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Started by #435701 [Ignore] 06,Sep,18 14:47
as stated to a friend that wants a leaky ole MG...

Really. We are living a history NEVER before experienced! Even tho history repeats itself!...Take advantage of a near perfect MG in a World coming apart...Always wondered what it might be like to be a witness to 'HISTORY'. Just like all those shows I have watched...But I have NEVER...EVER seen or read about a president saying what our 'wonderful' El Frumpler' just stated!!!...I say, even tho I might be crazy (yeah, I be) that our superb LEADER, al la Kim al la BIM, is COMPLETELY 'CRAXY'(deeper state of crazy)!...Does it really FEEL like we are living a history like NO other?! Watching a US President coming totally unglued, day by day?...Here's the hard part. What does this mean next year? Next decade?...Caus you are livin' it...RIGHT NOW...Do you feel as blind as I do? As blind as all those people we read about in history's hindsight?...And think, 'How could they be so dumb as to NOT see what's coming?!'

"Trump: I Have 100 Pics Of Robert Mueller And James Comey 'Hugging And Kissing'"

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By Xoner [Ignore] 26,Jul,22 23:54 other posts 
it is like the Carter's year all over again, high gas prices, Democrats do not know what the fuck they are doing. Making the Iranians rich, Russia rich and China also
By CAT [Ignore] 31,Jul,22 08:11 other posts 
You spout a lot of right wing, Repukers rant, but, like all of you, you criticize but don’t have a solution.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 15:58 other posts 
You voted against the solution a couple years ago.
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 17:54 other posts 

Former President Donald Trump entered 2020 as just the third commander-in-chief in US history to be impeached, and left office in 2021 as the only president to be impeached twice.
With just a week left in office, Trump was impeached for inciting a violent insurrection at the US Capitol.
During his final year as president, hundreds of thousands of Americans died from a pandemic that Trump deliberately downplayed to the public.
He was defeated by President Joe Biden in an election he baselessly wrote off as fraudulent.
The ban on visitors from several Muslim countries, the dream of a big wall from sea to shining sea, the war on chain migration, the very policy that allowed his wife’s parents to join her in the U.S. were all part of this goal. But the cruelty of stealing children away from their parents at the border and putting them in cages in an effort to deter people running from oppression and poverty to hope that America might offer a chance at a new life? That’s just evil.
Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement
His Attacks on the Affordable Care Act
Trump made it something of a motto to try to undo anything Obama touched, the end of healthcare coverage for millions of Americans and especial trouble for anyone with a preexisting condition was EVIL.
His…and there’s no other way to say it…Racism
Enlisting Foreign Officials to Help His Candidacy. Trying to blackmail the president of the Ukraine to find dirt on Biden
His Handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Long before reports were coming out of China about a novel coronavirus, Trump fired the pandemic response unit the Obama Administration had put in place in the wake of Ebola, cut funding to the CDC and shut down our research labs set up as early-warning units in 60 countries, including one in Wuhan, China. He made fun of people for wearing masks, undercut his own scientists, concealed information that the virus was airborne, off-handedly wondered if injecting disinfectant might treat the virus, and then left it to the States to figure out 50 separate plans to combat the virus, often undercutting their efforts with statements like “liberate Michigan!” The death toll from the virus has surpassed 1 million victims.

By phart [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 20:15 other posts 
I agree with the muslim travel ban,Why let people that hate us come here to settle in and attack us?
Why stay in the paris aggreement when the only people it helps are the czars like kerry that fly around in private jets telling us to eat beans and walk around.
I could go on,but Trump was A MUCH BETTER LEADER than biden ever could be.He was a racist bastard back while it was still cool. But democrats hide that with puppet strings.
By CAT [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 20:27 other posts 
You believe every Muslim is out to destroy us?
--------------------------------------- added after 71 seconds

And are you so against saving the planet too?
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

For God’s sake, he was willing to bring down our democratic form of government in order TO RULE.
By phart [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 20:44 other posts 
I am concerned about all the muslims to a point.
Their book tells them to convert or was not Buddist or Catholics that flew planes into our Twin Towers.
I am not against saving the planet,
I am against being taxed and regulated by people claiming they can.

You must remember, the same government that could not stop a virus, even by throwing BILLIONS of dollars at it over a 2 year period ,is the same government telling us if we pay carbon taxes and drive cars running on unicorn farts that we can fix the whole planets air.

Yea right.I have little to no confidence in our government.
By Dev01 [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 20:50 other posts 
The Quran is a book of peace, Twisted and turned by the different sects of Islam, Sunni, shia, isma, Sufism,twelvers,Ahmadiyya,Ibadi,Alawites,Salafism,Zaydism,Quranism,Hanafi,Maliki fuck the list goes on. All have their own interpretation of the book, so it gets Twisted and convoluted just like the old testament and the new testament... to fit an agenda.

BTW the old testament was a very violent book. Probably the most of any.

Do you really think 911 was real? I mean in the sense of a Muslim only act of terror? If you do your kidding yourself. So many things that happened when that was going on don't make sense. And if you want to be a superpower you have to instill fear. That exactly what was done as the world become complacent.

Now I'm not saying there was not an element of Islamisation involved just as suicibombers are recruited. 911 was the biggest hoax of all time on who carried it out. Collateral damage from a dictator Mr Bush.

Sometimes you have to smell the coffee.

As any dictator the tragic loss of life was nothing to the horrendous act that your own government inflicted upon all Americans.

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I don't base all my beliefs on this video but makes more sense than finding a passport at the bottom of the ruins from a so called terrorist that just flew a plane into a building and the plane vapourizing on impact....
--------------------------------------- added after 27 minutesWell all that was fuckin useless. Why does it do that
By phart [Ignore] 03,Aug,22 01:04 other posts 
Well I agree alot of strange things happened on that day that are hard to explain. I never understood the full collapse of the buildings for example, didn't make sense.
BUT it is mighty odd to me that the muslims over there in the middle east were celebrating the destruction.
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Aug,22 08:22 other posts 
Phart, shortly after the collapse of Twin Towers, the architect that designed the towers explained why they collapsed. It's interesting to note that he believes the buildings did what they were suppose to do.
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Aug,22 08:18 other posts 
Phart But it was Christian armies sent by the Pope to overrun the Middle East during the Crusades. It was Catholics that executed non-believers during the Inquisition. It was the English that overran Khartum. It was the Americans that robbed the Middle East of its oil. It was the Americans that used the CIA to bring in and keep the Sha of Iran in power. It was us that invaded Iraq and overthrew Hussein. The Quran is A holy book. Like the Bible, people put whatever interpretation that suits them.
911, the destruction of the Twin Towers, was terrorizm at its wost. What you have to remember is that it was an act carried out by a handful of people willing to die doing so. They had to have had support, but, I doubt this support was by all the Muslims in the world. Nor do I agree with Dev01 either. There's been too many conspiracy theories from Elvis is alive to Trump loosing the election to fraud. I believe that the simplest of explanations is probably right
--------------------------------------- added after 5 hours

By phart [Ignore] 03,Aug,22 09:40 other posts 
ok, in the last say,300 years, name the mass murders committed by Christians.
Ok, for that same length of time, name the mass murders committed by the Buddhist.
For that same length of time, name the mass murders committed by muslims.
could there be a shrinking of Christian violence? And a swelling of muslim violence? The numbers might indicate it.
By CAT [Ignore] 03,Aug,22 10:43 other posts 
Phart, this is not a contest. Who is more or less matters little. All I have to do is refer you to Nazi Germany and the Axis powers in Europe. Just the number of Jews murdered in that conflict is enough to show that "Christians" can kill too. Think about this, Phart. The majority of deaths in areas where radical groups are in force happen to their own people. Europe has as many, maybe more terrorists than we do, yet, there's no mass war against the people there by these groups.
By Gntlmn [Ignore] 02,Aug,22 19:31 other posts 
I bet you swallow Putin's diarrhea as Gym Jordan fucks your asshole.

By #562152 06,Sep,18 14:49
Baby,,i hear you,,,scary,,,
By #435701 06,Sep,18 14:56
Thank you, Two. I thought it was just me!...We are about to see some real HISTORY! It WILL not be funny.
By #562152 06,Sep,18 14:59
not at all,, i'm always getting up in the morning dreading putting the national news on
By #435701 06,Sep,18 15:10
Watch FOX! It will allay all your fears! Kidding, Two...Oddly, I HAVE started watching 'Fox and Friends' and my all time favorite 'Hannity'...Just to see IF the 'Trumpilites' will EVER wake the fuck up...No sign so far.
By #562152 06,Sep,18 15:13
i watch the late show monologue with Colbert
By #435701 06,Sep,18 15:23
How come it's ONLY the late show hosts that can SEE??...They...or at least one of them should be president...I know why it's NOT that way...Running for el prezidente costs so much MORE than people with real sense can afford...It's ALL 'twue'. Money and MORE money OWNS the World. And particularly...'Muricah'...
By #562152 06,Sep,18 15:24
i agree,,the days of poor politician getting elected is gone
By Xoner [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 22:52 other posts 
you must live a bored life
By CAT [Ignore] 31,Jul,22 08:09 other posts 
Don’t judge a book by its cover, Xoner. (I was Two or Twowarmtts3) Read my blogs. They are true.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 03,Aug,22 09:53 other posts 
Who the fuck are you talking to cunt? Every cunt that posted is fucked off...

Look in the mirror!

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