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watching her

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #118534 [Ignore] 26,Nov,10 10:36
I'm wondering how many other guys like watching their girl with another man..and do You have with me and my wife, the guy must have a big dick.

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By Dick60 [Ignore] 21,Nov,21 23:24 other posts 
I have watched my wife getting fuck and me fucking her to

By Dick60 [Ignore] 20,Nov,21 18:24 other posts 
I have already done it

By smcock [Ignore] 07,Aug,16 09:05 other posts 
I'd love to watch my wife with another man while I masterbate but unfortunately I haven't been able to talk her into doing another man YET bummer
By bella! [Ignore] 07,Aug,16 09:30 other posts 
Gee, and I wouldn't mind having a MMF, myself! The only difference being that I would like to see my man engaged with another man, while I'm off in a corner breathing hard and playing with myself.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 08,Aug,16 05:08 other posts 
I wonder how many women would want to see their man fuck another man. Probably not so common.
By bisub25 [Ignore] 08,Aug,16 11:05 other posts 
I volunteer my booty.
By #514308 17,Dec,16 09:39
My wife talks about the same...she loves to watch me suck our dildo and "encourages" me verbally while I'm sucking it.

She really enjoys when I cum on it and then lick it up

By #510951 07,Aug,16 09:57
I enjoy watching my wife being fucked by other men

By 2xTheOral [Ignore] 24,Jul,16 00:35 other posts 
I enjoy watching her make another guy cum.

By #5532 26,Nov,10 14:41
I know my guy enjoys seeing me with another man ( or woman). The only stipulation is that we must agree on the partner.
By slipper [Ignore] 28,Nov,10 20:18 other posts 
I'd sure love to volunteer!!!

By #59855 26,Nov,10 17:37
From Matt's Wife: We enjoy watching eachother as long as we are both doing something and we follow our rules

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