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Wide or narrow metel cock and ball rings?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #583549 [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 00:00
I just bought my first set of metel cock and ball rings.The sex shop only had the wide rings in stock so I bought them.They fit well and look good but I may prefer the narrow metel rings.Tell me what you think about wide or narrow rings.Any pros or cons?

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By #583549 20,Oct,19 07:45
I have been wearing my wide metel cock and ball rings mostly 24/7 and they feel great!I really enjoy the weight and support they give while wearing them.Plus I love the look with them on!

By #590963 09,Jun,19 17:38
Donuts are the most comfortable CR for longtime wearing. the normal rings can hurt aftr some while...
I also like triple-rings... with lot of grease
By #583549 09,Jun,19 19:33
I have a silicone ring that helps me stay erect longer during sex with my gf.I like the wide metel cock and ball rings for show and tell! I am open too trying different rings!What exactly are triple rings?Are they 3 rings in a row or are fastened together?
By #590963 09,Jun,19 21:16
Hey Smooth, 3 rings fasted together: one goes over the whole organ, one over the testicles, one over the penis. Look into my galery, You can see it there... You need loose or bulging underwear/swimwear to carry them longer... otherwise the triple-ring can hurt. I hope this helps a bit...
By #583549 09,Jun,19 21:41
Thanks for answering my question.Are they hard to get off being a triple ring set.I did see them on your page and do look cool! I will try them some day!
By german_guy [Ignore] 15,Jun,19 17:11 other posts 
agree on that

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 14,Jun,19 07:05 other posts 
I have tried using rubber O rings around my cock an balls but I can't get them to stay on

By Texas_Born29 [Ignore] 13,Jun,19 23:33 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

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I like all kinds.

By #586354 04,Jun,19 09:43
[deleted image]
This size is all I have, but I love them

By 2nice [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 09:30 other posts 
Judging by your pictures, you have the same set of rings as I do. I have yet to experiment with the narrower metal rings. I prefer the wider metal rings because I like the way they look aesthetically, and the weight feels really nice.
By #583549 02,Jun,19 14:48
The more I wear the wide rings the more I like them!And you are right. I can feel the weight.I will buy some narrow rings to try out when they get them back in stock at my local sex shop.
By 2nice [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 16:11 other posts 
I bet you stay with the wide ones.
By #583549 02,Jun,19 18:14
You may be correct,but I like the look of the thinner rings so I will buy some and see how they compair.Plus it helps the sex shop stay open!

By spermkiss [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 12:58 other posts 
OK, may I weigh in on this subject? I've worn a cock ring pretty much 24/7/365 for the last 20 years so I do have some experience with them. Yes, I wore mine to medical appointments, even with a urologist, and no doctor has ever so much as batted an eye much less commented on it, so I guess it's not harmful.

First, to answer your question about wide or narrow, stick with the wide. It was my experience with a narrow ring that it really started to "bite" and become painful after an hour or so, especially with an erection. In your "home made" photos the rings look like O-rings you picked up in the plumbing aisle of your neighborhood hardware store. Didn't they become painful?

Now about material. I wore both neoprene rings and metal rings and both caused my skin to break out, even a ring that claimed to be surgical stainless steel. This may or may not be a problem for you, for me it did not manifest itself until a few months had passed. My solution was to wear a chi-ld size jade bracelet. I visit Hong Kong with some regularity ('been 13 times) and they can be purchased in the jade market there for only two or three dollars each. I travel a lot and the jade bracelet has the advantage of not setting off the metal detector in airport security lines.

Finally, a word of advice. When you're wearing a ring and get an erection, don't panic when you find you cannot get it off. Your dick will eventually go soft and you'll be able to remove the ring if you wish. As I said at the outset, I wear mine 24/7/365 and it does not in any way interfere with the normal functioning of my dick. I get hard, I get soft, I can urinate and I can ejaculate. Everything works fine.
By #583549 02,Jun,19 14:53
Thanks spermkiss!Your post is full of good information.I wore my rings to bed last night and in the late morning I took them off to see how my skin was.No irritation at all! so they are back again and yes they feel good when their on!
By 2nice [Ignore] 02,Jun,19 16:28 other posts 
Itís unfortunate that you experienced a skin irritation from the rings. Who knows why, or how that could happen. I have heard of neoprene irritation of the skin before.
But, with Surgical Steel, I have not. Irritation with piercings, yes, but never just laying against the skin.

Like you, I wear mine 24/7/365 without issues.
By #583549 02,Jun,19 17:38
spermkiss,I used the o-rings to see what size I would need when I went too buy them.The o-rings worked good but I did not leave them on for an extended period of time.

By #578610 02,Jun,19 07:44
Obviously I have no use for them, but, Charlie uses ball weights and they are all wide. I like oral sex and don't like it if I have to suck with a bunch of metal hitting my teeth. But, they look sexy
By #583549 02,Jun,19 07:49
I agree,I have a narrow silicone ring for sex.It helps keep my erection longer.I like the metel rings for show and how they make me feel.

By #583549 02,Jun,19 07:43

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