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ever sucked limp dick? was it good?

i want to pump your dick for about 30 min. to make it thicker

guys if i asked you to would you wear a strapon and

Better Cock

Friends Wife vs Wife

Wife vs Girlfriend

Enough Masturbation?

Nakedness part 2

Your first erection

Your first erection-part 2

What age you first ejaculate semen(cum)?

do you dt? does it turn you on feeling a dickhead fuck your thr

have you ever held someone or been held by someone while peeing

cut or uncut,,,which do you prefer?

do you like to suck limp dick? have you, would you?

Versus 37 (who wins ?)

Which babe is Hotter

Which zodiac are you?

Use a mirror while masturbating?

Wife vs Friend

Have you watched the tv show "Sex & the City"?

Do you like hairy armpits on a man?


How do you shape your pubes?

Do you slow down masturbating as your aged?

Do you have hair around your nipples?

Do you use lube to masturbate?

Do you have hair in the center of your chest?

CAT verdict

what is your nationality? Where are you from?

Versus 35 (who wins ?)

A serious question


Versus 34 (who wins ?)

Versus 36 (who wins ?)

Your favorite hole to go deep and hard


Straight/Bicurious/heteroflexible men... what have you tried?

Would you have sex with your "ex"?

Comparing penis size, do you prefer being bigger or smaller?


Not Cumming

For passive guys only

Cum vs. precum

Do you like giving yourself a golden shower?

Do you enjoy taking bubble baths?

Do you sleep naked?

Would you suck a man with a smelly cock?

The Taste of Semen

What should I do next?

Why you masturbate?

Do you have foreskin?

Did you ever go skinny dipping with friends?

So guys, you are most interested in seeing

have you ever paid someone for sexual favors?

Do you like a mustache on a man?

Do you think President Zelensky is good looking?

To small to satisfy

Cum onto your face / into your mouth

Do you enjoy being naked when you're by yourself?

Where did you squirt your sperm after masturbating?

Do you like a soul patch on a man?

First time you saw a man's dick?-Part 2

Your reaction the first time you cum

Have u done p0ppers?

Have you had a guy drip saliva on your face?

Smelly Pussy?

How often are you wearing male thongs?

What's your naughty level?

Masturbating with another man

What age you first start masturbating?

You can only pick one!

The Best Ass?

First time you saw a man's dick?

What really turns you on in this site?

Bath or shower?

have you ever fucked...

What do you like more? Chose two

Would you hang out naked with a friend if they suggested it?

At which size do you consider a penis is big?

Do you like to have your ass licked?

Would you suck dick first date?

Do you cum every time you jerk off?

do you prefer to suck dick or be ass fucked?

what age were you when you first made a man cum?

At which size would you consider a penis is small?

Do you like sideburns on a man?

Cut vs. Uncut Masturbation

Train me to be your cocksucker

Have you been in love with a man?

Shampoo/conditioner vs organic

Would you welcome Ukraine refugees in United States?

First time seeing my dick

Do you have hair on your upper chest?

Have you ever asked a guy his cock size?

How often do u watch potn?

How often do you visit this site?

Are you Married or Single?

Phone or computer?

Have you ever been to a nude beach?