how people send you more messages after that.

What the heavenly sky is wrong with that picture? Is that true picture of your nature?

I truly hope not.
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 25,Mar,12 04:19 other posts 
I'm not surprised that she has no comments because she has NOT looked at it! She sanctioned the mutilation of her own kids and is now desperate to deny the truth, so she is certainly NOT goig to actually look at the horror of what happens during the mutilation.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 25,Mar,12 12:17 other posts 
video dot google dot com

have look...

By #113112 at 21,Mar,12 04:15
Just my two cents... but... I think a lot of people here would be less argumentative if you would stop constantly referring to it as "mutilation". That's is a very emotive word to use and quite unfair in many cases where circumcision was a medical necessity - as in mine. Do I take kindly to being told my dick is mutilated? Of course not! It was a medical necessity done at 8 yrs old, severe phimosisleft me in a LOT of pain, but I guess some people would prefer that I was left in pain for another 10yrs until I was old enough to make the decision myself?

Everything still works perfectly, I have no problems at all having sex, but I do get annoyed hearing people say that the removal of part of me because of a medical necessity is a "mutilation"! Would you tell a woman who had a mastectomy she was mutilated? I would hope not!
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 21,Mar,12 04:36 other posts 
No, of course not,...if you required surgical intervention then you were NOT willfully mutilated but received medical assistance to normalise your health and wellbeing....and to restore as much of your ability as possible.

........But that does NOT change the fact that thousands of tiny male babies ARE routinely willfully mutilated for no discernible reason other than the ill influence of adults with their own agendas.

In some cases these events are even without any painkilling assistance,..the **** is strapped down and the foreskin just cut off or worse, crushed to defeat heamorage. The **** has lost two thirds of the nerve endings in his penis,..also the unique voluptus of the foreskin which is different to that in the rest of the glans and shaft, the childs sexual capabilities and 'identity' are crudely changed and reduced without regard.

The dictionary definition of 'Mutilation' is slightly different according to which dictionary but all agree with 'willful deprivation and removal', the use certainly fits the appliction of the word!

The sooner that everyone understands the utter barbarity and pointless nature of this cruel procedure then the sooner men will be free to grow up with what nature intended and to THEN be free to make their own choice about their OWN penis. (in much the same way that a man can have any physical feature changed by cosmetic surgery now)

Although I would agree that this subject is tiresome in it's frequent argumentive manner, it's vital that sites like this DO allow full discussion and argument so that public attitudes and false perceptions are eventually changed the interests of future genterations of babies who are unable to defend themselves,...and mindful of the legions of men who regret the loss of their foreskins and who would have like to know what having an intact penis is like,..not too much to ask, surely(?)
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 20:23 other posts 
oldbugle, you also spoke for me! my english is not as fluent as is yours, but i'm with you!

By bigone21 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 19:39 other posts 
i have the link to google video here for three days now, and no reactions! sure, matt's wife has some opinions, but not on this!

people, please! have a look at this video and decide if this is what you want to be legal!!

have a look, doesn't it break your heart that this is the start of life for a babyboy??

video dot google dot com

By Matt52 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 14:33 other posts 
From Matt's Wife: Well thanks for proving me right. Anytime you have to resort to calling me names I win. You fail. Oh and I get way more private messeges than any of you guys. The subjects of which vary but I have received lots of support about this thread and lots of great comments on the true nature of the attackers in here.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 15:25 other posts 
from bigone21 himself... who is the "you" you are referring to that proved you right??

did you see this video of a babyboy getting circimcised?

have a look:

video dot google dot com
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 19:20 other posts 
Er, 'matts wife'if you look back I think you will see that it was YOU who first used the 'name calling',..."jerk" and "asshole" as I remember.....

By oldbugle [Ignore] at 23,Mar,12 15:15 other posts 
...Had some PM's regardsing 'matts wife'...the consensus seem to be that she is not so much a nasty bitch as a stupid one...
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 16:20 other posts 
no, a stupid person could be nice... i say nasty!!

By #68656 at 24,Mar,12 11:42
Dear Mr. Intense69.
Could you answer my question please which I asked you by by PM on March 22nd.
Thank you in anticipation of your reply.
John S.
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 12:55 other posts 
JohnS, PM is private message i think? This is a public forum! And therefore not the place to demand an answer on a private message! Keep it between you and the one you adressed! Private!!

By #206703 at 23,Mar,12 03:48
Recommending that a man remove his healthy foreskin is totally illogical and disturbing.

Circumcision of the healthy foreskin is simply unnecessary and is derived from religious folklore and cultural tradition. It has nothing to do with cleanliness, health or wellbeing.

Thousands of members on this site have perfectly functional, healthy uncircumcised penises. Foreskin is very necessary and important as PRIOR to arousal it protects the glans, which is the most sensitive part of the male anatomy and is actually classed as an internal organ until exposed during sex. Just as the clitoral hood protects the clitoris, the foreskin has the same function in men. The foreskin also provides additional sensitivity DURING arousal.

Also, by maintaining good personal hygiene, ie the same as we do with our hair, hands, teeth etc, you will maintain a healthy, functional penis, as have thousands of uncut members on this forum.

Recommemding or performing circumcision for cleanliness, religion, tradition or asthetics is completely illogical, wholly wrong and 100% unnecessary.

You wouldnt recommend the removal of a person's hands, hair or teeth to maintain personal cleanliness, as they can be cleaned and washed. The same logic applies to a man's whole, intact penis.
By #81941 at 23,Mar,12 07:35
I prefer my penis circumcised.
By Matt52 [Ignore] at 23,Mar,12 13:17 other posts 
From Matt's Wife: Thousands of members on this site have perfectly functioning circumsized penises. So why try to bash them???
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 23,Mar,12 15:12 other posts 
...Nobody HAS "tried to bash" them!
By #199630 at 23,Mar,12 13:21
Agree, I saw a guy urinating the other day and his uncut dick looked like a pigs curly tail, it looked so awful for a man of his age the skin was all curly at the end and his piss splashed everywhere, he didn't pull it back - I felt so sick after that...
By oldbugle [Ignore] at 23,Mar,12 15:13 other posts 
...Oh! you poor dear!...perhaps you should have averted your gaze..??
By bigone21 [Ignore] at 24,Mar,12 12:45 other posts 
bottomrabbit, i also prefer your penis circumcised!!

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