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Versus 52 (who wins ?)

Do you like when others look at your softie in public showers?

Versus 50 (who wins ?)

Guys when your getting fucked, do you cum?

Versus 49 (who wins ?)

Taking your own load in the face pt.1

Versus 51 (who wins ?)

Would you be willing to give me some cock

Are you ever uncomfortable during a blowjob?

Nick2 (Left) vs Trmale (Right). Vote for the better cock.

Are you proud about your cock?

GUYS how adventurous are you

Will you donate your sperm to a childless couple?

Are you okay with female body hair?

Wife vs Girlfriend

dominating the blowjob

I'm a 45 year old milf, how would you rate my body,, 😋

Would you like if an unknown person measured your erection?

When you swallow his load...

Do you like to receive/ give anal cream pie?

How much you cum in each load?

Should girls do anal sex?

Long Shot

Masturbate / Wank / Jerking

How often a man should receive oral sex?

would you sit nude and watch me suck a guy, then put your

For men 50+ How often do you usually have an orgasm per week?

Big balls

Videos or photos

Should marijuana legalize on all US states?

Have you experience dry orgasms?

Should I shave my pussy?

Naked in Nature

Do you like to fuck a girl with big clit?

How long you can last in bj?

Not Cumming

Longer Erection

Wife vs Girlfriend

What does a man's dick stops growing? At what age?

Have you ever seen maturewhore show off in the chat?

Your favorite blowjob vid

The first time a guy shot cum in your mouth...

How many cum squirts when masturbating

Caught Masturbating by Wife! Lover it or Embarassed

Amount of semen

First time you saw a man's dick?-Part 2

How fast would you blow with handjob?

First time you saw a man's dick?

Where do you like to get some cum?

Should I open an onlyfans?

Accidental Ejaculation

What size dick do you like?

Have you ever hit your face with your own cum

Men 50+ years old. What is your erection hardness score?

Do you clean your body after masturbating?

Tired of Jerking off

For men 50+! Did your cock size change in the last 30 years?

International Masturbation day

Would you share your spouse/partner with another person?

Do you use the chat rooms?

Have you ever cum in a swimming pool?

Versus 44 (who wins ?)

Will You CUM Today ?

Would you tip a person giving you a bj if they were great

How often you visit my profile ❤️

Wet or Dry

Have you came with Rachel yet?

Anal sex with a woman


How often you jerk off with Rachel G?

Age Groups on SYD

Should i shave?

Masterbate room.

Would you like to see me..?

What should I use next?


Would you have sex with your "ex"?

Do you pause when masturbating?


Do you get boners after the gym?

Do you like being horny?

Feeling Horny

Favorite things in sex

Getting your ass fingered by a woman?

What would you like to see?

What part of Heer you like most?

Pics and Vids in fav's

Which penis sizes do you prefer for your partner?

Have you ever cum on your hand?

Have you ever experience "'wet dreams"?

Versus 47 (who wins ?)

Cum in your ass.

Versus 45 (who wins ?)

Versus 48 (who wins ?)

Sucking my 7 inch dick

Do you vote for members pics?

Where would u like to Cum?


Thank you for the blow job

What should I do next?