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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #289743 [Ignore] 15,Aug,12 04:53

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By #78174 20,Aug,12 17:42
[deleted image]

By #201155 15,Aug,12 05:01
Both, I think. They certainly make my cock extremely hard, and my balls look like ripe tomatoes!

[deleted image]
By #164428 15,Aug,12 11:25
By #201155 17,Aug,12 12:51
I'm glad you approve, sweet lady!
By #82400 16,Aug,12 17:46
same here, and my girl loves them ripe
By #201155 17,Aug,12 03:17
Mmmm, she is a lucky girl!

By Slpaho [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 11:09 other posts 
I just started using a cock ring. I like to use it all day but there are times that one of my balls goes up and hides. Dont hav very big balls. I just started using briefs that has a pouch in the for my dick and balls and with the cock ring it gives me a very nice buldge. Im not very big either but it helps. I like to use the briefs when i use my dress pants i get a really nice buldge with those on.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 12:18 other posts 
Yep, I know what you mean. Sometimes one (or both) of my balls will draw up despite having the ring on. If it's just one ball I can usually push it back down again, but sometimes I have to take the ring off and put it back on again.

And I know what you mean about making for a nicer bulge in the crotch of briefs, a swim suit or pants. See my comment above. Lets face it, most men like showing off their dicks (the popularity of this site proves that) and all men like having a big bulge in the crotch of their pants. It's a guy thing.

By #143894 17,Aug,12 11:35
[deleted image]

They definitely enhance your balls. It feels good just walking around in public knowing that I'm wearing one and nobody else knows

By #236406 17,Aug,12 05:01
Where do you get them? Anyone know any sites that offer good cheap ones?
By Slpaho [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 11:10 other posts 
I usually get mine on They hav a hughe variety of them frm rubber, leather and metal and not to pricey either

By JeffinKS [Ignore] 16,Aug,12 18:19 other posts 
I like mine
[deleted image]

By spermkiss [Ignore] 15,Aug,12 15:36 other posts 
Probably both. I've been wearing one 24/7 for more than ten years now so it's kinda hard to judge.

The main reason I wear one is for better testicle appearance. My balls are smaller than most men's and they ride considerably higher. (Oh how I look longlingly at a nice pair of low hangers.) When I get an erection they often almost disappear inside my body. The cock ring holds them down in my sac so they look better. My package looks so much better in nude situations such as nude beaches and gym showers and locker rooms. The ring also makes for a nicer bulge in the crotch of snug fitting pants.

I notice from your photos that your balls also ride high. Get a cock ring and try it out. You'll be glad you did.

By #187688 15,Aug,12 13:46
Both. I use a variety of cock rings made of rubber, aluminum, steel and leather.

By #220845 15,Aug,12 12:00

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