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Am I a weird guy?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #82243 [Ignore] 16,Jun,10 19:14
Weird woman had her turn, so now I'll have a go. Are there any guys out there like me who have never had sex with another guy but fantasize about it a lot? Physically I have only been with women, but the thought of performing oral sex on another guy really turns me on. I have no interest in having a guy stick it in my butt though. Am I weird?

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By thebeewolf [Ignore] 19,Jun,21 10:49 other posts 
I don't think it's weird at all. Probably there have always been men exactly like this. I for one am glad they're out there. I have fucked so many women in my life. I have fathered two children. I still am only attracted to women, but I no longer have the desire to be in a relationship. So now I have guys like you suck my dick when I need to get off. Fuck, they're good at it. And they get what they need!

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 17,Jun,21 17:45 other posts 
If that makes you weird, than I am too. We're probably not the only weird ones here,
but this might be a weird website.

By #613564 16,Jun,21 00:27
I discovered how AMAZING anal love can be, with a very open, assertive lady, and a strap-on toy!!
Since here, there was another, and it is an AMAZING experience!!
I have also, only been with women, and only, really love women, but sometimes I get in a "mood" and love just looking at all the beautiful penises here, and sometimes just get off!
If I had a bucket list, I would have to admit that having anal sex, with a real penis, would be on there. Not sure how, maybe a Trans Lady, and just a lot like the ones using toys.

By #1102 13,Jun,21 00:36

By #82760 16,Jun,10 19:31
No. You're not weird. I am not attracted to men and could never have anal sex or kiss them. Yuk!! However, I could suck a nice hard cock. Although I prefer pussy and there is nothing prettier than the female body, there is something about a thick, hard cock that is a turn on. I suspect that there are more straight men out there that feel as we do but wont admit it.
By #82243 16,Jun,10 19:46
Ok, now here's a twist. I love vaginal sex with women and love it when they please me orally, but having oral sex with a woman isn't near as exciting to me as the thought of performing oral sex on a man. What is up with that?

Also, I agree that there are a lot of so called "straight" guys out there who feel like we do but would never admit it. There are those who would say we are gay, even though we have never been with another man, simply because we think about oral sex with another man.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 22,Jun,10 13:01 other posts 
No, you are not weird at all. It is not at all unusual for a person of one orientation to have sexual fantasies about the other. I'm as gay as they come and I often have heterosexual fantasies. And many straight men have gay fantasies.

In addition, there are a lot of straight men who really like to suck other men off. As a gay man I know why I like to suck cocks, but it is hard for me to understand why straight men would want to, but a lot of them do. I've been with several.

Some of them wanted me to return the favor and suck them off, which I was happy to do. Many of them didn't especially want me to suck their dicks but allowed me to do so because I really wanted to. A few of them wouldn't even let me touch their dicks. They identified as straight and they got their own sexual satisfaction with women. The only thing that they wanted to do with a man was suck him off.

Each and every one of these straight men gave a very good blow job. I could tell that they took a good deal of pride in the fact that they could give good oral service to another man. And each and every one swallowed my load of sperm. No spitting out for them.

By slipper [Ignore] 17,Jun,10 21:02 other posts 
Check and you'll find a lengthy thread here about guys "into guys parts but not guys." I think you'll find it interesting reading!

By staudacher [Ignore] 17,Jun,10 14:35 other posts 
I am the same way. I have fantasized about sucking a cock for about 5 years now and I continually jerk off looking at cock porn. Maybe one day I will get to try it and see what its all about. I also want to try being fucked as long as it is a very small cock.

By #23212 16,Jun,10 22:15
As you further explore this great site, SYD, I think that you'll find quite a number of guys here, have stated on their page that they are 'straight, interested in men and women'. And many have stated their interests and/or fantasies, here in the Forum, as being very similar to yours.

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