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By basque9 26,Feb,19 01:19
All for you mate.

By basque9 18,Mar,17 11:02
Happy Birthday to Kmad and John! I can think of no sweeter tribute than listening to the drinking scene from La Traviata at Glyndebourne Opera House near London. This is how I plan to celebrate your great day. I raise my glass in your honor and wish you enjoyment and prosperity.

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By basque9 04,Mar,16 22:54
Good, then you might understand the frustration of attempting to vote for about 30 people this morning somehere around 10:30, apparently while the system was being changed, without a heads up. For some individuals, a 1 would pop up and you could click on that and a few down the list you would click and no 1 would come up. It was fluctuating between the old way and the new way in an illogical manner.I could not control or predict what way I was to vote; I tried everything I could think of; then suddenly the behavior would change again.It kept changing back and forth! I knew it had to be broken! Computerized systems are logically based.

By basque9 04,Mar,16 17:54
Ha, ha, thanks mate! You see, we can talk a common language! Are you a computer geek?

By basque9 04,Mar,16 17:43
Yes of course and I thank you for your efforts! You are truly kind for doing so!

By basque9 04,Mar,16 17:31
That much is obvious; that 60 minute constraint pertained yesterday as well. Obviously a change in actuating a vote was made and without my knowing that, I was unable to make a familiar thing respond in a familiar way. My problem is not in understanding the rules of voting, it is how to click a vote now and know that it was effected! If I decide to play the game again, I will figure it out! I am not stupid; change is an alien!

By basque9 04,Mar,16 17:23
Apparently I was trying to vote during the changeover and was not getting a consistent response !

By basque9 04,Mar,16 17:10
Ha, ha; I assumed I had been blackballed or the system was broken! It permitted me to vote the old way intermittently, and was behaving erratically; perhaps as changes were being made.I talked with others in the game and no one knew what I was talking about! I never knew when I had or had not voted for someone because the time it stated I could vote kept fluctuating. I could not get consistency which is what an engineer relies upon.

By basque9 04,Mar,16 16:59
Obviously it takes more than mere common sense to guide this aerospace engineer through the maze all you computer whizzes took for granted. We sent the moon lander up safely and it radioed back successfully, all without computer assistance! Gosh, I am giving away my age!

By basque9 04,Mar,16 16:33
Very strange; I received no positive feedback that my attempt at voting was successful! Yes, indeed I did try to access these people and was given no indication that I was actually voting. The usual numeral 1 did not appear after clicking on the carrot icon indicating that I could click on it and actuate a vote. Apparently the mechanism for voting has changed from a 2 click process to a 1 step process without my realizing it. Voting today is obviously a different process from what it was yesterday.Yesterday I knew when I had effected a vote. If something has not been altered in the voting process from yesterday then I am utterly confused why the cues received when voting are different or lacking altogether.

By basque9 04,Mar,16 13:37
What does a glitch in the script mean; something wrong with my computer?

By basque9 04,Mar,16 13:30
Actually, yes it did, within an hour or so; it was selective; For awhile I could vote for Alexblue and Kmadeau, but no one else???????? Finally it refused to respond to me completely, so I just opted out and left the game! I had seen several other winners go back and play right away so I assumed it was ok to do so.Is there some quirk about needing to spend the award points first?

By basque9 04,Mar,16 13:12
Is there something wrong with the voting system now? No matter who I try voting for I am told I need to wait 60 minutes. It says this no matter when I last voted or even when I have not yet voted for that individual today.It began refusing my votes well over an hour ago

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Thanks mate!

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By basque9 03,Feb,16 15:48
I hear them knocking!

By basque9 03,Feb,16 15:46
[deleted image]

Here he is TB1.

By basque9 03,Feb,16 15:41
Thanks hot Routemaster!

By basque9 03,Feb,16 15:39

You really think so?

By basque9 02,Feb,16 16:41

Took this at age 80!
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[deleted image]

Took this at age 83!

By basque9 02,Feb,16 16:29
We sure do, mate!

By basque9 02,Feb,16 16:21
WOW, that's a mouthfull, mate!

By basque9 02,Feb,16 16:15
Do you want to find out?

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By basque9 01,Feb,16 11:17
Thanks mate!

By basque9 01,Feb,16 11:15
Yep TB, 1001.

By basque9 30,Jan,16 20:40
[deleted image]
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Very Long Dick!

By basque9 30,Jan,16 19:07
Damn, TB1, you are so darn sexy man; gonna dedicate my next piss shot to you buddy!

By basque9 29,Jan,16 16:56
Thanks sexy Kmad!

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By basque9 29,Jan,16 11:55
Big thick cock is 83 years young here!

By basque9 29,Jan,16 11:49
Definitely, Oregon!

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Goes above my navel by a head.

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Cock is 83 years young
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Very Long Dick

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By basque9 30,Mar,15 23:55
But you are the bestest!

By basque9 29,Mar,15 20:03
Thanks good buddy! You are the best!

By basque9 29,Mar,15 19:58
Dear friend Routemaster!
Our mothers are so dear to us. They love us no matter what! You have been a loving and caring son and she will know this in her heart always and forever! I wish you peace and
tranquility at this difficult moment!

By basque9 29,Mar,15 14:08

Why mate, because of this?

By basque9 29,Mar,15 10:09
Do you really need to leave so many friends? Only you know that answer, mate! You have treated me so generously! I will miss you quite a lot! Be happy and see if you can't return at some point!

By basque9 19,Mar,15 19:40
Thanks very much!

By basque9 17,Mar,15 20:10
[deleted image]

By basque9 26,Feb,15 14:39
Thanks very much!