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By JustWondring 03,May,24 05:23
Now kiss me!

By Rudolf69 20,Apr,24 04:40
a very beautiful big cock

By edalguy 13,Apr,24 08:44
I think I need your nips, too!

By Handle 07,Mar,24 07:06
Search a beautiful suckable, big thick cock!

By anonymous 24,Feb,24 18:50
moi j aime plusieurs dose de ce beau jus toute au fond de ma gorge ,,, ,,, petering

By anonymous 24,Feb,24 18:46
je peut voir ma langue sur le bout de ton gland et dans ma bouche tu te vide ,,, ,,, petering

By Cuthead 28,Jan,24 06:53
Absolutely stunning cock and balls, I would love to wrap my lips around your beautiful cock

By Fucktoy 18,Dec,23 08:21
Gorgeous piece of man meat 😛

By pipcock 16,Dec,23 20:03

By paipan4460 16,Dec,23 19:50

By JackinKing 09,Oct,23 09:35
Hot photo bud! I’d like to see when you shot yout cum all over your belly

By Hotozrockcock 22,Sep,23 00:24
Oh yes please, a load for both ends.

By bexm1tanker 20,Sep,23 05:26
Now there's a view I would love to have!!!!

By bexm1tanker 20,Sep,23 05:26
Fucking hell... yummmmmm

By Valleydude 07,Sep,23 03:57
Every closet bi guys dream right there... at least mine

By anonymous 18,Aug,23 14:58
Both of you. Beautiful glans and tight circumcisions

By Roberto2020 30,Jul,23 12:11
I worship your erection and would suck it to keep it in the wonderful state of arousal

By Frekluvr 07,Jul,23 08:54
Nothing better than smooth hard cock!

By Frekluvr 07,Jul,23 08:53
Would love to see those together in a park or nude beach... Makes my mouth water👅🤤

By redlazzer 18,Jun,23 06:46
fucking hot, love your nipples

By pipcock 17,Jun,23 20:56

By Curvedtotheleft 17,Jun,23 20:12
Fuck I would love to suck on those 2 sweet cocks

By Timpeter 30,May,23 02:53
Better wearyour eyrotection I Ejaculate HighVelocitY SperM

By Timpeter 30,May,23 02:52
I will bring my cum cannon too we can have some battles

By Timpeter 30,May,23 02:50
Shiny glossy ldather a varity

By Timpeter 30,May,23 02:50
Fantastic pouch a have a couple pouch es on my page ..let me know how ya like

By ASexyNudist 28,May,23 07:35
J'adore me faire sucer la bite et avaler mon sperme par une bouche affamée.

By anonymous 27,May,23 10:39
je suce et vale avec plaisir ton sperme ,,,, ,,, petering

By ASexyNudist 27,May,23 10:07
We would enjoy that sexy!

By Bobbyd73 25,May,23 22:10
Oh fuck I want to rub dicks together with you

By ASexyNudist 25,May,23 07:58
Happy to share it with you sexy!

By stefan123 25,May,23 07:31
I could use some protein too

By Thickandfat 24,May,23 13:21
Delicious cock head

By Thickandfat 24,May,23 13:21
Super fucking hot

By ASexyNudist 10,May,23 21:23
start at the tip of my cock, swipe that tongue up the shaft, over the balls, across the taint and right into my hole.

By Smoothballs 09,May,23 10:37
It would be my pleasure to lick it and suck it

By ASexyNudist 09,May,23 10:09
feel free to lick it all for me sexy.

By Smoothballs 09,May,23 09:02
Wow now that’s an ass and a gorgeous cock

By greenkey 01,May,23 10:15
perfect breakfast 😋

By greenkey 01,May,23 10:14
thinking of double pleasure makes me wet 🤤

By ASexyNudist 01,May,23 07:16
thx man. im thankful to the Doc who circumsized it for doing such a grat job. it is a beautiful head and i can suck on it too.

By ASexyNudist 01,May,23 07:15
anytime you want to play with it, it is all yours stud... as long as i get yours too.

By marv2 30,Apr,23 09:53
Very hot hard smooth cock!!!

By Gulpereel 30,Apr,23 08:59
Nice head

By AlphaMale 30,Apr,23 08:16
I'm sure you would enjoy it as much as I would...

By ASexyNudist 30,Apr,23 08:15
thx man. hope you would like sucking on it too.

By AlphaMale 30,Apr,23 08:00
Very sexy...

By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:37
I do buddy. hung n smooth and super horny/sexy...and i know you'd fit right in.

By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:36
You think you can handle us both together, sexy!? We would love it with you! All big smooth hard cocks!

By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:36
I would love you bouncing up and down on my cock sexy boy!

By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:35
You'd enjoy us both sexy!

By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:35
Congrats buddy! the more cocks the better.

By dura2000 25,Apr,23 17:31
I have now and loved it.

By greenkey 18,Apr,23 18:14
Wish I ride it 😋

By greenkey 18,Apr,23 18:12
Oh yes 🤤

By dura2000 18,Apr,23 14:39
I bet you have a few cock buddy’s like him.

By jnewt 18,Apr,23 10:45
I'd enjoy licking and sucking your hot cock anytime you want. I'll swallow all the cum you can shoot!

By ASexyNudist 17,Apr,23 06:12
Thx buddy, we both LOVE smooth big cocks

By ASexyNudist 17,Apr,23 06:11
Thank you. You can have both of us.

By ASexyNudist 17,Apr,23 06:11
Thx buddy.

By ASexyNudist 17,Apr,23 06:11
Anytime you are hungry it is all yours.

By edalguy 16,Apr,23 08:24
Beautiful body and amazing hard cock, feed me

By Handle 16,Apr,23 08:14
Very handsome cock you have!

By greenkey 16,Apr,23 02:43
Beautiful 😌

By edalguy 15,Apr,23 07:38
I’d love to suck you both, mmm

By Handle 15,Apr,23 07:11
Very attractive smooth cocks!

By ASexyNudist 01,Apr,23 11:37
nip lover here as well sexy. pump mine up huge for you to suck on. love to get yours too

By tourjay 31,Mar,23 17:13
Also, love your nipples, mine are sensitive. You’re great body in a little kinky here, love, sexy legs and feet.

By ASexyNudist 30,Mar,23 07:09
i would lvoe to get nude with you sexy man.

By CannaCore 29,Mar,23 04:59
Not so bad yourself there sir!

By Crawdad94 28,Mar,23 19:06
I’ve always wanted to try this. I get so hard and horny watching cocks frot

By Brad 25,Mar,23 12:54
I am a proud cock sucker & cum swallower + enjoy riding big hard cocks & taking lots of cum in my boi butt !!

By Brad 25,Mar,23 12:52
He & I could maximise enjoyment of your loads of cum by kissing & cum swapping b3fore swallowing !! :

By Brad 25,Mar,23 12:48
Fantastic ! Just make sure your cum cannon shoots it in my mouth 👄!!

By Smallguy46 24,Mar,23 09:06
Very nice big load the gentleman got

By ASexyNudist 24,Mar,23 09:00
When i edge i shoot cum so hard it is like a cannon! can shoot far!

By ASexyNudist 24,Mar,23 08:59
mmmmm HOT! you should be proud man.

By ASexyNudist 24,Mar,23 08:59
i LOVE my ass licked and eaten and i am also a multi load cum shooter. you can have some both your holes.

By ASexyNudist 24,Mar,23 08:57
we would both LOVE to share your mouth. love his cock and mine in the same wet hungry mouth sexy.

By Brad 24,Mar,23 07:14
That would b heaven to have u sit on my face so I can lick your big balls & eat your sweet ass for hours + feel free to fuck my cute tight ass or fill my eager mouth with your tasty cum !! My face & mouth at your service !!

By Brad 24,Mar,23 07:11
I am a super hungry cum eaters & in fact confess to being a cum addict so please supply my mouth as much cum as u can deliver !!

By Brad 24,Mar,23 07:10
No worries bab3 as I will worship your big cock getting it rock hard before I take it out to b deep throated & keep edging u close u til I choose to bring u off so I get to swallow your extra large load of delicious cum !! Look forward to meat u !

By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:33
I could spend hours sitting on your face and tongue baby.

By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:32
I love hungry cum eaters and i have multiple loads for you sexy.

By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:32
I'm already spread for you buddy, eat me!

By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:31
I love a hot guy making me hard in my gstring then peeling it off me to make me cum.

By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:31
Thx man, nothing hotter than hot cocks together.

By anonymous 22,Mar,23 17:35

By Brad 22,Mar,23 12:06
Hot g string ! I would like to take that huge hard cock out & give it hot blow job with sexy cum swallow !!

By Brad 22,Mar,23 12:03
I’m jealous that I am not the one lucky enough to get that massive mouthful of delicious cum !! Do u have a load for me as I would like to b your favourite cock sucker & cum dumpster !!

By Brad 22,Mar,23 11:58
I’m on my knees for u babe licking your balls & eating your delicious ass !! U can sit on my face any time !!!

By ASexyNudist 22,Mar,23 08:16
I'm glad it excites you. thx!

By ASexyNudist 22,Mar,23 08:15
eaten too i hope!?

By ASexyNudist 22,Mar,23 08:15
Exxxactly why i made that pose hot fucker! now lick and eat me!

By Brad 21,Mar,23 09:42
Perfect position to lick your balls, suck your awesome cock & rim your delicious ass !! Yum want to eat your beautiful bum !! :

By pipcock 15,Mar,23 15:57

By ASexyNudist 15,Mar,23 08:45
We could make you gag and take both loads at the same time sexy.

By ASexyNudist 15,Mar,23 08:44
I would love taking pics of our Penises together man.

By ASexyNudist 15,Mar,23 08:44
I'm going to teach you to lick it all from behind sexy!

By ASexyNudist 15,Mar,23 08:43
thx buddy. You hungry?

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