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By 8_4_U 03,Sep,22 02:56
Love to have my cock edged and cum controlled

By 8_4_U 03,Sep,22 02:53

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By 8_4_U 13,Jul,22 02:21
You can worship my cock for as long as you have the time stamina and desire.

By 8_4_U 08,Jul,22 21:31
A nice slow to begin with handjob and being brought to the edge and kept there by somebody who enjoys having a vock hard throbbing and drippy pre cum before being made to cum is always nice.

By 8_4_U 08,Jul,22 21:25
I have received head from both that was amazing and from both that was not good at all. Someone who is into giving oral and has learned what works or knows what to try. Someone who can do it all from barely touching or moving to build up to rough and fast. Someone who wants to explore every inch area from tip to balls and surrounding areas to enjoy making my cock throb and drip as it turns darker and pulses with need and desire.

By 8_4_U 04,Jul,22 03:09
I have no problem with comments or thoughts about my cock by anyone. Have always been told I have a nice cock.

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By 8_4_U 03,Jul,22 00:53
I always drip lots of pre cum. Think I could fill a tablespoon or be fun to see how much someone could collet in a shot glass with some long slow edging of my cock.

By 8_4_U 03,Jul,22 00:49
I always drip lots of pre cum.

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Enjoy any mouth on my cock.

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I always drip lots of pre cum.

By 8_4_U 20,Jun,22 17:51
I had my cock edged and cum controlled for about 4 hours before I was made to cum.

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Metro Detroit Area

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Yes. I'm in the Downriver area.

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Detroit Metro Area

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