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Favorite hungry shot.

<<< Previous   Submitted by ASexyNudist at 06,Feb,22 07:58   Next >>>
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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 47

Favorite hungry shot.

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 47


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By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 06,Feb,22 21:06
🙋🧸 wow that looks so hungry and tasty I sure hope I get a chance to do that soon this is Jason
By ASexyNudist 07,Feb,22 06:34
I;d feed you all the cum you need sexy Jason... do it with your Daddy day and night.

By rhita 07,Feb,22 01:48
exciting and tasty to eat
By ASexyNudist 07,Feb,22 06:33
I'd share a load with you anytime sexy Rhita!

By 2pierced 07,Feb,22 02:45
Absolutely wonderful mouthful of delicious cum!

By Bobby09 07,Feb,22 07:52
That looks delicious
By ASexyNudist 08,Feb,22 06:27
thick, warm, creamy cum... nothing better!

By Schwanzmelker2022 08,Feb,22 06:28
Very tasty

By Roberto2020 14,Feb,22 17:04
Who's the lucky recipient of your treasure?

By Skinslim 21,Feb,22 17:15
By ASexyNudist 26,Feb,22 08:45
Enough of a treat to share wth you sexy man!

By anonymous 28,Feb,22 16:07
what a dream to have your beautiful dick ejaculate in my mouth and I swallow everything until the last drop and I suck and suck again ,,, ,, petering

By kcorvus 02,Mar,22 12:19
Mmmm! I'd like a taste!
By ASexyNudist 03,Mar,22 08:31
im always ready to give up more sperm to a hungry mouth.

By TheDane 24,Apr,22 03:42
Good start of the day 😋

By random91 19,May,22 07:19
I could have that 3 times a day at least
By ASexyNudist 19,May,22 07:31
3 is my norm, 5 when i have the time... id keep your belly full!
By random91 19,May,22 07:42
My belly is open for cum through both openings

By dura2000 31,May,22 14:30
I would love to roll it around my mouth with my mouth before swallowing it.
By dura2000 31,May,22 14:30
With my tongue I mean.

By Walter69 08,Jun,22 08:41
that's a good shot i like that too

By #349059 25,Jun,22 09:31
That makes me hungry! YUM!
By ASexyNudist 25,Jun,22 10:24
right!? and i know he loved it all his belly!

By greenii03 28,Jun,22 10:18

By Smoothballs 17,Aug,22 04:58
Yes please
By ASexyNudist 17,Aug,22 05:01
Feeding and being fed are two of my favorites!
By Smoothballs 17,Aug,22 05:14
Mmm I would quite happily take your hot creamy load in my mouth honey

By dura2000 23,Aug,22 15:20
Nice big load to swallow.
By ASexyNudist 24,Aug,22 01:32
and super tasty too!

By #598514 24,Aug,22 17:34
now this is what semeneater dreams of ...
By ASexyNudist 25,Aug,22 09:02
He loved it!

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 09,Sep,22 21:18
🤾🥰 okay sweet sweet cum sweet milk good nourishment hey I'll give you some of mine if you give me some of yours this is Jason Friday night everything's right
By ASexyNudist 20,Sep,22 07:28
Ive got plenty of milk for you sexy boy.. and ill drain you of every drop of yours too.

By !$!Bucktyb!$! 04,Oct,22 10:30
The best cum shot. Yum.

By anonymous 04,Oct,22 22:09
Oh yum that looks delicious. Me next.

By !$!Bucktyb!$! 10,Oct,22 14:12
My favorite photo

By Brad 02,Nov,22 11:08
Wish my mouth was on receiving end of all that delicious cum as I adore cum !!
By ASexyNudist 03,Nov,22 07:22
ive got plenty of cum to share you and him stud.
By Brad 25,Mar,23 12:52
He & I could maximise enjoyment of your loads of cum by kissing & cum swapping b3fore swallowing !! :

By cfan2 03,Nov,22 15:22
Nothing is more delicious!!!!!!!
By ASexyNudist 04,Nov,22 07:45
I'd coat your tongue just like this and then make out with you to share it. Then you do me!
By cfan2 04,Nov,22 07:50
You are a phenomenally HOT man!!

By Luvanicecock 02,Dec,22 14:19
That is a really nice load. I’d love to catch one of those.
By ASexyNudist 27,Dec,22 12:04
im always happy to feed hungry mouths.

By JoMoSubOralBttm 09,Jan,23 21:08
Looks absolutely delicious! If only I could get it by the gallon.
By ASexyNudist 10,Jan,23 06:20
cum lovers are my favorite.

By DokJones 16,Jan,23 09:10
Thas is the reward for a sub like me.
By ASexyNudist 17,Jan,23 07:48
and ive got plenty of cream cum for a good sub like you.

By Timtriple 06,Feb,23 10:43
Wow, that' s tasty !
By ASexyNudist 07,Feb,23 07:35
All yours if you want it stud. i love feeding a hungry mouth.
By Timtriple 09,Feb,23 03:54

By AusBoy95 14,Feb,23 10:12
Cum in my mouth daddy
By ASexyNudist 16,Feb,23 05:30
So happy to feed my boy!

By simplygood 24,Feb,23 08:21
How I wish that was me!
By ASexyNudist 24,Feb,23 10:03
I am happy to feed you sexy.

By Brad 22,Mar,23 12:03
I’m jealous that I am not the one lucky enough to get that massive mouthful of delicious cum !! Do u have a load for me as I would like to b your favourite cock sucker & cum dumpster !!
By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:32
I love hungry cum eaters and i have multiple loads for you sexy.
By Brad 24,Mar,23 07:11
I am a super hungry cum eaters & in fact confess to being a cum addict so please supply my mouth as much cum as u can deliver !!
By ASexyNudist 24,Mar,23 08:59
mmmmm HOT! you should be proud man.
By Brad 25,Mar,23 12:54
I am a proud cock sucker & cum swallower + enjoy riding big hard cocks & taking lots of cum in my boi butt !!

By Smallguy46 24,Mar,23 09:06
Very nice big load the gentleman got

By greenkey 01,May,23 10:15
perfect breakfast 😋

By stefan123 25,May,23 07:31
I could use some protein too
By ASexyNudist 25,May,23 07:58
Happy to share it with you sexy!

By anonymous 27,May,23 10:39
je suce et vale avec plaisir ton sperme ,,,, ,,, petering
By ASexyNudist 28,May,23 07:35
J'adore me faire sucer la bite et avaler mon sperme par une bouche affamée.
By anonymous 24,Feb,24 18:50
moi j aime plusieurs dose de ce beau jus toute au fond de ma gorge ,,, ,,, petering

By Hotozrockcock 22,Sep,23 00:24
Oh yes please, a load for both ends.

By JustWondring 03,May,24 05:23
Now kiss me!

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