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How much is enough money would you give to have sex with my wife?🔥

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by arabmejo [Ignore] 05,Sep,18 11:43  other posts
🔥🔥🔥 she is not a hooker she has never been someone who has to pay for sex but I thought answer to my question might be a fun and excited.

How much money would you be willing to pay me to fuck my Arabian wife as you like? 💲

If you havenít seen her, here are a few pictures.

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

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By bella! [Ignore] 13,Sep,18 21:15 other posts 
YOU, arabmejo, the husband, have a thing for cocks and whores. Is your wife your "beard", so to speak? I bet she is. You use her as bait to attract men so you can admire their cocks and fantasize about them pounding into your ass!
By nolongercurious [Ignore] 14,Sep,18 14:35 other posts 
That is what I did until I realized I was Bi.
By Xoner [Ignore] 26,Jul,22 23:49 other posts 
so you and I agree this guy is sick
By Dev01 [Ignore] 26,Jul,22 23:52 other posts 
Leo.. is that you?
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 20:51 other posts 
Dev01 see my comment..... Leo is the mule here

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 20:51 other posts 
Who smells worse? Yer fake wife or the donkey in yer stable??

By leopoldij [Ignore] 27,Jul,22 19:17 other posts 
I'd pay in kind instead of money.
I'd lick her pussy instead of paying her.

By nolongercurious [Ignore] 14,Sep,18 14:34 other posts 
Twenty dollars, at least.
By arabmejo [Ignore] 17,Sep,18 09:25 other posts 
Someone said he would pay her 200-300 euros.You can take my Arabian wife after him
By nolongercurious [Ignore] 17,Sep,18 20:00 other posts 
Can I lick his cum from her pussy?

By #460385 17,Sep,18 12:00
I have an idea. Why don't you have your wife hold up a sign saying "my pussy is for sale" snap a pic and upload it to your page. Until then, I call Bullshit that your wife even has any idea her pics are on this site. Just saying.
By arabmejo [Ignore] 17,Sep,18 14:02 other posts 
No doubt, she knows everything 😉

By nekekal [Ignore] 17,Sep,18 11:00 other posts 
Your wife is pretty hot. I would pay $200 to $300 to slip my cock into her for a long session. Maybe more if she is a great fuck. You can film it if you want.

It may take a few days for her cunt to shrink back down to where she is tight for you.
By arabmejo [Ignore] 17,Sep,18 13:24 other posts 
I love what I hear from you 🔥🔥🔥

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 17,Sep,18 11:16 other posts 
I'd do it for free. I'd even let you suck my cock until it's hard before I fuck her.

By #547532 12,Sep,18 13:56
I will pay her with a nice big cum load deep in her pussy.
By arabmejo [Ignore] 12,Sep,18 14:54 other posts 
🔥Absolutely i like her get fucked with you, but if she was worth. How much will you pay for her??
By #547532 16,Sep,18 18:22
If you love watching your wife get fucked so much, then all the payment you need is watching me satisfy her and watching her happily take my cock covered with her pussy juices into her mouth sucking me off swallowing every drop of my cum.

By #545929 05,Sep,18 12:21
Your ongoing endeavour to sell your wife to the highest bidder for sex means that you are treating her as a hooker and you are her pimp. Also, it is not fun or exciting to degrade women.
By bella! [Ignore] 05,Sep,18 12:35 other posts 
You might not find that it is not fun to degrade women but it is apparent that HE finds it fun to degrade his wife.

I would wager to say that his Arabian wife is as intelligent as she is beautiful. One day I hope she comes to her senses and slaps some make-up on his face (read some of his posts, he feels his wife finds him exciting when he's made up), bend him over and allow anyone interested to fck his ass for FREE. Perhaps that might cure him of his "hint to fck anal" OR anything else he's thinking about that involves her.
By arabmejo [Ignore] 05,Sep,18 13:34 other posts 
Sorry i'm not degrading women As long as my wife accept and enjoyed it.
By bella! [Ignore] 05,Sep,18 13:55 other posts 
Does your wife really enjoy this treatment and how you objectify her? You say she is not a hooker yet you treat her like she is a hooker and that you are her pimp.

arabmejo, may I ask you some tough soul searching questions? Do you believe that your wife is your equal or is she something that you consider to be just one of your worldly possessions? Would you be so eager to treat your mother or s i s t e r in the same manner, after all, they are JUST women. And I'm curious why you or any man is quick to post your spouse's face but so careful not to show anyone your own?
By #566087 12,Sep,18 15:16
this is kinda off topic but i always see you taking a stand on what you feel is right and i wanna thank you. people (me included) probably wouldnít bother doing that considering itís a porn site and itís not really supposed to be taken seriously. itís good to know people like you arenít letting dumb shit fly and calling people out for it.
By bella! [Ignore] 12,Sep,18 16:49 other posts 
Thank you.

I do take this post seriously and I think arabmejo recognizes that because although he still continues to degrade his wife with posts he peppers the site with, but he has consciously decided not to return to this thread because members do think he is wrong.
By #566087 12,Sep,18 21:22
i agree. itís very degrading and we have no way of knowing if his wife is consenting to her pics being shared etc. is there any way he could be catfishing us though? sheís very pretty..
By #562152 05,Sep,18 19:46
You come from a part of the world where women are stoned to death for being adulteresses and you put her up front of a bunch of men showing her face and her charms. Doesn't that make you afraid?? And, if she is ok with this, why doesn't she have her own page? You've been all over the site pimping her as a slutty whore and we have no way to know what she has to say about it. If she wants to be a whore here, it's ok,,i'm one of the biggest here, but, she should be the one to do it. I think you are posting pics that don't belong to you, even if she is your wife.
--------------------------------------- added after 104 seconds

And all these PERVS that continue this degradation should be ashamed of themselves.

By #564711 05,Sep,18 17:21
i will fuck her for free in front of you and u would like watching your wife riding my cock just to enjoy it
By arabmejo [Ignore] 12,Sep,18 14:54 other posts 
if she was worth. How much will you pay for her??

By #566722 07,Sep,18 18:44
I would happily give her 200-300 euros for an hour.Looks very hot girl.
By arabmejo [Ignore] 08,Sep,18 08:16 other posts 
mmmm A good price to feed my arabian wife pussy As you want🔥🔥🔥

And she will be happy to give you a lot of unforgettable pleasure.💦💦💦💦
With her it is possible to carry out the most daring imaginations🍷❤💘
By #566722 08,Sep,18 09:33
I wish I could meet her right now and fuck her every way possible.

By zzick [Ignore] 05,Sep,18 12:41 other posts 
Wow shes hot! Maybe start the negotiations at 250/$ hour?
By arabmejo [Ignore] 05,Sep,18 13:42 other posts 
Oh yeah u get me so horny. ❤💘💘💘

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