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Asked to touch a friend, denies it later

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by mpmforce [Ignore] 02,Aug,12 18:35  other posts
A few years ago a friend and I got drunk and I stayed over his house. In the middle of the night I went to see if he was still awake, he was jerking off. He asked me to touch his balls and I froze, pretended I didn't hear it. I tried bringing it up to him later and he still denies it to ths day. Truth is I wanted to do it but the asshole keeps denying he said it. Swears he's straight..

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By mpmforce [Ignore] 02,Aug,12 23:41 other posts 
I do want to suck his dick though. Recently when we were drunk, we went to an isolated area to take a piss, I caught him looking. Another time he was drunk over my house and we were both walking around with our dicks out. It pisses me off that he always denies these incidents.
By #134591 05,Aug,12 04:02
dude dont give up yet. maybe you'll get your chance still. your friend is probably just nervous.

oh and please do tell us if you cum right :p

By #89828 04,Aug,12 10:48
You should probably forget about it and find a guy who doesn't play that game. There are millions of cocks out there looking for a good BJ!
By spermkiss [Ignore] 04,Aug,12 12:40 other posts 
Good advice. This man is in serious denial and is not worth your time or effort. Also, if you do ever have any sexual contact with him it could very easily lead to trouble.

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