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Cock shape, "The Taper"

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #315268 [Ignore] at 21,Dec,12 21:10
My girls favorite shape, gets fatter behind the head then "tapers" down toward the base. how common is it and anyone have any pics to share pf it?

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By everett [Ignore] at 25,Nov,20 01:20 other posts 

By nekekal [Ignore] at 24,Nov,20 17:01 other posts 
Mine tapers like that. Over two inches across at the front, about an inch at my body. It cannot even hold itself up out straight.

But I think she was just trying to make you feel good about your tapered cock. A womans cunt only has really sensitive nerve endings in the first few inches of their cunt. They really like a fat cock to expand and stretch that. But as the tapered guys go in, their cock gets narrower and the poor woman doesn't even know that she is being fucked.

The perfect cock would be tapered the other way. Small at the point for easy insertion, and then get really fat as it gets all the way in and stretches the sensitive part of the cunt.

By BryanWolfe85 [Ignore] at 20,Nov,20 22:50 other posts 
You mean, like this?

By COCKSLAVE [Ignore] at 20,Nov,20 10:22 other posts 

By galaxy123 [Ignore] at 20,Nov,20 09:30 other posts 
Mine tapers. It is thickest at the glands ridge and just behind. Thinner towards the base.

By MisterPenis [Ignore] at 26,Jul,16 15:41 other posts 
As you can see, I have a noticeable taper.

By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] at 02,Sep,14 22:51 other posts 
By #315268 at 04,Sep,14 15:27
Nice one
By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] at 04,Sep,14 22:55 other posts 
Thank you, you too!!

By my_cute_dick [Ignore] at 02,Sep,14 08:21 other posts 
my little birdie

is this tapered?
By #315268 at 02,Sep,14 12:47
It's artsy

By #315268 at 02,Sep,14 03:14
Anyone new out there that have the "taper" and want to share? V

By #315268 at 03,Aug,13 15:44
Popping this back up top...

By #411849 at 14,Jul,13 12:51
By #315268 at 14,Jul,13 17:30

By #404473 at 12,Jul,13 08:37
Perfect Taper

Morning Erection
By #315268 at 12,Jul,13 23:39
you have a few pics on your page that show a great taper

By #322826 at 12,Jul,13 12:32
Maybe something like this ?
By #315268 at 12,Jul,13 23:38
cant really tellabout the "taper" pert but its still hot pics

By #315268 at 12,Jul,13 07:30
bringingbthis back to the top

By #267458 at 17,Jun,13 09:49
whst ever
By #315268 at 17,Jun,13 14:56

By #402661 at 17,Jun,13 09:48
check out my cock
By #315268 at 17,Jun,13 14:56
nice dick

By #277673 at 15,Jun,13 23:39
By #315268 at 17,Jun,13 14:56
like it

By #398411 at 14,Jun,13 01:10
is mine a taper ?

Morning Erection
By #315268 at 14,Jun,13 07:29
very nice
By #398411 at 15,Jun,13 08:56
By #315268 at 15,Jun,13 19:18
Wish you were closer
By #339790 at 14,Jun,13 07:57
Very much a Taper! Very Nice too!
By #315268 at 15,Jun,13 08:34
i agree

By #315268 at 13,Jun,13 14:58
Lets see if there's any new ones out there

By #315268 at 31,Jan,13 21:40
Any tapers out there?

By #315268 at 19,Jan,13 15:07
Just popping this thread back up to the top of the line hopping to find more

By #280008 at 11,Jan,13 22:17

not much of a taper but its there..
By #315268 at 12,Jan,13 18:50
Is that silicone in there?
By #280008 at 14,Jan,13 05:42
nope no silicone thats all me.. a pumped me with a light layer of aloe vera baby oil.
By #315268 at 14,Jan,13 08:26
Wow trippy

By #315268 at 11,Jan,13 20:15
Aaaaand.... STILL searching
By #277673 at 11,Jan,13 21:41
thought mine was the one she was looking for

By #315268 at 06,Jan,13 16:28
still searching

By just16cm [Ignore] at 22,Dec,12 09:29 other posts 
My cock has this kind of shape.

By #315268 at 22,Dec,12 14:50
Ya it does looked at some of your other pics just now and there's a perfect pic of it

By 67malibu [Ignore] at 22,Dec,12 00:20 other posts 
Sounds kind of like mine, making a long story short a lot of years ago I sucked a handsome young black man his was about the circumference of a soda can at the base but tapered to the head, he was gorgeous.
By #315268 at 22,Dec,12 08:28
Thick as a soda can? Sounds hot. I have not had that much of experience with much dick in general. My girls favorite shape is pretty specific so I am definitely curious

By #277673 at 21,Dec,12 23:46
like this
By #315268 at 22,Dec,12 00:10
i think thats it exactly

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