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Jerkin in public places??????????

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #279137 [Ignore] 05,Jul,12 05:09
Any story's about jerkin in public places?! Does it turn u on? Considering doing it? Getting caught? Good places?

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By #121361 09,Nov,15 01:15
Fuel Station [deleted image]
By Blade [Ignore] 10,Nov,15 22:27 other posts 
You HAVE to tell how this came about! Who's car? Where did this happen? etc.

By #64328 08,Nov,15 16:40
Ive done it in many many semi public places and to this day never been caight. Quite a few close calls though.. someday i should make a list

By #289712 02,Sep,15 13:33
I have a couple of times.

By #485312 12,Aug,15 10:08
[deleted image][deleted image]
love to happen across this one day *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Aug,15 13:46 other posts 
are you saying that you wouldn't mind if you came across a guy masturbating?
By #485312 15,Aug,15 11:09
hell no, ld stop and watch, and if he had a big cock or looked super sexy, ld ask if he needed some help with that lol, never knock back a reason to play naughties...especially if he's got it out and ready for you *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Aug,15 11:37 other posts 
well, i don't have a big cock, but would you help me if you saw me masturbating? be honest.
By #485312 15,Aug,15 21:12
ld definitely stop and watch, probably tell you how to stroke it and egg you on, it would depend on the size to whether l helped...and my mood, if you caught me on a day l hadn't had a fuck for week, l could be swayed on these sites never show the true size of a cock or give you a good idea what it really looks like...ld decide on a cock to cock basis *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 08:49 other posts 
well, thank you. i'd gladly accept guidance but since i'm not good in theory you'd have to show me in practice too. that is, you'd have to employ your tactile skills which, i know, are quite advanced. only as a means of instruction. nothing more.
By #493999 24,Aug,15 10:03
mmmm fun!
By #350718 02,Sep,15 04:25
Ha ha….not as much as I'd love it!
By #485312 02,Sep,15 05:17
hope theres room in that boat for the two of us and an esky *lix*

By #303909 18,Aug,15 17:21
[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #493999 24,Aug,15 10:02

By #424385 19,Aug,15 18:01
Years ago I jacked off in Macy's behind a rack of woman's dresses. I was so horny I just pulled my cock out and jacked off. The rack was right in the middle of the department so it would have been easy to see me but I just wanted to pull my cock out and jerk it. I always wonder if anyone saw me but that was my most daring jackoff.
By Blade [Ignore] 20,Aug,15 22:19 other posts 
Did you cum right there all over those dresses?
By #424385 22,Aug,15 15:08
Yea shot on a few because if you see my cum shots I do shoot far. Still can't be-leave I did that but I was so horny at the time that it seemed like it be fun and it was
By #485312 22,Aug,15 22:34
do they a people of macys site like the people of walmart one ??? *lix*
By #424385 24,Aug,15 09:06
say that again???????? DID not understand what you said.
By #485312 24,Aug,15 09:27
do they do a 'people of macys', like the 'people of walmart' page, where they film all the funny people and what they wear and do, they might of filmed you and your pictures turn up somewhere on the internet covering them dresses in come..*lix*

By #149019 18,Aug,15 23:54
/pic_of_month.php?id=5760 my girl eating me Hot ore Not ( the vote is free)

By #350718 20,Aug,13 18:48
I love jerking outdoors where I can be seen (by other consenting adults)

[deleted image]
By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Jun,15 08:37 other posts 
How do you know they're consenting? Do you ask them?
By #485312 30,Jul,15 00:24
maybe its a nudist park or beach, and if you see it and don't like it, you don't have to look, you can look the other way...*lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,Jul,15 07:51 other posts 
I don't mind, but, in general, people do and you need to find out whether they are consenting or not.
By #485312 06,Aug,15 18:56
on a nudist beach or after dark on the strip l cant see anything wrong, but not in front of the local primary school for obvious reasons, l think its a bit like watching tele, if you don't like something, don't look at it...if it offends, close your eyes, or turn your head, its like going to mardi gras and not liking flesh, you just don't go if you don't like watching *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 06,Aug,15 20:35 other posts 
Wish everyone was like you. ...
By #350718 07,Aug,15 20:27
It's a nudist beach and the guy in this photo was naked himself. If I see someone approaching that looks like they're just out for a stroll or they're walking their dog then I cover up until they've past.

By #337858 06,Aug,15 16:15
Hell yes. I've done it in the woods and in my car, driving and while parked. No greater rush.

By #449263 06,Aug,15 08:24
my friend and I got caught jerking on a hiking trail. We stopped to pee and I started to get hard. he was standing next to me and asked what was up with that? I told him I was thinking about jerking outdoors as a **** and got hard. The fact that he kept looking at it and talking about it made it worse. Him and I are really close so I just said fuck it im gonna rub one out, I asked him to be the lookout. a few minutes later he asked to film me for his wife to see, we are all close and have masturbated together. So afrer filming to for a minute he said fuck it he joined in. We are both straight but it looked really bad with us both stroking ourselves and he is filming mine on his phone. 2 guys must have seen us before we seen them,

By #493999 30,Jul,15 09:20
love it, most of my jerking is outside, country life provides lots of time for nekked fun!

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 03,Jun,15 03:01 other posts 
I once jerked off in the adult section of a video store. The female early 20s clerk watched me using one of those see around corner mirrors while helping other customers. She came back there just after I blew my load but hadn't zipped up. I offered to clean up but she declined ran her finger over my head and ate the little bit of cum still oozing out. I had done it figuring I was moving the next day so what the hell. I am haunted to this day by what might had happened with her if I didn't move.

By greatwhite [Ignore] 02,Jun,15 22:17 other posts 
I've jerked in rush hour traffic, just make sure you have napkins for clean up. I'm sure a Rucker or two got a show.

By #443033 30,May,15 15:34
I remember this time I jerked off in a public library. There was this little nook area where people could sit and read. And the area was really secluded a lot of the time. Anyway I was always able to jerk off there and nobody would be the wiser, I'd get a thrill and then I'd continue doing whatever else I was doing. But one time I decided to record it so I could put it online and right as I was cumming, some chick came around the corner. I don't know if she saw me or not but she turned around and went back out so I'm assuming she did. Never been so turned on in my life.

By #285354 04,May,13 20:12
I love to do it outdoors with a thrill that others might be looking, but I'm always careful so that no one will see me.

By botanic [Ignore] 05,Jul,12 06:17 other posts 
yea I used to but havent done it now for years .. remember once jacking off in the car whilst parked on the road and a police car drew up and the cop came over to talk to me .. just managed to throw a jacket over my erect cock in time .. and tried to have a normal conversation with him .. luckily he didnt ask me to step outside the vehicle !

By #64328 05,Jul,12 06:03
I haveprobably done it in over 100 diffrent places

By #64328 05,Jul,12 05:44
I love jacking off in risky places. Never been caught but just knowing someoneis nearby is hot

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