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ur sex song

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #12373 [Ignore] 22,May,09 20:35
what do listen to while having sex, if any, i like eye of the tiger

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By routemaster [Ignore] 11,Dec,15 00:59 other posts 
Dusty Springfield singing "The Look of Love", by far the sexiest song on the planet
By #494679 11,Dec,15 01:03
By routemaster [Ignore] 11,Dec,15 01:04 other posts 
So pleased you agree
By #494679 11,Dec,15 01:09
Oh, I could live without the long instrumental break in it, but it's definitely in my top 5 all time favourites.
Also, technically, it's one of the most amazing vocal recordings I've ever heard, especially considering the technology of it's time.
By routemaster [Ignore] 11,Dec,15 05:48 other posts 
Dusty was the greatest female singer of them all to emerge in the 1960s and I felt almost personally bereaved when she so sadly passed away at only 59 in March 1999, just a month before her 60th birthday. Just when she was making a great comeback with the Pet Shop Boys with the prophetically-entitled "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" Her earlier recordings really stand the test of time, "Goin' Back", "I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten", "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" and her great recording of the Randy Newman song "I Think Its Gonna Rain Today". I could go on and on listing more of all of her songs that I love and enjoy so much. And, as you say, considering the technical limitations of the times, it is a testament to Dusty's magnificent voice that made these songs knock-outs way back then and still bring me out in goose bumps when I listen to them today
By #494679 11,Dec,15 06:26
Absolutely! The girl had soul unlike any other white female vocalists back then. To be honest, I'd say she's the original inspiration behind how female artists since her ventured into (the proper) R&B and soul scenes. When teaching, I've played some of her tracks to high school girls who are into all the current female singers. Of course, they'd never heard of her and even thought she was a black woman because of her soulful style. Adele is quite Dusty-ish, but doesn't quite have the same kind of sweetness. I'm really looking forward to how Adele will sound after a decade or two of life!
I know it's a bit of a random change, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful vocal (and amazing vocal recording of it's time), have a listen to Buddy Holly singing "True Love Ways". Just like Dusty's "Look Of Love", there are moments when it's almost as if he's singing sofly into your ear.
Come and chat about music with me sometime, fella. I'd love that
By routemaster [Ignore] 11,Dec,15 14:52 other posts 
Once again, I concur with you completely about Dusty. She didn't just sing a song, she ACTED it, putting every last drop of emotion she had into the lyrics. I also loved her when she was with The Springfields trio with her **** Tom and another guy, "Island of Dreams", that Tom composed, is one of their best and a great version of this was also later done by The Seekers. Judith Durham was another singer with a beautiful amazing voice. As for Buddy Holly, now you're talking, he is my hero and I never tire listen to him. The first of his songs I ever heard was "Peggy Sue", thus it remains my favourite and I want it played at my funeral. The lyrics leave a bit to be desired but this is more than made up for by Buddy's stylish vocalising with his unique "hiccup" style and the hypnotic beat. "True Love Ways" always makes me want to cry, Buddy composed this for his wife, Maria Elena and it was recorded with the Dick Jacobs Orchestra in 1958 just a few months before Buddy was tragically lost in that dreadful plane crash. It was released posthumously in 1960 as made, i.e. it was not one of that batch of songs that was overdubbed by Norman Petty after Buddy died and with the orchestral backing and strings is one of his most beautiful recordings. I've sent you a private message and hope to chat more with you too, we do seem to share the same tastes in music
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* * * * B R O T H E R. This censorship of perfectly good words does annoy me
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Listening to a great evening radio programme now playing all 1950s tracks, got the one and only Connie Francis and "Lipstick On Your Collar" on right now, also had Rosemary Clooney and "This Ole House", Doris Day and "Que Sera Sera" and Frankie Laine and "A Woman In Love" to name a few. GREAT STUFF!

By #460385 11,Dec,15 07:47
Foghat "Slow Ride"

By leopoldij [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 16:07 other posts 
Sometimes I listen to je t'aime
by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsburg.

By #485312 11,Aug,15 05:35
l had a listen because l didn't think ld heard of them, very sexy indeed leo *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 11,Aug,15 05:43 other posts 
I'm not surprised you don't know it. It's mostly known in Europe and is an older song. When the song came out in France it was banned from some countries. Glad you like it though.
By #485312 12,Aug,15 21:51
lve heard it, but l didn't know who sang it or the title, lm a bit brain dead leo, l have to hear it to see if l recall it...*lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Aug,15 13:34 other posts 
No you are not. I didn't expect too many people to know it. But I found it sexy, and so I linked it.
By #485312 15,Aug,15 07:51
l like her breathy voice even l don't understand the words...*lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Aug,15 08:06 other posts 
Yeah, I agree with you. And so did many "authorities" from many countries who, without understanding the words, banned the song at the time. (I guess they also masturbated on it.)

By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Aug,15 13:36 other posts 
To be honest, the BEST thing to hear when I'm having sex is the moans of the woman I'm fucking, *if* she cares to do that. I know women who remain silent--I don't like that.

By #491615 10,Aug,15 09:19
Years ago I had a few Tapes full of songs. Now it's whatever is on the Radio
By #485312 12,Aug,15 21:53
what style do you most like LTGB??? *lix*
By #491615 13,Aug,15 00:53
Classic Rock and Newer Rock. Like some Bob M from time to time. As well as Johnny or the King.
By #485312 13,Aug,15 06:24
elvis the pelvis, yes nice selections, l like the big rock ballads like meat loaf, and lve got a thing for chris isaak, he has some hot music too...used to like hot chocolate and stevie wonder, theres so many good artists to choose from *lix*
By #491615 13,Aug,15 10:29
Oh yeah. I listen to so much from all types of Genre's. It shocks people some what. And can be 4 or 5 different genre one after another. Just what feels right at th time.
By #485312 13,Aug,15 13:31
having a large repertoire is good, something for all moods and situations...l miss the old cassettes, taping the radio or tele show like countdown...*lix*

By routemaster [Ignore] 13,Aug,15 08:43 other posts 
"The Folks Who Live On The Hill", by Peggy Lee conducted by Frank Sinatra, a beautiful song by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein, is another favourite

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 11,Aug,15 23:06 other posts 
Fiona Apple - Criminal

By #181785 11,Aug,15 22:16
Freak like me by Adina Howard
Sexual Harassment in the Work Place by Frank Zappa

By routemaster [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 09:48 other posts 
"Move Over, Darling" by Doris Day and "The Look of Love" by Dusty Springfield, two of the sexiest songs on the planet performed by two of the greatest singers ever to entertain us with their spine-tingling voices and, in Doris's case, a brilliant actress and film star too
By #485312 10,Aug,15 10:56
these boots are made for walking, or cockers leave your hat on *lix*
By #390248 10,Aug,15 12:44
Leave your hat on is a great choice!
By #485312 11,Aug,15 05:34
cockers voice was rough and sexy, he could sing the weather report and still sound sexy *lix*
By #68656 11,Aug,15 05:46
Doris Day on the Deadwood stage.
By routemaster [Ignore] 11,Aug,15 17:23 other posts 
Hee hee! I want Doris and "The Deadwood Stage" played at my funeral as they bring me in and "Peggy Sue" by Buddy Holly as the mourners file out

By diamund [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 20:55 other posts 
By bella! [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 22:19 other posts 
Slow Ride while you're sexing it up or is that song foreplay to get your engine revved?

"Slow Ride"


Slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy

I'm in the mood
The rhythm is right
Move to the music
We can roll all night

Oooh slow ride

Slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy

Slow down, go down, got to get your lovin' one more time
Hold me, roll me, slow ridin' woman you're so fine


I'm in the mood
The rhythm is right
Move to the music
We can roll all night


Slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy

Slow down, go down, got to get your lovin' one more time
Hold me, roll me, slow ridin' woman you're so fine

Slow ride, easy, slow ride, sleazy
Slow ride, easy, slow ride, sleazy

Slow down, go down, got to get your lovin' one more time
Hold me, roll me, slow ridin' woman you're so fine

Slow ride, take it easy
Slow ride, take it easy

Slow down
Go down
Slow down
Go down

Come on, b@by
Take a slow ride with me
Come on, b@by
Take a slow ride

Oh, feel good
Mmmm, feels so good
I like it, yeah
I feel good
Oh, I feel all right

You know the rhythm is right
You know the rhythm is right
We've got to rock all night
We've got to rock all night

You know the rhythm is right
We've got to rock all night
You know the rhythm is right
We've got to rock all night
You know the rhythm is right
Woah, come all night

Slow ride!

By boc [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 19:04 other posts 

The Lion Inside



Arc of The Diver



Take The Time

By #485312 10,Aug,15 09:12
prince, tom jones, bowie, t rex, bon jovi, Santana, to name a few *lix*

By #3997 01,Feb,10 15:40
I've put together cd's of different songs i like to listen too during sex

By #9210 27,May,09 13:45

By #3997 27,May,09 12:18
I just have a bunch of cd's that i made up, with sexual songs that i like and load the 6 disc changer and let them play, get the mood set right,

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