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Frenulum orgasm

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #82317 [Ignore] 07,Jul,10 00:24
Has anyone ever jacked off and cum, by only stimulating your frenulum, or been jacked off by someone else and made to cum like that? I discovered this a while ago and can tell you it takes dicipline. Share your stories, because it is by far, THE most intense way to cum I've ever experienced.

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By #691289 28,Apr,23 04:26
I normally stroke my frenulum to get my cock real hard and jack off with my fist. But sometimes I rub my frenulum until I cum. I have the feeling that my load is much larger then.

[deleted image]

By #662360 26,Apr,23 16:16
I sometimes masturbate laying on my back with my cock arching hard over my belly and stroking just across my frenulum with my index finger crooked over my shaft. It takes ages to cum but itís extremely pleasurable and when my orgasm comes itís very sharp and very intense. I do it like that when Iím in bed next to my wife and I fancy a crafty wank. It doesnít shake the bed like when I give myself a full fisted one.

By #682523 26,Apr,23 12:46
Every time I irritate the frenulum cums are very intense and orgasms are very strong!

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 25,Apr,23 16:30 other posts 
Yes many times . The orgasm is intense.

By #692343 25,Apr,23 10:58
When I was 18 an older boy stimulated my frenulum only with his fingers, the sensation was so intense, I thought I'd cum at any moment but it didn't happen, an endless orgasm. On another occasion my frenulum was licked with the tip of my tongue, I thought I was going to pass out any second LOL
Then I tried it myself using both the electric toothbrush and the vibrator by placing it on my frenulum and I cum within minutes

By #518391 20,Jul,18 08:46
This is the way I cum when wanking nowadays...the sensation is amazing and I give my frenulum area a real bashing...

By #561720 20,Jul,18 08:19
Touching and rubbing my frenulum was how I discovered masturbation. I was taking a shower when I was about 12 years old. When I was drying the towel rubbed against my frenulum and tip of my penis. It felt so good I kept going until I was hard and a tingling wave shot from my cock through my whole body. I found the underside glands and frenulum were sensitive to touch and would rub that area with my index finger regularly and experience a dry orgasm. I would sometime do it through my underwear too. I'd put a pillow over my while watching TV and unzip my shorts positioning my penis upward and rub that area through my undies. One day while doing this and watching TV cum shot out of my cock and soaked my underwear. I zipped up my shorts and hurried upstairs to clean up. Never was able to masturbate in the open like that again. After that day I started to experiment wit other methods to masturbate.

By #121361 20,Jul,18 08:06
It works [deleted image] THX Lady !

By #121361 20,Jul,18 08:03
Use this and Frenulum Orgasm is garanted !!![deleted image]

By #562567 20,Jul,18 07:24
I think you need special sex toy.Masturbator and keep it on frenulum and you would cum quick

By Darthshame [Ignore] 15,Apr,18 01:09 other posts 
Done it in the shower with the shower head. It feels amazing.

By #553294 14,Apr,18 19:07
I'm cut, but the doc left my frenulum intact. It's by far the most sensitive part of my cock. LOVE those "frenulum orgasms"!

[deleted image]

By #553294 30,Mar,18 22:57
Oh, yeah!

I love to lightly rub my frenulum in a circular motion with just my forefinger while I squeeze my legs together & rhythmically tighten & relax my PC muscle. I get crazy-intense orgasms from doing that! I'm right on the edge of peaking for around a minute. When I hit the peak, it lasts for ~30 seconds & makes my whole body shake & my cock starts to dance. I feel tingly all over for a few minutes & I'm exhausted afterward!

The single-finger circular motion & leg squeeze/PC muscle method was the first way I masturbated when I started back when I was 5. Of course, I had no idea what my PC muscle was - I just knew that if I worked the muscle that controls peeing just right & squeezed my legs together, I could make my dry orgasms even more wildly intense than they already were.

I didn't start using the more traditional thumb & 2-3 fingers method until I was almost 15 because my cock wasn't long enough until then. I didn't start using the whole-hand method until I was nearly 17, for the same reason.

I didn't try my original single finger on the frenulum method again until a few years ago. Was very nice to find that it still gives me wild, long-lasting orgasms!

Only difference is that when I was young, I usually reached orgasm in a couple minutes or so using that method - unless I purposely held-off. Now it takes ~30 minutes. But the resulting orgasm is definitely worth it!!

By #363677 01,Feb,17 01:13
My penis was circumcised so i think i feel less sensation

By #519017 26,Nov,16 16:39
Sometimes when I've had a real hard boner in bed next to my wife and I've fancied a wank I've done it by just stroking my frenulum (the sensitive spot on the underneath of the cock where the shaft meets the head) with my index finger, best with the back of the knuckle. That way doesn't make the bed rock or creak. It takes time and I have to keep my cock stiff but the orgasm comes sharply. Usually In my cum frenzy I can't resist a last stroke across the base of my helmet. It's an explosive orgasm and I hope my wife doesn't wake or notice when my hips buck up as I jerk my load. Recommend it as a wanking technique but prefer a full fisted stroke from a woman.

By #41486 07,Jul,10 23:24
When I was about 17,I had a woman (who later discovered she was gay) flick her tongue along the bottom of my cock and frenulum and I came intensely. She never sucked until I started squirting, then she sucked it all down.
By slipper [Ignore] 09,Jul,10 01:44 other posts 
Ah, yes... my wife is one of the best at making that way work! No sucking, no stroking, just the right tongue action at the right place!!! Has never failed to get me off and adds great variety!

By slipper [Ignore] 07,Jul,10 20:57 other posts 
Sure... one of the most sensitive places, at least on uncut guys.

By #6568 07,Jul,10 04:15
When I was a youngster this was the way I used to naturally cum once I had got over just working my foreskin up and down (which actually stretches and releases the frenulum). However, eventually I learned to enjoy all of the various sensations that the penis can supply and worked out a much more varied repertoire of methods to use as and when I feel different needs. Nowadays I enjoy all of the different sensations of both shaft and glans and use a variety of methods to stimulate them.

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