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Started by #485312 [Ignore] 21,Oct,19 16:51
adjective: useless
not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome.
having no ability or skill in a specified activity or area.

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By #610414 20,Aug,22 09:27

PA-FREDDY is a blind asshole. He complaines about the looks of women members. This poor excuse of a member has been blacklisted 91 times not counting all the members that left the site because of him. And you want to see what he looks like? Get your laugh here:


By #485312 23,Feb,20 03:44
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By #485312 23,Feb,20 03:43
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By #485312 12,Dec,19 16:02

An inappropriately strong negative emotional response from a perceived personal insult. Characterized by strong feelings of shame. Frequently associated with a cessation of communication and overt hostility towards the "aggressor."

Adam got butthurt when Mike stole his bitch.


Getting your feelings hurt, being offended or getting all bent out of shape because of something petty or stupid.

Lucy got butthurt when Drew did not help him clean

#offended#petty#stupid#whiny#pissed off

and don't forget the asterisks *Lix*
--------------------------------------- added after 27 minutes

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Butthurt First Aid Kit
By #601496 13,Dec,19 09:41
When Admin puts the One Eyed member over his knees and proceeds to redden the old caboose.
By #485312 13,Dec,19 16:35
yeah its all wound up and bent out of shape for Christmas.. its gotta gets its whining in before the holidays .. you and yours have a happy one, l know it will be filled with good food, family and friends and plenty of hot fucking in your stockings .. *lix*
By #601496 13,Dec,19 17:26
The stockings, the table, the beds, the shower, etc. I want to extend the same sentiment to you and yours. Plenty of presents, food but, most of all, love from your family and friends, Charlie and I being in that group.
By phart [Ignore] 13,Dec,19 20:44 other posts 
I thought ButtHurt was what you experianced when you slipped and fell on ice covered concrete!
By #485312 13,Dec,19 22:25
nah, that's a broken COXIS lol, well it would make your butt hurt too *lix*
By #601496 14,Dec,19 11:18
The same goes to you Phart. All the love ❤️ of the season from Charlie and me
By phart [Ignore] 14,Dec,19 20:46 other posts 
Same here,you all enjoy life and have a good Christmas.

By phart [Ignore] 12,Dec,19 20:17 other posts 
Well Jed was done with it I guess.
It must be nice to be able to buy a house for 150 MILLION dollars.
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By #485312 13,Dec,19 16:36
the family will have a great time there. looks like a bargain ... and very cosy, l thought he paid 260 mill for it, but every news station says a different amount... good on them for buying it.. l hate seeing properties empty and abandoned lol, *Lix*

By #485312 12,Dec,19 04:55
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By leopoldij [Ignore] 09,Dec,19 10:47 other posts 
King George I could not speak English!

By phart [Ignore] 06,Dec,19 20:38 other posts 
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Some people are just FUCKING IDIOTS. The only smart 1 here was the 1 with the duct tape! They made some good money off idiots!
By #485312 06,Dec,19 21:30
I'd like to know who these people are that buy these pieces, l might a ball of fluff they'd be interested in.. *lix*
By #601496 08,Dec,19 05:30
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Art Basel: Maurizio Cattelan's $120,000 banana eaten by artist
By phart [Ignore] 08,Dec,19 08:14 other posts 
I know back 15 years ago or better "Blint" a pet lint ball sold for stupid money on Ebay.Have not been able to find a artical on that but I remember it well.
ATE a 120,000 dollar bananna.I wonder if he took insurance out on the artwork first?
I know there was a tale of some guy paying stupid money for some old cigars.Insured them,then smoked them,and filed claims that they had been lost in a series of small fires. He was given a check,but arrested for fraud when he cashed it.

By phart [Ignore] 06,Dec,19 09:15 other posts 
having excessive issues this morning,so been doing some research.
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By leopoldij [Ignore] 05,Dec,19 20:13 other posts 
The chance of you dying on the way to get lottery tickets is actually greater than your chance of winning.

By #485312 05,Dec,19 15:33
Find song by lyrics - Looking for songs by the lyrics only registered users can see external links heres some information for anyone who wants to PLAY, 'LETS COPY AND PASTE SONGS TILL THE SERVER BREAKS'.
This shit is gold, you couldn't think of this stuff if you wanted. no just think of any random word, like 'shit', and type it to the 'google search bar', wait a millisecond for the 6 million hits to be generated, copy and paste one or more of these google generated songs into a forum, and lets see if we cant catch some poor granny out all for the cause... what ever that is, lm still working out what that is... so leave it with me, lm sure it tell us exactly what it thinks before the day is out, as it has the worst case of verbal diarrhea lve ever seen, and when l google the word diarrhea to see how it was spelled, l found this great little number, may be someone could add it to the song thread for me, its a song about something very appropriate... and no, l didn't just think this shit up all on my own, someone beat me to it!!!!!

this section of song has been copied and pasted from the internet, lm not going to PRETEND I know every word to every song in the universe..
also, no piles of poo where harmed in the copying and pasting of this pile shit.

When you're sliding into first
And your pants begin to burst
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into two
And your pants are filled with goo
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into third
And you feel a greasy turd
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

When you're sliding into home
And your pants are filled with foam
That's diarrhea, diarrhea

You're getting in a state
cos' you've left it very late
diarrhea diarrhea

It comes out of your bum
like a bullet from a gun
diarrhea diarrhea

runs down your leg
like a scrambled egg
diarrhea diarrhea

It's not very funny
but it's very hot and runny
diarrhea diarrhea

When you climbing up a ladder
and you hear something splatter
diarrhea!! diarrhea!!

When youre sitting down in class
and the teacher passes gas


when your running from the police
and you feel that anal grease


when your sitting in your chevy
and your pants feel heavy


When your sitting on the commode
and your butt starts to explode
diarrhea!! diarrhea!!

When you wake up early in the mournin'
Your spinchter starts explodin'
That's diarrhea! diarrhea!

if you're sitting in the pool
and you feel something cool
diarrhea diarrhea

when your crap starts to turn red
and you wish that you were dead
diarrhea diarrhea

When your exploding into the bowl
and there's nothing left on the roll
oh shit..


When you're runnin' down the hall,
and you feel something fall,
Diarrhea, diarrhea.

When you eat your favorite dish,
and you feel something squish.
Diarrhea, diarrhea.

Just when you turn the page,
your bowels start to rage,
Diarrhea, diarrhea.

When you jump and do a flip,
but you feel something drip.
Diarrhea, diarrhea.--------------------------------------- added after 5 minuteswhat a little gem, and it says to add a verse if you think of it.. l'll work on that *lix*
By #601496 05,Dec,19 18:27
When you are doing Word of the Day...in a Song
But you start shooting long
It's diarrhea, it's diarrhea.
By phart [Ignore] 05,Dec,19 19:01 other posts 
When your exploding into the bowl
and there's nothing left on the roll
oh shit

Been there,not good!
By #601496 05,Dec,19 19:31

By #601496 28,Nov,19 17:35
Teacher of the Year’ Rxxxx Cxxxxxx allegedly gave student oral sex in classroom
That’s one way to be voted teacher of the year

By phart [Ignore] 22,Nov,19 19:03 other posts 
A nurse was on duty in the Emergency Room
when a young woman with purple hair styled
into a punk rocker Mohawk, sporting a variety
of tattoos, and wearing strange clothing,
entered .. . . It was quickly determined that
the patient had acute appendicitis, so she was
scheduled for immediate surgery... When she was completely disrobed on the operating
table, the staff noticed that her pubic hair had
been dyed green and above it there was a
tattoo that read . . . ' Keep off the grass. '

Once the surgery was completed, the surgeon
wrote a short note on the patient ' s dressing,
which said ' Sorry . . . had to mow the lawn. '
By #485312 28,Nov,19 04:34
a mans gotta do, what a mans gotta do *lix*

By phart [Ignore] 25,Nov,19 17:54 other posts 


"Lemon Pickers Needed” read the ad in the newspaper.

Ms. Sally Mulligan of Coral Springs, Florida, read it, and decided to apply for one of the jobs that most Americans are not willing to do.

She submitted her application for a job in a Florida lemon grove, but seemed far too qualified for the job.

She has a liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan, and a master’s degree from Michigan State University.

For a number of years, she had worked as a social worker, and also as a school teacher.

The foreman studied her application, frowned, and said, "I see that you are well educated, and have an impressive resume.

“However, I have to ask you, have you had any actual experience in picking lemons?”

"Well, as a matter of fact, I have," she said.

"I've been divorced three times, owned two Chryslers, voted twice for Obama, and once for Hillary.”

She started work yesterday.

By #61033 06,Nov,19 13:33
A synonym for cinnamon is a cinnamon synonym
By #485312 07,Nov,19 17:09
oh you are evil, that's one of my tongue hard words, and you've made it even harder, the only thing more evil would be finding one about celery, that's another word lm not fond of... l don't think l could say celery and cinnamon it one sentence ... *lix*
By #61033 14,Nov,19 12:22
Challenge accepted!
How about Celery relish?
By #485312 16,Nov,19 06:10
haha, you got aussiemans tongue twisted... with your evil synonym/cinnamon verse *lix*
By #61033 20,Nov,19 11:30
He is not alone! That horrible sentence gets mine in a knot too!

By #601496 19,Nov,19 15:42
Sometimes a dick goes from smelling like musky man to hot summer garbage. A man's moist groin area, with its sweat and piss residue and deep crevices, can take on a musty aroma redolent of testosterone-fueled manpower.
And they want us to suck it? Bleah!

By phart [Ignore] 19,Nov,19 19:55 other posts 
perhaps if it was not so difficult to find someone to suck it,they would keep it cleaner? There would be reason or motivation to keep it clean.
By #601496 20,Nov,19 07:56
It's a Mama issue. Poor hygiene, poor upbringing. And you are right, maybe.

By phart [Ignore] 19,Nov,19 20:52 other posts 
Ok so uh, do they use a litter box?

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

I think the second 1,the old fart has got himself some nice young puss to screw and so he puts up with the kitty ears.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 19,Nov,19 20:33 other posts 
There are four kings in every deck of cards. And while they all look similar, the king of hearts is the only royal fellow who doesn't have a mustache. According to The Guardian, the so-called "suicide king" (who earned his name because it looks like he's stabbing himself in the head with a sword), wasn't always bare-faced. He mistakenly lost his facial hair in a redesign.

By phart [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 20:13 other posts 
Nevada is the only U.S. jurisdiction to allow some legal prostitution. Currently eight counties in Nevada have active brothels (these are all rural counties); as of February 2018, there are 21 brothels in Nevada. Prostitution outside the licensed brothels is illegal throughout Nevada.

Sad really,as it would really be handy to be able to go visit once in a while.
By #601496 18,Nov,19 20:19
One of those counties is just a few miles from the Vegas Strip
By phart [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 20:33 other posts 
I am surprised with the Me-to movement and all the other hoopla that something has been done to stop it in Nevada.
If it can work there,it can work everywhere.
Would be nice to loose a few pounds and put on some decent clothes and go out with a lady and rock her world later after a good supper,AND Get paid for doing it! But I aint gigolo material!.country accent and tiny dick and 12 mtdew pack abs kinda take away from the look.
By #601496 18,Nov,19 20:57
Baby, prostitution is only allowed in the cat houses. On the streets it's illegal. Of course, in the strip, nobody cares.
By phart [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 20:59 other posts 
Yea,I know.Darn it,I coulda been rich! If wore a sign that said,"cheaper than vibrator batterys!" Or course now everything is rechargable so I would have to change my sign to,"cheaper than the electric rate to recharge your vibrator".
In other words,I would be working for peanuts!
By #601496 18,Nov,19 22:07

By #601496 18,Nov,19 09:29
The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. Does it hide a darker core?

only registered users can see external links

He feels like an idiot. We know how true that is
By phart [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 13:36 other posts 
I think we can agree on this 1,the earth is round.
If it wasn't,how could you leave from a airport,and fly "AROUND" the world and get back home? If the earth was flat,you would pass over everything and then into oblivion.Which would not be good as there would be no where to land.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 14:21 other posts 
The question is: why are there suddenly so many idiots?
I think the answer is that they've always been idiots, they've just been waiting for an excuse to express their idiocy. The flat earth shit, believe it or not, grew out of internet discussions.
By #601496 18,Nov,19 17:38
I agree, idiots have been around us even more than aliens
By phart [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 19:32 other posts 
I have no proof of aliens,nor do I have a satelite of my own I can point and take pictures with.
But I have enough sense to know the earth is round.
I also have enough sense to understand the universe is to damn big for us to be the ONLY intelligent beings in it.
And if you look at how far we have come tech wise,from making womens boobs bigger to making rockets to send things to Mars, other societys far far away could have made much more progress.
And what the hell makes people thing they would look like us?
They could be blobs of goo with great mental powers to do things by just thinking about it.Teleconisis "spelling"
By #601496 18,Nov,19 20:08
Let's get back to boobs.
By phart [Ignore] 18,Nov,19 20:15 other posts 
I prefer small,unaltered boobs.If bigger boobs,natural.
Augmented,naw.Way I figure it,if a woman is not even happy with what she was born with,what chance do I have of making her happy? Little to none.
By #601496 18,Nov,19 20:18
So true baby. I like that about you.

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