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Licking Ass Holes

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #340774 [Ignore] 03,Jan,14 21:32
Does anyone like licking girls assholes like I do?

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By Jenny2530 [Ignore] 10,Aug,22 05:53 other posts 
I enjoy kissing and licking a girls ass

By Jenny2530 [Ignore] 10,Aug,22 05:52 other posts 
I enjoy kissing and licking an asß

By Mehard [Ignore] 04,Aug,22 12:28 other posts 
I love it and so does my girlfriend and boyfriend, I lick both their asses as often as possible.

By Br3771 [Ignore] 04,Aug,22 08:01 other posts 
Love eating ass, m or f

By gordon [Ignore] 27,May,22 21:05 other posts 
Ich lecke gerne das Arschloch einer Frau, lasse mich auch gerne lecken. Bei einem Mann möchte ich das Arschloch jedoch nicht lecken

By BINudist41 [Ignore] 19,May,22 17:41 other posts 
I love licking assholes of both women and men.

By #354861 09,Jan,14 22:53
No. I don't care how clean they claim it is, to me it will never be clean enough for that. Yuck...
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 09,Jan,14 23:01 other posts 
By DJS [Ignore] 04,Dec,21 07:52 other posts 
only time when I've licked girls arses I've used thin rubber strip which they've said it feels better than just a tongue

By Daddycock [Ignore] 04,Dec,21 06:04 other posts 
I lick both guys and gals assholes

By Auscock21 [Ignore] 01,Dec,21 09:33 other posts 
I've licked at least 40 girls assholes they all loved it I had a guy tongue fuck my asshole once I now know why they all loved it it's fuckin amazing sensation

By satgeek [Ignore] 28,Jun,16 00:48 other posts 
i licked my partners asshole recently on a couple resort,partner cum in no time,want to do it more.

By #423426 13,Apr,16 17:58
Love it. Here's me with my tongue in my girlfriend's arsehole.
[deleted image]
By sinanff47 [Ignore] 18,Apr,16 01:25 other posts 

By #508937 13,Apr,16 13:51
I will try and lixk the lining out of her, completely french kiss the asshole, Luv it.

By pornlover59 [Ignore] 14,Jan,14 18:44 other posts 
many many many!

By bella! [Ignore] 03,Jan,14 21:56 other posts 
I've kissed some assholes. Just wished I recognized they were an asshole before the kiss.........
By #131042 05,Jan,14 03:54
By JeffinKS [Ignore] 07,Jan,14 11:14 other posts 
ROFLMAO!! too funny!
By #421761 08,Jan,14 10:36
! good answer!

By #421761 03,Jan,14 21:52
Yes! I did it to special girls! That makes them crazy

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