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USERNAME - How did you come up with yours ?

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Started by CreativeOne [Ignore] 27,Oct,12 15:55  other posts
Just curious where or what your username stands for ! Mine is "CreativeOne" ... because I'm very Creative in all that I do !
I see some really wild usernames here and just thought you would like to share with others here where you name comes from !

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By Nevermore [Ignore] 28,Feb,14 00:34 other posts 
Mine comes from a favourite poem.
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 03,Apr,14 02:52 other posts 
Great Choice "Nevermore" !!!
By #68656 04,Apr,14 06:32
Edgar Allen Poe.


But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only,
That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour.
Nothing further then he uttered - not a feather then he fluttered -
Till I scarcely more than muttered `Other friends have flown before -
On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before.'
Then the bird said, `Nevermore.'
By Nevermore [Ignore] 07,Apr,14 13:52 other posts 
Yep, that's it
By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 08,Oct,15 22:08 other posts 
I thought it went like this (not my work):

once upon a midnight dreary, while i pron surfed, weak and weary, over many a strange and spurious site of ' hot xxx galore'. While i clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning, and my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour, " 'Tis not possible!", i muttered, " give me back my free hardcore!"..... quoth the server, 404.
--------------------------------------- added after 47 seconds

My choice of username should be obvious

By #358797 23,Feb,14 15:43
I pretty much sucker punched my keyboard until something caught my eye, then reversed my age at the time. Lol.
By #450957 04,Apr,14 22:00
The name Arexa is so exotic! (;
By #358797 04,Apr,14 22:08
So I've been told. I always worry it looks too close to anorexia. Lol.
By #450957 08,Oct,15 19:02
I think it's actually closer to "erotic"

By HunterAce [Ignore] 04,Aug,15 02:47 other posts 
I'm actually not a hunter, don't even own a gun. I took the name from a character in a corny 1980s action film.

By bi1953 [Ignore] 03,Aug,15 22:59 other posts 
I'm a bi-sexual man born in 1953

By earthy [Ignore] 03,Aug,15 16:52 other posts 
I always thought "earthrider" would be a good rock band name. But it would not let let me use it here. So I just used earthy.

By #485312 03,Aug,15 07:21
3 of my favourite pastimes *lix*

By #40333 26,Jan,15 08:50
I'm clouser, my favorite saltwater fly fishing fly.

By #455846 23,Jan,15 07:24
First part of my name (Ramond) and il do anything or anyone ..the one DID actually come about because3 the 'site' seemed to insist

By #359325 17,Dec,14 21:03
I'm always jolly, good natured and fun to be around with

By #286253 11,Dec,14 04:09
my favorite girlfriend's name was Savanah. combined it with "fuck" and username

By #472150 07,Dec,14 03:50
When I was a **** the Sega Genesis was the big **** system. It had an add-on called the 32x and DOOM was one of my games for it. I was trying to think of my first username, looked over, and saw DOOM with the 32x logo next to it, and BAM!

By _avg_ [Ignore] 29,Nov,14 02:38 other posts 
Funny story...

Back in the dial-up days of the internet, I was curious how I compared to other guys and I joined a 'rating' website. I selected "~avg?" as my username, posing the question "about average??" ...but the site didn't register the special characters, and gave me _avg_ instead. It seemed to answer back: "(pause) average (pause)" though the very internet was judging me nonchalantly!!

And thus... "_avg_"
By #428387 30,Nov,14 03:39
I thought it may have had something to do with AVG, the free viras software..
By #143536 03,Dec,14 13:16

By #300311 03,Dec,14 09:08
Dude7by6 because... well I'm sure you can work it out

By #311947 29,Nov,14 16:19
Im always horny and pretty much a pervert.

By #38640 27,Nov,14 10:58
Mine is obvious and still looking for my first encounter.

By gazlittlewilly [Ignore] 25,Nov,14 02:35 other posts 
Pretty obvious here... It's my name plus a statement about the size of my dick

By #7976 24,Nov,14 23:28
BushPilot - it's a relatively obvious double entendre that's both innocent and sexually humorous.

By Meandick [Ignore] 24,Nov,14 20:02 other posts 
Don't know where mine came from, I'm not a mean person

By #214409 13,Apr,14 00:00
I was horny, and went straightforward

By #291032 07,Apr,14 20:49
Iggy is my cocks name
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 10,Apr,14 01:09 other posts 
Nice name "iggy" , Besides ... Everyone should have a name for there Cock ... or pussy !

By #453942 07,Apr,14 17:45
Mine may be too obvious but, I am soooo in-to "Reubenesque" women. Every curve, every fold, just turns my cock to steel! If you happen to be one; PLEASE PLEASE contact me!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Apr,14 21:40 other posts 
Just out of curiosity. Are you a big guy yourself?
BTW, my wife is curvy. ..

By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Apr,14 18:56 other posts 
mine combines my name and middle initials

By #90420 05,Apr,14 17:14
After my favorite cartoon character Marvin the Martian. I know it's kinda dumb, but it was all that I could think of at the time.
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 06,Apr,14 09:16 other posts 
It is not dumb "Marv" ! Marvin Martian is a really funny character on Bugs Bunny ! None the less ... great choice on usernames !

By #431354 27,Feb,14 10:32
It's to long of a story
By #450957 04,Apr,14 21:56
I've got plenty if time, sir. (:

By #359325 27,Feb,14 23:14
I'm jolly and also good fun to be with

By phoenix [Ignore] 24,Feb,14 23:08 other posts 
Phoenix as in the mythical bird who rises from the ashes only to fly again. Cum fly with me

By #400852 24,Feb,14 05:33
I measured my dick it's actually 6.25"

By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] 23,Feb,14 21:16 other posts 
it's my name and where I live

By boc [Ignore] 01,Feb,13 17:00 other posts 
It is the nick name one of my exes gave me. It's an acronym.
By #143536 23,Feb,14 15:12
"Big Ole Cock"??

By #299180 04,Mar,13 10:04
Easy! I am gay, I have a cock, and was born into the world in 1978...therefore gaycock78 was created
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 23,Feb,14 14:33 other posts 
Awesome and great choice "Gaycock78" ! Nice looking package too

By #292697 13,Mar,13 16:20
I chose my name cause im insecure bout my cock size
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 23,Feb,14 14:31 other posts 
You have a really nice looking package "shrimp961" ! So glad I stopped by your page !

By #204902 13,Mar,13 16:49
Mine is a nonsense idea! I really don't know why I chose it! Maybe the town I come from is famous for the Nuremberg Bratwurst!
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 23,Feb,14 14:29 other posts 
Mmmmmm .... "Bratwurst" ! So Goooooooooood !

By #166058 13,Mar,13 16:50
mine is simple really im welsh and im a lad so welshlad it is ha ha
By CreativeOne [Ignore] 23,Feb,14 14:28 other posts 
Great Choice "welshlad" ! Make perfect sense to me !

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