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i want to play with another mans cock

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #235767 [Ignore] 10,Aug,12 13:43
i'm not gay but i its makes me horny looking at other mens cocks, i love uncut cocks! i'd love to wank or maybe suck a cock??

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By #612144 29,Feb,20 02:39
I have never had a cock even close to me but have wanted to for years jerk off and fantasies a lot in different sceneries but the one that turns me on the most isa **** fantasy where I am told and forced to pleasure his cock anyway he wants and forces me to with a weapon.
Am I the only one or do other men get off on being raped fantasy?

By #608810 25,Feb,20 12:02
Me too I've had plenty of pussy in my life it's cock time now to complete the sexual repertoire
By spermkiss [Ignore] 28,Feb,20 11:49 other posts 
Do it, man, you'll be glad you did. I've long advocated that men, all men, gay and straight, should at least once in their lives should step away from their usually preferred gender and do a bit of switch hitting. I certainly have. I'm as gay as pink ink, but I've had sex with women. I even hasd an affair with a woman that lasted nearly a year.

By Leo037 [Ignore] 28,Feb,20 06:31 other posts 
I would love to get my hands and lips around some guy's cock, and I would love some guy doing the same to me too.
If anyone is interested message me.

By #612144 27,Feb,20 18:03
I have never done ity yet but want to meet up and jerk off each other’s cocksfor hours.
Lately I have been thinking I would love to cum in another guys mouth and watch him swallow my cum! I would reward him with my virgin asshole.

By german_guy [Ignore] 25,Feb,20 13:42 other posts 
me, too….would love to Play with a nice cock, Maybe give a BJ and have both of us fun
By RubyRed [Ignore] 25,Feb,20 15:31 other posts 
You and me both
By german_guy [Ignore] 26,Feb,20 07:24 other posts 
would be great fun

By #486048 25,Feb,20 17:37
now that would be nice

By #8388 18,Mar,13 23:03
I am not gay but would like to check out another guy's cock, especially one that is uncircumcised. I don't have foreskin myself and would like to play with a cock that does.
By #173353 29,Mar,13 23:13
Most men are bi-sexual and have an interest in cock most won't admit this but it is true don't feel bad just enjoy what you see and suck by all means
By gabriel [Ignore] 12,Mar,14 02:53 other posts 
By 7uncutinchez [Ignore] 13,Apr,13 04:35 other posts 
Hey Honeydick, Is my uncut cock something you would want to play with ?
By superstud [Ignore] 12,Mar,14 00:59 other posts 
Absolutely!! (name change)
By #494671 26,Jul,15 09:56
By tb1 [Ignore] 27,Jul,15 13:06 other posts 
I'd luv to play with your gorgeous beauty:
[deleted image]
By #369710 26,Jul,15 14:12
wanna play with my uncut cock?
[deleted image] message me...

By bigone21 [Ignore] 31,Mar,13 16:15 other posts 
If I were to call myself GAY (which I am!), and had a fancy for pussy and boobs, wanted to lick them, had fantasies about it, wanted to play with it, after a few months, how sane would I be if I didn't reconsider my supposed sexual orientation??

Come on! Straigt guys wanting to suck cock?? Preferably uncut ones too?? Aaah! Connaisseurs!!

Stand in line!!

By johnwish [Ignore] 26,Jul,15 09:54 other posts 
I think I'm at the very least bi curious but probably completley gay,but I would absolutley love to suck your big cock.You look great and that is a real man's cock.Just how one is supposed to be.Lovely!

By #401572 14,Mar,14 14:14

By #62682 12,Mar,14 23:32
You can play with my uncut cock if you want to.

By #362440 10,Mar,13 11:31
Anyone in CT? Never experienced before but willing to try.
By #377223 18,Apr,13 17:23
love to experment with a couple or you.
By sd33lkng [Ignore] 18,Apr,13 19:37 other posts 
Count me in. Same here..luv looking at cocks always get hard when I do. Want to play with one...Never done it..want to try..maybe just stroking it to get it hard and then a hand job until you cum..Prob more after I get hooked...dont know

By #273756 28,Aug,12 22:53
Never been with another guy,just dying for that feeling of being complete as a person
By #7217 09,Mar,13 14:35
yea me too maybe we should get together
By #359452 17,Apr,13 05:29
I'd love to get together with both of you

By #305882 08,Feb,13 16:11
I think I must be bi... because all of a sudden I want to play with a man .... i get hard at the thought of being with a man... having him play with my cock and me playing with his...Just have to find some man who would want to take me in hand
By #109580 09,Mar,13 10:20
I'd love to give you a hand
By #359452 17,Apr,13 05:26
I'd give you both a hand

By #365315 17,Mar,13 20:17
Also not gay but I too have this desire to try and suck a cock and have mine sucked. I'm new here please check out my pics. My cock is small just under 5" when hard. Would you suck on it. Let me know. Would luv to know what you think
By #359452 17,Apr,13 05:24
Sure I would you can suck mine too

By #222595 13,Apr,13 14:27
I was thinking on that too, it would be interesting to give a handjob to someone and make him cum. Best would be a threesome with an another guy and a beutiful girl (thinking of that makes me hard quickly).

By #304115 08,Feb,13 11:55
I would love to get a chance to wank and suck another guy im straight too or at least nonactive bi
By #359325 03,Apr,13 06:24
Luv 2 play with yours

By spermkiss [Ignore] 31,Mar,13 16:35 other posts 
Who doesn't? There's hardly a man in the world who doesn't like looking at other men's cocks. Many kick it up a notch and play with or suck those cocks. Likeing cocks is a guy thing not a gay thing.
By bigone21 [Ignore] 31,Mar,13 16:46 other posts 
Point is: "straight" cocksuckers want to do what "queers" do, suck cock (!), but don't come out and don't want to suffer the political consequenses ànd be called a FAGGOT!
If they would come out for being a cocksucker, that would be butch!

By JeffinKS [Ignore] 29,Sep,12 09:06 other posts 
would anyone wanna play with this?/02onqkylzzkcpic.html
By JeffinKS [Ignore] 29,Sep,12 09:06 other posts 

I am also into sucking cock.... nothing better and I think it is so hot when mine is the first cock a man has played with and sucked on....
By #319629 31,Mar,13 09:58
i would love to

By #299329 27,Sep,12 06:43
[deleted image]
Check out my page for more pictures and videos
By oliver09 [Ignore] 09,Mar,13 11:40 other posts 
Love to play with that

By oliver09 [Ignore] 09,Mar,13 11:38 other posts 
you can play with mine

By #220845 08,Feb,13 14:53
You can play with mine

By Slpaho [Ignore] 17,Aug,12 10:58 other posts 
I would also like to wank a uncut cock. Im not gay but it would be interesting to do. Seems like fun
By #273227 19,Aug,12 07:46
How would my cock do very long foreskin
By Slpaho [Ignore] 08,Feb,13 10:38 other posts 
It would be nice to jack u off i like watching the foreskin go up and down

By #296619 28,Aug,12 13:03
By #291032 29,Aug,12 23:59
Me to

By #291032 29,Aug,12 23:57
Im in sheffield during the week for cock sucking

By #263199 19,Aug,12 07:35
I know where your coming from and I have to say I agree ... playing around and looking at other men's cocks is a big turn on ... in high school I fooled around with a guy in my class we tugged and suck each others dicks many time and I have to say it was pretty good

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