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Due to high server load you cannot view this page????

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #27618 [Ignore] 25,Apr,11 11:05
What the Fuck????

All I wanted to do was to check who visited my page(s).

I am sure the "owners" of this site need $$$$$$$
but they have created a "free" site for folks to upload pics,,,,,,from which they do make $$$$, and there maybe many $$$ Paid-up members,,,,,,but with these demands I will never pay $$$$$.

They do make $$ from paid-up members, and they attract new unpaid members because all the pics that are posted by us "unpaid/non paying" members.

I can accept that internet sites cost $$$ to keep going,,,,,,and many folks make shit-loads of $$$ from thes adult sites,,,,,it's just that some things "cheese me off" and not allowing me to access my own pages,,,,,,and friends,,,,,,is one !!!!!!!

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By tecsan [Ignore] 11,Sep,21 04:41 other posts 
You do not like, then you know how to leave...This is a capitalistic country...Please do not let the door hit your ass on the way out...

By Dev01 [Ignore] 11,Sep,21 04:14 other posts 
No problem here, Fuck this is 10 year old. Nimda has sorted it soooo

By Oldgrandad99 [Ignore] 11,Sep,21 03:29 other posts 
I all ways give it three or four go’s before it comes up

By phart [Ignore] 10,Sep,21 20:33 other posts 
I have noticed this alot the past couple days.Comes up all the time now.

By Timbo [Ignore] 10,Sep,21 19:07 other posts 
This rubbish has to be stoped immediately

By Ray10754 [Ignore] 26,Jun,12 16:29 other posts 
All this comotion from someone that wont even share his pictures with everyone!! Grow up and get yourself a life!

By #254338 26,Jun,12 14:46
I get the same error - usually when I am bicometing torrents at the same time... or using both safari and iexplorer to search... I figure it is as much my issue as the site's...

By Maxi [Ignore] 26,Jun,12 04:34 other posts 
if this shit dosnīt stop l will leave this site for ever

By #102374 26,Apr,11 22:08
Keep up the great work. Where else can you see such great looking cocks in all shape and sizes. Quit complaining and refresh and it will work.

By #115773 25,Apr,11 14:43
just refresh a couple of times and its fine.
By admin [Ignore] 25,Apr,11 14:47 other posts 
indeed, it only does not work when server is too busy.
By #23212 26,Apr,11 05:24
A couple of tries, in a minute or two, and always works for me also. Please keep up your good work here, admin.

By mikeyd270 [Ignore] 26,Apr,11 02:16 other posts 
Actually this site provides more free stuff than most sites.

By admin [Ignore] 25,Apr,11 14:41 other posts 
That's a heavy-load function. I can remove it at all for non-paid members, so that you don't have grounds to complain anymore...

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