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How is YOUR Country or Area, going with the Virus??

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Started by licksipsuckit [Ignore] 27,Apr,21 16:57  other posts
Hows your country coping?? do you feel your government has handled this well?? are you scared of the virus?? are you scared of the vaccine?? what do you do to protect yourself ??

here in Australia, we eradicated the virus totally, yet we are still made to carry on like there is a virus in our midst, they still track our whereabouts via an app that you must use in every public venue to sign in?? I don't understand this, it does make for lots of conspiracy theories but I feel the government is using it for tax purposes and keeping track of where we're spending our money.. there should be no need to track us when the country is so large, so isolated, and mostly empty..

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By phart [Ignore] 09,Jun,21 17:31 other posts 
Things are slowly getting back to normal around here.You only see a mask here and there.
BUT bussiness is still suffereing.I went by a dry cleaners this morning to find out where I could get a pair of insolated overalls repaired,new zipper.
They are closing because they have never recovered from the virus shut downs. Places have now hiring signs up,hardee's ,was closed 1 afternoon last week ,couldn't get anyone to work the shift.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 09,Jun,21 01:10 other posts 
How is the vaccinations being dealt with? do you go to your local doctor? or do they have 'vaccination hubs' like large centers set up for it?? *lix*

By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 28,Apr,21 03:15 other posts 
Here in the UK we seem to be doing ok,have had my first jab and will soon have my second.No app needed here.My only real concern is the idiotic protesters protesting about wearing masks.Having their rallys without wearing masks and most likely spreading the virus.They could send us into a third lockdown.Then they will stupidly ask 'Why are we in a third lockdown?'when they caused it!
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 28,Apr,21 04:25 other posts 
The people that's out protesting are the ones thats trying to save you from being enslaved. You are part of the ignorance machine.
You took a vaccination for a virus that has never even been proved to exist. The word corona calculates into the number 666.
Covid19 = certificate of vaccination identification and the 19 stand for AI or artificial intelligence. The virus started in 2019 subtract 666 years from 2019 and you get the year that the black death ended.

These people are not fucking around.
By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 29,Apr,21 04:16 other posts 
So what are all these people around the world dying from then?Some imaginary disease?
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 29,Apr,21 06:24 other posts 
People are dying from other causes and they are putting it down as a covid death. The PCR test does not test for infectious desieses it tests for a genetic material.
By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 03:18 other posts 
So according to you the 120000+ deaths in the uk are down to 'other'causes and the scientists have got it all wrong?
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 08:01 other posts 
The PCR test only tests for a genetic material which most people already have in their bodies already. People are dying from other causes. The overall number of deaths in the world had not changed, almost every death now is covered as a covid death and that's where they are getting the numbers from.

You are being conned out of your life, fact.

It's just as easy to buy a scientist as it is to buy a political person.

You really are a part of the ignorance machine, your a sheep.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 08:22 other posts 
A virus is not much more than genetic material. This is how the PCR test works:
only registered users can see external links

So, they are testing for a piece of the specific code of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. People do only have that in their bodies, when they have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What sort of test would convince you the virus is real?

And how are you explaining that the vaccines are already preventing death under the elderly people, who have been vaccinated?

I am a scientist, this information is easy to check for me, it's completely logical and verifiable, I didn't get any money from anyone to say that the virus is real, so how am I ignorant about the virus and you are not?
There are 66 million people in the UK and 120,000 deaths seems pretty normal rate to me, what about the suicide death rate? I'll bet that's more but you won't hear about that on the news, instead they keep you all in fear with covid this and covid that, new varients, etc etc. People are dying from other things like cancer and when they test positive the result shows their genitic material, the genetic material is then amplified to a certain size and its showing them something but it ain't a virus called covid 19, it's their genitic material which by the way you at times will have a high amount released and at other times you mave have none showing. For example if you got a snotty nose you could have some there so if you got tested you will test positive for a snotty nose and not Covid19 and when your snotty nose dries up and you get tested you will get a negative test result, you can also release this genetic material from everyday stress and fear. They never isolated a virus. It has never been proven to exist. It's 100% scam.

Ps. The person that created the the PCR test suddenly died of a heart attack in 2019, his name was kerry mullis (name might be spelled wrong). Mullis said that he's test must never be used to test for testing for infectious desieses.

Something else that they never carried out was the 4 criteria test that's used the world over by mainstream science, and that's the copspostulate (spelled wrong) test. Not 1 of the 4 of those test were carried out. Its a guaranteed way of finding out if a virus is the real issue.

Fear knocked on the door,
Faith answered,
Nobody was there.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 10:35 other posts 
So what is it, a curse from the devil, 666 after the end of the black death OR nothing, just a scam.
"Mullis said that he's test must never be used to test for testing for infectious desieses."
Any sources for that?

PCR is just a technique for copying DNA. It is not a test, it's just the technique that is use to increase the amount of genetic material of the virus, so it can be made detectable. The actual test is done with a fluorescent tag that binds to part of the specific genetic code of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The PCR step would be redundant, if the fluorescence detector was sensitive enough.
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 12:45 other posts 
Loads of sources on it
By phart [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 20:05 other posts 
Yea, just found out last week a local lady had dementia.She had a stroke and was put in the hospital. Never had covid,but it was on her death certificate as cause of death. Hospital gets a large amount,something like 13,000 bucks for each covid case. Fraud,that is what alot of this shit is about,just plain FRAUD. And you are a sick,ignorant,person if you even as much as act like you are questioning anything about the process. Does that not in and of it's self not indicate they are hiding a large elephant in the room?
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 20:31 other posts 
Everything is hidden in plain sight. Some people will never see it.

It's hard to believe but the mainstream news is telling lies and the movies tell the truth, movies like Outbreak and Even the Simpsoms.
The black death (bubonic plague) didn't end 666 years before 2019. There are even still cases in rural parts of the US occasionally. However, because science has learned that it is a bacteria (Yersinia pestis) and science has developed antibiotics and vaccines, humanity does not have to live in fear about the 'black death' anymore.

19 stands for the year 2019. How does that fact elude you?
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 08:49 other posts 
Type it into google, what year did the black death end and it will say 1353
What eludes me is peoples
ignorance, the 19 stands for AI, artificial intelligence
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 10:07 other posts 
I never heard any link between artificial intelligence and the number 19.
That A is the first letter and I is the ninth letter is true, but so what?

Is there any correlation between artificial intelligence and a pandemic with a virus?

Ooooohhh, the number stands for a letter combination that means something and that something is scary, ooohhh.
Numerology is bullshit.

Even if the black death ended in 1353 (I don't even fucking care), the forces of evil conjured up a new pandemic in 2019, because it's 666 years later now?
Why are the forces of darkness so preoccupied with numbers?
There have been more pandemics in between. And how about all the other shit that happened the last 667 years. I'm sure you have scary numerology for that too.

It would be nice if the next pandemic would wait until 666 years from now.
(that also means humanity didn't destroy itself yet, by then)
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 10:52 other posts 
I love your ignorance
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 11:56 other posts 
I'm sure you love ignorance, you're not spreading any knowledge.
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 12:41 other posts 
I'm spreading the real truth. You are a brainwashed washed up sheep
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 13:44 other posts 
The real truth? Some weird numerology that Covid and AI are somehow connected? That 120.000 people dying of a lung disease is completely normal? That the genetic material coding for SARS-CoV-2 spikes is normally found in humans? That the number 666 has any meaning whatsoever? That there is any connection between black death, a bacterium and Covid-19, a virus, other than that many people have died from it? But then also claiming that it's 100% scam, which would be the biggest crime in history, without any explanation for means, motive and opportunity?

You're completely delusional.
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 13:49 other posts 
Your enslavement is imminent, end of discussion.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 18:55 other posts 
If you are right, than I will not be enslaved and you will be, because I agreed with those powers and you are against them. They can use my scientific skills, but they will put your useless recalcitrant ass to use on uncomfortable forced manual labor.
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 18:59 other posts 
Agenda 21
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 19:45 other posts 
Agenda 21, also known as "the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development", is part of - or perhaps rather, a precursor. "Agenda 21" was adopted in 1992 and consists of 40 parts. The intention was that with the help of this document, which is not binding on member states to the United Nations, the world would achieve sustainable development in 2000. Today's knowledge teaches us that that was something (or perhaps much) too ambitious. Incidentally, that 21 therefore refers to 2000: the beginning of the 21st century. So it has nothing to do with a so-called population reduction that should take place in 2021.
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 20:02 other posts 
Agenda 30
You are deluded, this is the new world order
By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 01,May,21 03:52 other posts 
The only one deluded is you.When you catch covid(which I hope you do)don't come crying to us!
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 01,May,21 05:16 other posts 
Fear knocked on the door,
Faith answered,
Nobody was there.

Ps. They renamed the flu an called itCovid19, best of luck with your enslavement. The government care so much about your wellbeing, the government, what a brilliant bunch of people they have been. They handled it very well.
I can't catch something that does not exist. Enjoy being lied to for the rest of your enslavement. Pretty soon you'll be out of lockdown and you'll think that you got your freedom back but the only freedom that you will ever have from now on Is the 'illusion of freedom'. You have aprox 5 years left alive make the most of it mate.
By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] 01,May,21 23:32 other posts 
You're making me scared to get a shot/shots for COVID-19.
I'm serious...not kidding.
Now I don't know what to do.
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 02,May,21 05:05 other posts 
The signs, the spells are all in place. They use celebrities and musicians to push everything, they sold their souls too and they now want our souls as well. The vaccine is not new you can bet thar they have it a long time. What's happening now is their end game, the completion of their takeover.
Teljesen Igazad van. Ez egy kamu vírus. Milyen vírus az amelyik 2 nap alatt elterjedt a világon? Milyen vírus az, melyik egyetlen aktív politikust és bankárt sem ölt meg? Tized ennyiért Nürnbergben halálra ítéltek embereket. Mengelék világa lettünk.
By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 02,May,21 03:58 other posts 
So according to you all the world leaders got together one day and said 'Lets have some fun and create a fake pandemic and scare the s**t out of everyone'.Then pay scientists thousands to 'find out' what it is.Then pay more scientists thousands to find a cure.Shut every country down and ruin their economy and put thousands and thousands of people out of work.Then we will pay thousands and thousands for a 'fake' vaccination that we don't need and 'make' everyone have it.Each country then publish 'fake' death tolls to make it more realistic.
Why would they do this,what are they trying to achieve,what would be the point?
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 02,May,21 04:59 other posts 
Your governments of the world are all practically related to each other and if they arnt related to each other then they are still connected. One word and its a big Big word and it is the word 'infiltration'.
By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 03,May,21 03:23 other posts 
'Infilitration' of what?
That does not answer my questions!
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 03,May,21 04:13 other posts 
Infiltration of governments
By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 04,May,21 03:58 other posts 
So you think they invented a pandemic to 'infiltrate' each others goverments?What a great idea!NOT.You are just talking through your ass!
By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 04,May,21 05:27 other posts 
We'll see
You think all those governments, from hard left to hard right, from socialists to globalist capitalists, who hate each other with a passion
and never agree on anything, still managed to cooperate on this?

Strange thing to come together over. It must be a very important reason, whatever it is.
Sajnos 95%-ban minden országot a pénzügyi háttérhatalom irányít. A népek pedig hallgatólagosan elfogadják. -"Gyáva népnek nincs hazája!"-
Good that we have google translate, so we can understand Hungarian.
This virus did kill some politicians. In the US, it killed Herman Cain, South Dakota state Rep. Bob Glanzer, Louisiana state Rep. Reggie Bagala, Michigan state Rep. Isaac Robinson, Jersey City, New Jersey, Councilman Michael Yun and St. Paul, Minnesota, Board of Education Chairwoman Marny Xiong.
Many politicians in Africa died, for instance Perence Shiri, Zimbabwe’s agriculture minister, Ellen Gwaradzimba, Zimbabwe’s minister for provincial affairs for Manicaland Province, Sibusiso Busi Moyo, Zimbabwe’s minister for foreign affairs and international trade, former Zimbabwean education minister, Aeneas Chigwedere and Joel Biggie Matiza, Zimbabwe’s transport minister.

Politicians do off course get the best care, when they get Covid.

Why are banks silent on coronavirus data of their employees?
only registered users can see external links

By up-for-it [Ignore] 04,May,21 16:47 other posts 
Here in Belgium people are dying, friends of mine who work in hospitals are struggling to cope with the situation. They would not yake all the precautions, special protection, masks etc if they didn't need to for their and others safety

Vaccination has started and is showing some effect now.

By Justhereforfun [Ignore] 02,May,21 05:22 other posts 
One last breakdown of the magic tricks that they used.

Virus starts 2019= subtract 666 years from that and you get 1353 which Is the year that the black death ended.

The word corona calculates into the number 666.

Covid19 stands for certificate of vaccination identification and the 19 stands for AI Which is the 1st and 9th letter of the alphabet.

The year 2020 is an inverted number and Satanists like using inverted numbers, what else can be said about the number 2020 is 2020 vision, the eye on top of the pyramid springs to mind and thats the eye of horus.

We could metion event 201 as well which was broadcasted in late 2019 (event 201 can be viewed on YouTube). Also president trump was diagnosed with covid19 on the 2/10 2019 and exactly 33 days before the next election day (selection day) which biden won (was selected, your vove doesn't count). Trump left office on the 10th day of the second month (February 2021) using the numbers 201 again.

Freemasonry number 33

They can't make this work unless they use cidual magic, lucifer is the greatest liar of all and it would not work for them without it being a lie. Most people think that it's a bio virus that has been made in a lab but that can't be true because if it were a bio weapon then they would end up risking not only their own lives but also the lives of those that are key players that's helping them achieve this.

By cucumberman [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 12:00 other posts 
sub....thats exactly what they want you to think and blame it on mate....its all a game to them....i think firstly you should start to do your resreach not just into medicine but the history of every war thats been planned over centuries and centuries by these bloodline rockefella rosechild and blue blood trillionaire families...families that worship lucifer within the freemasonic order like tony asshole blair cousin to john major and margaret thatcher {all related} and the rest of the par"Liar"ment puppets....
these bloodlines families go back thousands of years even before the egyptian pharaohs have rituals and blood sacrifices of children they are ****philes and also responsible for all drug cartels within south america they are a secret society and cabal. they hate humans because they themselves have a gene missing within their veins and no frontal pyrus which is responsible for the feelings of love sympathy empathy and creativity..." they are the fallen "
this nano worm "chem trail" technology that they have placed in all medical masks and dropped upon [ as the global warming "other lie" and excuse ] us via chem trails for almost 25 years over all major cities and populations have all been breathed in and over time, they eventually work their way up through the nasal passage [ hence also through uncessary swab testing ] into the brains pineal " pine cone " which creates seratonin which is responsible for creativity love empathy joy laughter and what it means to be free.....
the people that are trying to awaken you are heroes unlike what brainwashing BBC big brother corporation and demonic yahoo media may try to call them
" conspiracy theorists " they are fully enlightend and awakened and they will be blamed only by tyrants within puppet control freak murdering par liar ment and brainwashed academics who have accepted passed down repeated documentation down the chain of command ....for if you truly did your own research and joined the dots of the overall picture....then you would not be so blinded by these gates faulci mass murderers .....its all there for you to open your eyes to see and written within the georgia guidestones ...they want the population down to only half a billion.

i have a family member who is a physics teacher a maths teacher and a bio-analyst -Perform bioanalytical phase of bioequivalence studies; ...i myself am a sound engineer.."everything is a vibration".
go here and look at every single video and lawyers documentation and scientist of medicine and proffessors from around the globe speaking in every video before you make any further comment ....for thereafter i think if you do decide to gain this knowledge regarding the secret cabal [ that kennedy tried his best to warn us of before his assassination which takes years of study then you will start to have the holy spirit enter into you and become enlightened......
however sadly now since youve had the first jab...your already upon your way falling into lucifers hands......THE NEXT VAX WILL IETHER KILL YOU OR EX-COMMUNICATE YOU FROM GOD.
and it appears that you my friend sadly will become one of them.
so i beg you please do not be so ignorant and please start to look seriously at the facts and join the dots ....its common sense ...OR DO YOU PREFER TO WEAR YOUR DOGGIE MUZZLE FOR THE REST OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND HAVE BILL GATES CHASE YOU WILL HIS DEMONIC NEEDLE READY TO STICK UP YOUR ASS.?

good luck in your research i pray that you awaken and do not take the second vax....for it will never ever end for there will be another and another and another until you are completely an automaton and a genetically modified non human species controlled by li fi. lithium nano worms surrounded by helix gel binding agent that binds to your every blood cell. SOULLESS.

" come out of the belly of the beast " I.E internet and 5G and very soon to come
" LI FI "


only registered users can see external links

also go on new tube and type in Evil Dust Julian Assange Nano Technology

and watch every video here below and download every single document FREE....
only registered users can see external links

then try to come back to your friends here the likes of justhereforfun and myself who are trying our utmost to awaken you and litterally SAVE YOUR SOUL.GOD BLESS YOU MATE....STAY FOREVER FREE. cucumberman
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 12:11 other posts 
The people who trust in Jesus over science, sure are in danger of dying from Covid.
Maybe that's what Jesus meant, when he said: "MY PEOPLE WILL PERISH THROUGH LACK OF KNOWLEDGE"

However, the amount and severity of bullshit you believe in puts the bible to shame.
We are in ww3 right now, it's a psychological war, its designed to take away our souls
Thanks for you knowledge

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