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adult XXX bookstore sex

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #287421 [Ignore] 29,Aug,12 02:21
gloryholes in video arcades and adult movies all in one has anyone had sex at a XXX bookstore in one of these of the arcade booths or movie theaters

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By #143536 28,Sep,15 12:49
No gloryholes but there's still one ABS in Indianapolis that has booths. I've jerked in there, been jerked and sucked off but no sex. They're actually wide open no doors or curtains. You're not supposed to do anything in there but depends on who is working . I've even jerked off while a female clerk watched me while she was mopping the floor. Been kicked out for having my cock out a couple of times
--------------------------------------- added after 23 minutes

Just called and they informed me that the booths have been shut down. Haaa!! They got tired of us pervs. Glad I got the chance to enjoy!

By #496744 20,Sep,15 05:03
I've had great times sucking dick and getting sucked. Talked my gf into going and it was sooo exciting seeing her in action. We picked up a bi guy and went to a motel for some even hotter sex. Man when I got off I nearly ****.

By bi1953 [Ignore] 17,Sep,15 22:52 other posts 
I've sucked cocks through glory holes all of my adult life. I live near a city that has a number of adult stores with glory holes in private booths and xxx theaters were sex is sometimes right out in the open. Most of them open 24 hours. To me nothing beats the thrill of sucking the dick of a complete stranger through a hole in the wall.

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 17,Sep,15 20:55 other posts 
I have received a number of gloryhole BJs and am hoping to get another one this weekend. Got to love Tampa.

By mikeyd270 [Ignore] 17,Sep,15 00:36 other posts 
Use to have fun at the glory holes in my younger days. They are pretty much gone. Recently visited an ABS. Fairly quite then watched a hoy guy go in a booth. He left it unlocked so after a few minutes I went on in. He pulled his big cock out and told me to get on my knees. He rubbed it in my face and told me to suck it. I went down on his hard throbbing cock sliding my wet lips up and down his shaft. After a few minutes he pulled it out. I looked up and he pulled some panties out of his shirt pocket. He told me to wear these panties you faggot and then you can suck my cock. I submitted, pulled my pants off to put on his panties. He was really surprised to see me already wearing panties of my own. I wore the ones he chose and sucked him off. I gave him back his panties and as he was leaving he said next time he was going to fuck me. XXX Bookstores can be fun.

By #485312 15,Sep,15 05:28
lve never seen a real glory hole, fucked in a strip club and sex toy store, and in the little movie booths, its all good for a thrill l guess *lix*

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 08,Sep,14 08:26 other posts 
Yes I have, it"s HOT I would visit these shops watch movies and jerk guys off and get jerked off. then one day I was at a a sex shop there was only curtains on the booths but i didn't mind I dropped my pants an started jerking my cock another guy came in dropped to his knees and gave me one great blow job, it wasn't long after that I decided to suck a cock it was in an ABS in NJ I stopped in went to the video area no glory holes though so I just left the door unlocked I soon had company we played a bit then I sucked my very first cock he came and I swallowed it was fun.

By #311947 08,Sep,14 07:50
Can be fun. Can be a let down. Have sucked cock and had bj's at adult store glory holes. Be careful, be smart. It is exciting though. If you never been to one just remember that everyone else is there for pretty much the same reason. May help you to relax.

By #363588 05,Sep,14 13:18
I'm looking for one In the fortworth area I can go check out.never been to one t

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