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By nekekal at 26,Jun,20 10:49
It is hard to say from the angle. But it looks like a really long cock. a bit narrow at the tip but fat down lower.

A very big cock that I imagine does a good job fucking.

By nekekal at 17,Jun,20 13:26
It is actually slowing down a lot. I used to masturbate several times a day. It seemed that my cock was continually hard and I would find some quiet place to pump the cum out of it. Now I have to be rested and comfortable.

By nekekal at 15,Jun,20 13:38
I never caught dad masturbating. I did catch him fucking mom a few times. She liked to fuck and kept him pretty well drained I think.

As a kid, he caught me in bed a few times. He told me that I was not supposed to do that. I thought that he meant that I shouldn't get caught. I got a lot sneakier.

By nekekal at 15,Jun,20 13:32
In the summer, I sleep naked and walk around the house naked when I can.

In the winter I have the heavy sleep suit and jump into clothing as fast as possible before I freeze my ass off.

By nekekal at 15,Jun,20 13:30
I just am horny. It is quiet, my cock gets hard, I jack it off. Almost always in the shower in the morning. Usually at night before I go to sleep. Sometimes in the middle of the day. If my cock is up, I see no reason not to play with it.

By nekekal at 15,Jun,20 13:25
Most women that I have known didn't really like to fuck anyway, so they didn't care much about size. Smaller is easier for them to fuck and suck so that was their preference. As long as you lick their clit and they orgasm, it is fine.

By nekekal at 24,May,20 02:56
Out in the forest anywhere. Or just in the kayak in the lake. Anyplace that I can get my hand on my cock.

By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:57
I masturbate a lot. Never thought of most of them as odd. I do it outside a lot. It is pretty remote here, so I decide to take a piss, then it feels so good that I just jerk it right there. As long as the mosquitoes are not out.

I have done it in the kayak. With the swim trunks, it is easy to get at my cock and just go for it.

Is that an odd place?

By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:45
5. 7 1/2 inches.

By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:41
My wife hates sex. She hates dealing with my cock, cum, anything.

She has always hated to fuck. She faked it for years, because she wanted to be married and ruin my life .

I thought that it was me for a long time. I tried everything that she suggested. She didn't try anything I suggested. Gradually, I figured it out. She just hates everything about sex.

I actually used to like the woman, so we stayed together.

I decided long ago, that if I ever got the chance to fuck someone else, I would be on them so fast that their head would spin. A regular would be perfect. I would even pay on a regular basis if I could find a whore.

So my advice would be to go fuck the other woman. Don't tell the wife. She doesn't need to know and will probably be happy that you are no longer bothering her about it, and you seem happier and more relaxed.

By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:29
Yes. I love tits. Any kind, any size, any color.

By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:28
Depends on where I am at and when.

In bed, I just let it go where ever it goes. Usually my stomach and I leave it there and go to sleep. In the morning I sometimes masturbate standing up, and just wipe it up with clothing that is handy. Like yesterdays T shirt.

In the bathroom, i use tissue or toilet paper. In the shower, it is just washed away.

I don't do huge volumes of the stuff, so it is easy to clean up.

By nekekal at 22,May,20 13:22
Straight. Like an arrow.

By nekekal at 11,May,20 13:24
When I was twentyish, i fucked a woman 40ish. Great fucking too. She knew how to use her cunt. Of course I was so horny that I would have fucked, and liked, anthing.

By nekekal at 05,May,20 13:03
I hate to think it is common. Sex free wives. But I think it is. My wife hated to fuck before menopause, but would at least help me. Now she just says "take care of it yourself". I would give a lot for a goid fuck.

By nekekal at 04,May,20 21:09
Oh, i would chose fucking, or being sucked. I have masturbated most of my life. It is not a choice, it is just what I can do. The wife always hated sex and gave it up completely about 15 years ago. So masturbation is the alternative. If I could find a hooker I would be a regular customer.

By nekekal at 04,May,20 21:02
Played football one year in high school. We were required to wear them. I sucked at the game and never played again, or wore one again.

By nekekal at 04,May,20 20:51
My wife would frequently jack me off. It was easier for her than fucking or sucking my cock. But eventually decided that it was too much work. She hates touching cock and acts like cum is an acid.

By nekekal at 04,May,20 16:20
I need to have my cock inside, mouth, cunt, ass, when I cum. If I have to pull out it is just a hand job with good foreplay. I can masturbate, but for a real orgasm, I need to have my cock fucking or being sucked. Cum in the mouth. Swallowing prefered.

By nekekal at 29,Apr,20 22:32
About 70. My cock was working fine up to about that time. Strong hard erections. Now, it is kind of pathetic. It gets bigger, but not real hard. I doubt that it would work in in a tight cunt. Viagra does help, it feels better, but is not rock hard. Nobody wants it hard so maybe it is ok.

By nekekal at 29,Apr,20 22:25
Salty with a lime chaser. That is initially it was pretty salty, with an acid aftertaste. Smelled like cum. Nothing special with smell.

Cunt juice I have tasted is less flavorful.

By nekekal at 29,Apr,20 16:34
I shared a room with my older brother for years. We saw each other naked a lot and played with each others penis. He was only three years older than me, but my cock was bigger than his. Always. We lived close to my cousin, female, my age, and we were always trying to get her naked. He was successful one day.

By nekekal at 04,Apr,20 13:34
Yes. My cock is end heavy. I am only about 7 1/2 and straight as an arrow, cut. All my life, when I get a hard on, my cock points down. Not a problem since it is flexible at the base so it can be lifted up to go into whatever I want. I think it is just too heavy to point up.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,20 16:04
I take that as a no.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,20 03:09
No. No one has ever been able to get much more than the head of my cock into their mouth. But that is enough. Get the head in and caress it with their tongue while trying to suck my balls out through my cock while massaging my balls and cock shaft is all I would ever want.

Well that and swallowing my cum.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,20 03:03
It should last all night. But I really like a good blowjob. Anyone sucking my cock should get cum in under ten minutes. It just feels so gooood. I can make it last longer if they want to suck longer, but if I am just enjoying a warm mouth sucking my cock, it will be over very soon.

They can continue sucking for more however. I won't complain, and they might get some more cum.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,20 02:54
Your wife seems to have all of the required parts. Nice tits, lovely hairy twat. Not too fat, but not so skinny that she is like fucking a skeleton.

I give her an 8 rating. Not statuesque, but a nice body and very fuckable. I would love to get my cock into her.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,20 02:42
Nothing. I don't take advantage of women passed out. It seems too much like **** to me. But if you want to fuck, I would be happy to sink my big cock into you and fuck us until we both pass out.

By nekekal at 14,Mar,20 13:36
Could be. Small cock, no reason to feel it fucking her if she was passed out. Sex is 90% in the brain. Her brain was numbed by alcohol. Unless she had cum running down her leg, there is no reason to think she had been fucked. If there was cum in her cunt, no reason to think that she had not been fucked. Very sick guy though to enjoy fucking a comatose cunt.

By nekekal at 17,Feb,20 22:54
It was a great fuck. I did get to fuck her a few times after that. But she never enjoyed my cock much. To big for her tiny body and except for fucking we had nothing in common. She always got on top. For many years that is how I thought everyone fucked. realistically, I was better off without her, but damn that woman could fuck. She could contract her cunt muscles and milk my cock like milking a cow. I still get hard thinking about her. Sucked like a vacuum cleaner too.

By nekekal at 17,Feb,20 13:29
You can say anything that you want. But measurement is not along the curve. Straight line to the tip. Which looks like 5.5 from your picture.

By nekekal at 17,Feb,20 13:22
I can remember like it was yesterday. She was naked, my cock was so hard it hurt. She took one look and suggested that she was going to need some lube. She had some in her purse. It was something in a tube and she ran a bead of it around my cock, just under the head. I remember it being very cold, but I didn't really care. I just kep thinking "I am going to get fucked".

She said it would be better if she was on top. I didn't know. I had not fucked anyone before, so I laid down and she straddled me, reached down to grab my cock and aimed it at her cunt opening. She then inserted it into herself. I remember being amazed at how tight she was. Her cunt compressed my cock head going in. She was hot around my cock as she slid down. The friction of her tight hot cunt against my cock was overwhelming. As she slid down, i could feel my cum going up. I am sure that I cummed before she got it all the way in on the first stroke.

But I was determined that my first fuck was not going to end, my cock was still hard, and she didn't seem to notice that I provided more lube as she started really fucking my cock. Hot, wet, tight, heavenly. The feeling in my cock spread to my whole body. As she fucked me, it kept getting better and better.

Soon, I had a massive orgasm. My only feeling was my cock in her cunt, and shooting what seemed like my entire body out my cock into her. I was in love. Told her that too. Fucking was awesome.

Unfortunately, she liked to fuck, but didn't like my cock that much, and seemed to dislike me.

By nekekal at 17,Feb,20 12:58
I wouldn't fuck a passed out woman. it would be like fucking my wife. Just laying there not moving. I like some participation. So if I found you passed out, I would roll you onto your stomach so if you got sick, you would not choke to death, then cover you up with a blanket. I am not desperate enough, and I am pretty desperate, to fuck a passed out woman.

Now if you want to get fucked, we can talk.

By nekekal at 17,Feb,20 12:43
I love my cock. It gives me pleasure, it never fails or disappoints, it is always right where I can find it even in the dark, and never complains. Although it does wish that I could find a few more cunts for it to get into.

By nekekal at 12,Feb,20 18:05
I would not feel bad about it.

Similar old joke. Why is the bride smiling so much?

Because she knows that she has had to suck her last cock.

By nekekal at 29,Jan,20 22:32
Interesting viewpoints.
I avoid the labels I think. I love having my cock sucked. I don't suck cock. I only want to fuck women as their bodies turn me on.
But my cock doesn't care about the gender of the cock sucker. I close my eyes, and enjoy the feelings. Warm mouth, soft tongue, hands not mine. Just blissful sucking.

Mostly straight.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:34
The best blowjobs that I ever received were from men. Men who like to suck cock are very good at it. They don't try to rush so they can go read a book or something. They always swallow cum and will generally keep sucking as long as my cock is still hard. They know what a cock likes since they have on.

Women just suck cock because I ask for them to, they want it to be over, and act like I have thrown acid on them when I cum.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:27
For me to orgasm, my cock needs to be in her. I like to be as deep as I can get into her cunt, or she can suck the cum out of me.

But if I have to pull out of her, it ruins the mood and while I still cum, I don't orgasm. It is like masturbation. Relief but not orgasm.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:17
A few times. Mostly in coolish water. Cold water does not give me, or anyone else, a hard on. Later, when laying in the sun, and looking at naked women, I did get a hard on. No one offered to help me with it.

My cock is almost always bigger than others.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:06
I love tits. I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way they taste. I love holding them, fondling them, sucking on the nipples. I just love a woman's tits. I am sure that I like them more than their owners.

But there is absolutely nothing better in the world than sliding my cock into a warm wet cunt and fucking it to orgasm.

So, I just love a womans body, but if I had to chose either giving up tits, or cunt. I could give up those wonderous tits for more cock in cunt time.

By nekekal at 07,Jan,20 21:25
Anybody but trump/putin. I like Warren. Or clobashor (sic). But it doesn't make a lot of difference. Your average fifth grader who doesn't lie would do a better job that the orange turd.

I do think that melania has nice tits though.

By nekekal at 25,Dec,19 01:54
Anything involving my cock and a woman is my favorite.

By nekekal at 19,Dec,19 14:50
Thats a nice cock. Looks a lot like mine.

By nekekal at 16,Dec,19 20:33
true. But trust me, a woman doesn't have to spend hundreds on me to get me to fuck her.

By nekekal at 10,Dec,19 18:07
It is true. Although premature is in the eyes of the beholder. It was only premature because I wanted to fuck her longer. And since I did fuck her longer it was pretty much a who cares.

And when and if I got to fuck her more often, I was able to last longer. It got to the point where she ask if I was going to cum, or be there all night. I wanted to say all night, but she was tired of being fucked so I said I was done and went into the bathroom and masturbated.

If a guys cock has not been in a woman for a long time, h is going to cum before he wants too.

By nekekal at 09,Dec,19 13:59
my real problem was cumming on the way in. If I had not fucked for a while, which was mostly the case, my cock would be rock hard and so sensitive that as soon as the head got in and started sliding into a cunt, I was cumming. Generally, I just kept fucking and in a short while would cum again.

By nekekal at 06,Dec,19 23:27
Open your wallet. Women like to see hundred dollar bills. They like to see you spending the hundreds on them.

By nekekal at 29,Nov,19 14:23
For a great fuck, you cannot beat doggy for all the reasons that every mentioned. You don't have to look at anything but her ass. You can thrust in very deeply. You do not see the pain on her face as your cock head slams into her cervix. It is just my hard cock in her tight wet cunt. Filling her with cum.

My second favorite position is anything that involves a woman and my cock.

By nekekal at 29,Nov,19 14:10
I was circumcised at birth, so it is all I know.

But the head of my cock is so sensitive that it is almost embarrassing. Even now as I get old. One touch and it wakes up. If I walk and it slides around in my pants, I feel it and my cock gets aroused. cock

And, OMG, if lips or tongue touch it, I get hard and ooze precum.

By nekekal at 28,Nov,19 16:49
Looks like you got her fucked. Doing a good job, she has her feet over your back, your balls are against her ass. Good fucking job. I can be next.