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Would you fuck me

Do you play with your while jerking off?

Senior same sex

Do you think is ok to shave your balls at the gym showers?

Have you experience dry orgasms?

Do you clean your body after masturbating?

Gay relationship; who will cheat more?

Do you think more American males are now uncut from years ago?

At what age you first saw a girl's pussy?

Can you cum twice if you are horny?

Have you ever have sex with a girl with smelly pussy?

Are men received more oral sex than women?

What rating from 1 to 10?

Do you ejaculating less semen as you aged?

This is a 2,5 inches hard think is small or big dick?

Does a man's bulge means big cock?

Which trans person you will have sex with ?

Would you suck a man with a smelly cock?

Healthy sleep naked

Can you tell the difference?

What is your favorite sex?

Have you ever cum under 2 mins?

Do you like dicks with big heads?

Do you think guys today are getting oral sex at early age?

sloppy seconds (MMF threesome CREAMPIES)

For Hairy Men; which part of your body you shaved the most?

Do you update your profile?

Does watching porn make you cum?

Are you happy with your circumcision look?

Do you slow down masturbating as your aged?

How often you eat cum?

Have you driven car with your hard-on out of your unzipped fly?


Which gender cum faster?

Grabbing your cock in the morning

Curved dick

my max cum is 2 or 3 drops

When was the last time you cum with me?

how long you fuck pussy?

Love at first sight

What would you do to a virgin guy first sex date?

Do you think there such thing of Evening Wood?

Guys, do your clean your mess after masturbation/ejaculation?

Which dick is better? Left or right

this is my strange little erect penis, 2.5 inches.

Driving totally nude

Average Cock

How long do you suck cock

Which body do you prefer

oh my brother

When guys ejaculate in your mouth do they

Do you like to receive/ give anal cream pie?

Have you ever swapped your partner?

Who’s got the bigger cock?

Eating your own cum

Do you like to fuck a girl with big clit?

Do you ever masturbated at the gym's shower room?

How important to have a "morning wood"

Should girls do anal sex?

Do you like to fuck a girl with an erected clit?

Does the bottom should tell the top he is cumming?

What do you like the most of man's profile pictures?

Guys, does a "french kiss" give you an erection?

At what age you first compare your penis size with another guy?

How you ever taught another guy how to masturbate?

Do you think more guys are having sexy at gyms?

Have you ever been caught masturbating?

which penis pic will get the attention of site members?

Do you have less sex during the holidays?

Do you jerk off and cum when you are horny?

What do you when leaking pre-cum?

Which sex toys do you use?

Should a girl tell her man/spouse she is under her period?

Do you think President Biden will re-elected to another term?

Do you get "morning wood" every day?

How often you jerk off with Rachel G?

Have you came with Rachel yet?

What would you like to see?

Do you think sex parties are a thing of the past?

Do you continue to fuck a girl while she is cumming?

Do you think girls like to wake up with dick in their pussy?

Who do you think cheats more; Gay or Straight men?

Would you have a relationship with an older woman?

[For Guys] Do you think your penis looks better SOFT or HARD?

oh brother part 3

oh brother

oh brother


Where do you like guys to ejaculate?

About tributes

How you would fuck me

# 2 by accident i close #1 poll

Is height related to penis size of a man?

My cock size

choose the most beautiful erect penis

How I like scrotums

How big are you!

What would you fuck

Worst erect dick

Best erect penis