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When at the urinal

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #539214 [Ignore] 22,Dec,21 20:26
I love checking guys out at the urinal. I often wonder if they can tell that I know? Near me there is a train station with an awesome men's room. Constantly men pissing and a few times jerked off with someone

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By XJacker [Ignore] 18,May,22 03:02 other posts 
At my all-boys school the urinal was the most common place to be asked ďLetís see what youíve gotĒ. Then if you were interested the cubicles were right there for some cock play and hand jobbing. Sometimes I would be peeing in the urinal and the noises coming from behind a closed cubicle door left me in no doubt what was going on in there! But Iíve rarely experienced anything like that in any urinal since.

By bikev [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 02:12 other posts 
I always check other guys out and stand well back so that they can see me rubbing my cock.
By tb1 [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 02:14 other posts 
Itís fun isnít it?
By bikev [Ignore] 18,May,22 02:14 other posts 
It is when they let me play with their cocks or go into a cubical with me for some hot fun.

By jbsdck [Ignore] 24,Dec,21 01:42 other posts 
Oh yeah Iím always checking out the guys that are next to me in urinals, and I always wonder if they know I am, and/or if theyíre cool with it lol.
By #539214 30,Dec,21 17:51
I was in a bowling alley once where the stall door lined up perfectly with the urinals so you had a perfect view of them. It was insane! I got a perfect unobstructed view!
By jbsdck [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 00:56 other posts 
Oh nice thatís super hot!
By liketoedge [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 18:15 other posts 
I was at a rest stop that the stall had a perfect few of all the urinals. I sat there for an hour and checked out all the cocks. Saw well over 50 dicks that day
By jbsdck [Ignore] 02,Jan,22 14:48 other posts 
Thatís crazy hot. Did anyone know you were looking at them, and try to show off for you?
By liketoedge [Ignore] 02,Jan,22 17:00 other posts 
No one had any idea and saw many diffrent cocks of all ages and shapes
By jbsdck [Ignore] 14,Jan,22 00:32 other posts 
Any surprises? Like huge dicks on short guys, or tiny dicks on tall guys? Lol
By liketoedge [Ignore] 06,May,22 17:55 other posts 
That day I saw all shapes and sizes.
By jbsdck [Ignore] 11,May,22 05:51 other posts 
Sounds super hot. Any hot details or stories you havenít shared yet?? Iíd love to hear anything and everything you saw lol.

By 75YOTWC [Ignore] 06,May,22 11:45 other posts 
I have season tickets to our local college football games. The rest rooms there are the best. There are no urinals, just a long trough in the floor with water always running down the wall. You just walk up to the wall and pull out your cock and start pissing. There are no partitions. You are standing shoulder to shoulder to the guy next to you. Perfect for looking left and right at all those cocks hanging out and pissing.
By tb1 [Ignore] 06,May,22 11:49 other posts 
You are so fortunate to be able to accomadate your cockwatching at this location. We need more of these pissingbtroughs. 👀👀

By knewbi [Ignore] 03,Jan,22 15:35 other posts 
Love attending bike races especially at the end when their all sweaty and those ultra tight pants show their every curve and cock and balls stand right out. Love following them into the rest room urinal just to see what it actually looks like. Had a number of times where I had to hit the enclosed toilets just to jerk off at the excitement I just saw...

By yoursINmine [Ignore] 02,Jan,22 16:46 other posts 
Always checking cocks out. I don't try to hide it and always hope someone will notice and I'll get lucky. No takers yet

By wycowboy [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 11:15 other posts 
Oh yeah, always checking out the cock next to me and I stand back so they can see mine if they want to. If there is no one next to me when I finish I just shake it off and put it away, if someone is there I give it several slow strokes to milk out any stray urine and get it a little harder and hope he notices.

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