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Me and a cock buddy

<<< Previous   Submitted by ASexyNudist at 23,Jun,22 10:26   Next >>>
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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 80

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Me and a cock buddy

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 80


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By fireplug 23,Jun,22 16:47
nice cock fight bro
By ASexyNudist 25,Jun,22 10:30
not so much a fight as playtime! LOL but they do love slapping each other.

By steve3095 23,Jun,22 16:51
Two delicious cocks.
By ASexyNudist 25,Jun,22 10:30
and we both love to share them with another hot cock lover.

By Roberto2020 06,Jul,22 12:26
Now there's an awesome sight, boy would I like to have been there to taste those gorgeous smooth penises

By anonymous 15,Jul,22 10:06
Just outstanding cocks, I am in love, Bill in Venice

By manne 30,Jul,22 03:18

By Roberto2020 03,Aug,22 09:01
Fuck yeah I would like a three-some with those...
By ASexyNudist 06,Aug,22 08:33
you now my cock is yours anytime you want it...and with anyone else you want to join in!

By Fritz 04,Aug,22 08:30
Would love to suck at your cock and would love to get fucked by you

By williamg 09,Aug,22 15:05
I want some of that!
By ASexyNudist 10,Aug,22 01:18
anytime you want it, it's yours!

By Skinslim 10,Aug,22 18:48
Such beautiful penises

By dura2000 23,Aug,22 15:20
I love crossing swords.
By ASexyNudist 24,Aug,22 01:32
Wanna add yours!?
By dura2000 24,Aug,22 07:15
I havenít done a three way sword cross.
By ASexyNudist 24,Aug,22 08:59
You'd love it! nothing like 4 (or more) cocks together.
By dura2000 25,Apr,23 17:31
I have now and loved it.
By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:35
Congrats buddy! the more cocks the better.

By kcorvus 24,Aug,22 15:55
Wish I was there!!
By ASexyNudist 25,Aug,22 09:03
Me too buddy! show up in a sexy gstring then add your cock to the mix!

By Egyptian101 27,Aug,22 01:00
that's amazing! Two male weapons crossing ⚔️
By ASexyNudist 27,Aug,22 11:45
Even more fun with three big dicks! wanna join in?
By Egyptian101 27,Aug,22 13:17
Would love to

By stefan123 03,Sep,22 08:06
nice couple
By ASexyNudist 06,Sep,22 19:47
Thx we both love to strip and show.

By soharditspurple 04,Sep,22 18:47
May I join in?
By ASexyNudist 06,Sep,22 19:46
of course you may. never enough cock for me

By dave37mtl 12,Sep,22 11:34
Those 2 cocks look good together!

By yngdong 24,Sep,22 12:24
Mmmm can I go next
By ASexyNudist 25,Sep,22 07:39
you can take em both at the same time!
By yngdong 25,Sep,22 09:53
Yes sir

By anonymous 04,Oct,22 22:14
The thought is now in my mind of those two beauties taking turns at spit roasting me from both ends filling both my holes with lots of man juice. Yum.

By Brad 02,Nov,22 11:13
Awesome shaved cocks !! Would luv to take both at once either end & get double load of hot cum !!
By ASexyNudist 03,Nov,22 07:20
we would both gladly fuck with another hot shaved stud like you.

By Sexminister72 03,Nov,22 04:51
Wow 🤩
One hotter than the other
Together infinitely hot 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
By ASexyNudist 03,Nov,22 07:19
i was LOADS of HOT fun, i promise you.
By Sexminister72 03,Nov,22 08:37
Take me with you next time, pleaseÖ
By ASexyNudist 04,Nov,22 07:44
You bet! 3 big bald cocks is even more fun than 2!
By Sexminister72 05,Nov,22 18:10
Yeah letís rock the party 👯
By ASexyNudist 27,Dec,22 12:10
im always up for a cock party.
By Sexminister72 28,Dec,22 17:08

By fac51x 20,Nov,22 11:25
So beautiful!
By ASexyNudist 27,Dec,22 12:05
Thx a lot. i/we love sharing my cock.

By Sexminister72 21,Nov,22 03:21

By footluvr2010 30,Nov,22 07:46
Your cocks look great together
By ASexyNudist 27,Dec,22 12:04
Thx buddy, we think so too!

By Luvanicecock 02,Dec,22 14:18
I wish I was there
By ASexyNudist 27,Dec,22 12:04
We both love 3ways so you would be very welcome.
By Luvanicecock 27,Dec,22 18:09
Maybe a trip to LA is in order
By ASexyNudist 28,Dec,22 08:02
I dont mind a drive for hot sex.

By cfan2 12,Jan,23 08:13
Beautiful crossed swords pic!!!!!!

By Submissiveone 13,Feb,23 09:22
Mmmmmmmm so nice to taste you both take turns back and forth mmmmmmmmm
By ASexyNudist 14,Feb,23 07:42
i do love having a hung buddy around to help me feed a hungry sub like you sexy.
By Submissiveone 16,Feb,23 01:15
Mmmmmmmm the moans and pleasure your 2 cocks would feed me so good over and over again
By ASexyNudist 16,Feb,23 05:28
And we are both up for multiple loads in your holes too.
By Submissiveone 16,Feb,23 09:24
You will convert me to a total cock receiver you naughty man
By ASexyNudist 17,Feb,23 23:40
turning horny hung bottoms into bottom cock sluts is one of my specialties.

By #682325 14,Feb,23 22:36
Just hanging out....waiting
By ASexyNudist 16,Feb,23 05:29
You wanna make it 3??
By #682325 22,Feb,23 22:35
Would be fun
By ASexyNudist 24,Feb,23 10:03
let's do it together!

By Jaymzbi42 02,Mar,23 07:39
I love these kinds of pics! Would love to be involved
By ASexyNudist 04,Mar,23 07:51
You would be very welcome to shoot with us and all over each other!

By Frekluvr 04,Mar,23 17:59
Omg piston my throat back and forth with this two smooth beautiful hard cocks😮
By ASexyNudist 15,Mar,23 08:45
We could make you gag and take both loads at the same time sexy.

By MA_B39 14,Mar,23 08:43
I wish that I could have my hard shaft right next to yours to take a hot picture just like this one
By ASexyNudist 15,Mar,23 08:44
I would love taking pics of our Penises together man.

By #636724 22,Mar,23 17:35
By ASexyNudist 23,Mar,23 08:31
Thx man, nothing hotter than hot cocks together.

By Crawdad94 28,Mar,23 19:06
Iíve always wanted to try this. I get so hard and horny watching cocks frot

By Handle 15,Apr,23 07:11
Very attractive smooth cocks!
By ASexyNudist 17,Apr,23 06:12
Thx buddy, we both LOVE smooth big cocks

By edalguy 15,Apr,23 07:38
Iíd love to suck you both, mmm

By greenkey 16,Apr,23 02:43
Beautiful 😌
By ASexyNudist 17,Apr,23 06:11
Thank you. You can have both of us.
By greenkey 18,Apr,23 18:12
Oh yes 🤤
By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:36
You think you can handle us both together, sexy!? We would love it with you! All big smooth hard cocks!
By greenkey 01,May,23 10:14
thinking of double pleasure makes me wet 🤤

By dura2000 18,Apr,23 14:39
I bet you have a few cock buddyís like him.
By ASexyNudist 26,Apr,23 05:37
I do buddy. hung n smooth and super horny/sexy...and i know you'd fit right in.

By Bobbyd73 25,May,23 22:10
Oh fuck I want to rub dicks together with you
By ASexyNudist 27,May,23 10:07
We would enjoy that sexy!

By Curvedtotheleft 17,Jun,23 20:12
Fuck I would love to suck on those 2 sweet cocks

By Frekluvr 07,Jul,23 08:53
Would love to see those together in a park or nude beach... Makes my mouth water👅🤤

By Valleydude 07,Sep,23 03:57
Every closet bi guys dream right there... at least mine

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