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Glory hole fun.

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 26,Nov,19 15:33  other posts
I've recently been thinking about looking for a glory hole in my area, and then maybe giving it a go. Both sides if possible. Don't want to see who puts their dick through the hole, just want to suck it, and I don't want to see what the person sucking my dick looks like. Anyone care to share their experiences?

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By curious10 [Ignore] at 05,Aug,20 12:22 other posts 
That is one of my biggest fantasies. Just stay in there and suck several cocks and swallow all that anonymous sperm. I would not be able to get enough. Probably even let a bunch of them creampie my little pussy.

By Slave_Ernst [Ignore] at 03,Dec,19 03:46 other posts 
I recently thought about finding a Glory Hole near me and maybe trying it out. If possible on both sides. I do not want to see who puts his cock through the hole, I just want to suck him, and I do not want to see what the person who sucks my dick looks like. Does anyone want to share his experiences? It is a good thing that the one who uses him does not want to be seen. Otherwise, it is much hotter, if the Lord shows and so he can help. Maybe he has Wünsce that you can do naked. and it's always cool when others watch you. Have you ever been naked on a urinal on your knees between the men who jerked there? Since you get urine sperm and is also tapped. This is much more fun. only registered users can see external links

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 03,Dec,19 03:15 other posts 
Andrew I wouldn't mind finding anyone who has responded to you at a hole in a wall next if they like you then I know that I would really like them

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 01,Dec,19 13:20 other posts 
Went to the men's sauna this afternoon, and went to one of the glory holes. I sucked 3 cocks in there. Also sucked a cock in the steam room and got wanked off in there too. Finally, got fucked in one of the dark areas of the cruising area.

By deucie [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 06:21 other posts 
I have enjoyed both but to me being the sucker is way more fun than being the suckee. I love being on my knees when that cock comes through the hole for me to play with. It´s just me and the cock. And I live to swallow the reward I get for my my service. So fuckin hot!
By spermkiss [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 14:27 other posts 
Man, you hit the nail on the head. Is is indeed more fun to be the sucker. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, as exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and satisfying as sucking another man off. And when it's done in the totally anonymous setting as thru a glory hole it's that much better. As you put it "It's just me and the cock." Real men suck cocks.
By deucie [Ignore] at 29,Nov,19 06:12 other posts 
Yeah, so much fuckin fun!

By spermkiss [Ignore] at 26,Nov,19 17:17 other posts 
Glory hole sex is HOT. I've been the cocksucker and the man being sucked dozens of times. It's the ultimate in anonymous sex as the participants know almost nothing about each other and they cannot even see each other. All the cocksucker knows is that there is a man who wants to get his nut off on the other side. All the man knows is that there is a cocksucker who wants to give oral service and take a load of jizz on the other side. For this reason it's pure sex. Sex that is happening solely because the participants want sex and nothing else. No baggage about being an expression of a Meaningful Relationship.

As for who participates, the cocksuckers are mostly gay men who like to give oral service, though some are men who are nominally straight but want to take a walk on the wild side. They like the anonymity that the glory hole provides. The men being sucked are horny men who want to get a nut off. Many of them are straight so again they like the anonymity.

For these reasons the sex is mostly one sided. But sometimes it goes both ways. The man will put his dick thru and get serviced, then he'll drop to his knees and service the man who just serviced him.
By knewbi [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 12:41 other posts 
Sure sounds like some great sex!!! I have always wanted to try this but do not know where to find it and also just a bit concerned.
By bil47 [Ignore] at 28,Nov,19 16:26 other posts 
"Pure sex" indeed. Nothing quite like it.
Note, however, that glory holes play especially well to the desires of closeted bisexuals (like me). Totally anonymous but affording a unique sexual experience.

By bil47 [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 08:21 other posts 
It's such a hot fantasy, but I've never done it. It strips M/M sex down to its erotic essence - no personal interaction; just a hard cock in your mouth.
By andrew999999999 [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 08:50 other posts 
Yeah, that's what I like.

By Maxream [Ignore] at 27,Nov,19 01:16 other posts 
I dont have an experience to share, but Ive been thinking about this as well. I know that I would be more likely to actually do it. I would definitely use protection on either side.

Any tips on how to find one would be a big help.

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] at 26,Nov,19 21:33 other posts 
That is what glory hole sex is about, anonymous. Now if you both like something else or even if it's just about the cock maybe you meet for a trust.

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