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Started by Sickboy [Ignore] 30,Nov,15 19:33  other posts
All about computer games chat: Any console, any game tell us what your playing

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By Sickboy [Ignore] 13,Oct,20 19:05 other posts 
So the new PS5 is out next month, so who getting one? Also next month (November) PS Plus members should hopefully get 16 free games to download as a part of the launch. These should be for PS4 and PS5 (again hopefully thus is what I have read but nothing is concrete). Check youtube (PlayStation greanade is a good source of information)

By Sickboy [Ignore] 07,Jul,20 20:05 other posts 
LAST OF US TWO. WOW! compelling story, amazing gameplay and graphics. To sum it all up it was emotional! A truly wonderful game and a must for all gamers

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 19,Apr,20 12:28 other posts 
For a few weeks now, I'm playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I've played single player for a few hours and after that only played on-line. It looks really nice, but I would like some more things to do. I did some missions, but I am mostly hunting and playing poker.
By Sickboy [Ignore] 25,Apr,20 16:50 other posts 
Red dead is a beautiful looking game. I played mostly on story, spent ages hunting animals and fishing! I dabbled a little online, but got fed up of being ganked all the time. Poker is a god send spent so much time playing it!
By Dickventures [Ignore] 27,Apr,20 21:09 other posts 
I actually did the same exact shit lol

By Vita [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 11:06 other posts 

.................................. !!!
By Stecher93 [Ignore] 06,Mar,20 09:20 other posts 
Super Idee !!
By Vita [Ignore] 18,Apr,20 13:52 other posts 
Netter Marketing-Gag, was ??!

By Dickventures [Ignore] 14,Mar,20 18:29 other posts 
Does anyone know of any good porn games?
By #510483 16,Mar,20 01:45
It's older, but See No Evil was pretty cool for having good, logic based gameplay, and lots of sex - not exactly a porn game, but it's a legit game where gay sex with demons is the focus so there's that . I have it on PC.
By Dickventures [Ignore] 16,Mar,20 18:46 other posts 
I like games that are a bit more than just "fuck now". A little bit of story/build-up goes a long way... though too much and I just lose interest.

By #592419 15,Mar,20 13:02
Diablo 1
By Dickventures [Ignore] 16,Mar,20 18:45 other posts 
Classic, though I prefer 2 myself.

By #510483 04,Mar,20 02:22
Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3, on PS4. I'm a masochist, basically.
By Dickventures [Ignore] 10,Mar,20 18:26 other posts 
Sekiro and/or Nioh?
By #510483 13,Mar,20 01:33
I'm probably going for Sekiro next, I wanted to try out older titles but lugging my ps3 back out of storage is a pain .
By Dickventures [Ignore] 13,Mar,20 18:36 other posts 
Nioh 2 just came out a bit ago. I might get into that here pretty soon... though I've got enough stuff on my plate right now. Might wait for the sale.

By #485312 03,Mar,20 17:59
if everyone that gamed all day, got out and got a job, the world would be a much better place, l see so much wasted time used on games, lm sure they've broken a few homes, lve seen how my son acts while playing them, the broken controllers, the swearing and bullshit that goes with it. l don't begrudge anyone having some down time, but when the world revolves around them, and nothing gets done, like the lawn mowing and usual normal tasks, it makes me want to stomp the on console and chuck it out the window ... *lix*
By Dickventures [Ignore] 04,Mar,20 00:35 other posts 
Some of the stats coming from the Call of Duty games would make you sad then. I think itís something like 2 million years spent on it collectively.
Not to say that gaming is totally evil or anything. Itís a great way to kill time. But I wonder what the world would be like if people actually only did spend an hour or two a day on social media/gaming/tv/etc. 🤔

By #551147 24,Feb,20 15:24
I've just recently gone back to World of Tanks. pew pew pew 😉
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STILL quite the number of morons playing but it's still fun to me.

By Dickventures [Ignore] 18,Feb,20 21:03 other posts 
What's everyone's favorite Switch game right now?

I'm really enjoying Stardew Valley... though I guess it's not a Switch exclusive... Smash is always good.
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Anyone else on that Animal Crossing life?

By #610494 12,Feb,20 05:51
Been playing APEX Legends, it's addictive when you play alongside friends.
By Dickventures [Ignore] 18,Feb,20 21:01 other posts 
I'm still stuck on Overwatch myself

By earthy [Ignore] 16,Jan,20 15:57 other posts 
I may be a little behind, but recently finished God of War. Amazing game.
By Sickboy [Ignore] 11,Feb,20 18:02 other posts 
I liked God of War, not played the new one yet tho
By earthy [Ignore] 11,Feb,20 22:41 other posts 
You should play it. Great story too

By Sickboy [Ignore] 11,Feb,20 18:05 other posts 
Been playing Bio Shock. Game still holds up. Looks amazing and plays so good. Story is gruesome

By Sickboy [Ignore] 16,Jan,20 15:17 other posts 
I woul recommend playing The Outer Worlds. Very good game and a good story

Anyone else have any good recommendations

By Sickboy [Ignore] 20,Aug,19 19:36 other posts 
Watch Dogs Legion. Set in London (Sweet!)
Anyone can be recruited and they all have a certain special skill. Games looks promising

By #587780 20,Aug,19 04:52
Halo Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One !

By Sickboy [Ignore] 19,Aug,19 18:58 other posts 
Death Standing looks fucking Amazing! If you've not seen it take a look. Mind blowing.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to blow shit out of the water! Gameplay looks so good and it's Got Keanu Reeves staring in it! Time to go John Wick on this shit! 😉

By #485312 13,Nov,18 03:07
lve repurposed a group for the gamers here, anyone who would like to join and share their experiences, what they like to play, hacks that could help others, feel free to join and let us know what youre into *lix*

By #462749 11,Jun,16 06:55

By _avg_ [Ignore] 11,Jun,16 14:27 other posts 
Red Dead is one of the finest games of that generation, and ever. I hope the rumored follow-up turns out to be true.
By Sickboy [Ignore] 13,Jul,17 19:16 other posts 
Red Dead 2 out next year, looks like it might be co-op as well
By _avg_ [Ignore] 24,Jul,17 01:02 other posts 
Yeah, my dick moved a little when I first saw the trailer...

There are very few games I'd deign to pre-order, but this, if any, is one of them.

By #34386 24,Jul,17 00:40
Zelda Breath of the Wild, castlevania harmony of dissonance

By leopoldij [Ignore] 23,Jul,17 02:49 other posts 
I play this new game called pong. You can play it on the computer.
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By #149019 23,Jul,17 01:50
[deleted image]
By #358797 23,Jul,17 01:55
Uhm... Did you not see this thread is about video games? Go wiggle your joystick elsewhere!

By Sickboy [Ignore] 22,Jul,17 14:08 other posts 
So who's gunna get Call Of Doody WW2? I'm thinking about it, the last few were complete bollocks!!
By #358797 22,Jul,17 22:05
I'm thinking about it... I'm generally not a fan of the COD series... But this one looks like it'll be decent.

By #88520 15,Jul,17 15:08
Finally got around to playing the Witcher 3 expansions. My new favorite enemy is the naked female vampires
By Sickboy [Ignore] 22,Jul,17 14:04 other posts 
Witcher 3 epic game. Not played any of the dlc's tho

By #204766 18,Jul,17 21:15
Far cry 3 at the moment
By Sickboy [Ignore] 22,Jul,17 14:03 other posts 
I really enjoyed far cry 3 . Love hunting

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,Jul,17 12:25 other posts 
After playing Witcher 3 for months, I downloaded Skyrim Special Edition. I've played Skyrim for years and was getting bored with it about a year ago, but now I've created a new character and I'm hooked again.

By #502003 18,Jul,17 10:46
neverwinter here i use to play league but i stopped

By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] 15,Jul,17 08:26 other posts 
7 Days to Die on xbox

By iambisex [Ignore] 15,Jul,17 07:54 other posts 
watch dogs 2 on xbox one

By #535819 14,Jul,17 01:18
World of Tanks

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