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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #691289 [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 04:42
I thought it would be great to have a forum to discuss favourite toys and what you like to do with them. So please post pics and descriptions here.

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By cd_jordan [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 13:13 other posts 
By #691289 19,Apr,23 13:41
Sexy. I'd love to see you in them.
By XJacker [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 14:02 other posts 
Women’s sexy underwear! My favourite toy too!

By tixHH [Ignore] 17,Apr,23 02:12 other posts 
By #691289 17,Apr,23 02:15
Impressive collection. And what's your favourite?

By #691289 16,Apr,23 04:42
I'll make a start with my penis pump.

[deleted image]

I love the sucking feeling on my cock and I love to pump until it hurts.
By Jamie [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 18:22 other posts 
I had one too pump it till my balls pop in love it to .
By #691289 17,Apr,23 01:53
Really? I hate it when my balls pop in

By XJacker [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 15:48 other posts 
My wife’s panties. I like to wear them. I also like to brush them across my erect cock head and between my legs imagining the feel of her finger, lips and tongue. I used my mother’s panties like that before.
By #691289 16,Apr,23 16:39
Certainly very sexy panties.

By stiffone4u [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 13:08 other posts 
I bought my wife a clit sucker that she seems really fond of.
By #691289 16,Apr,23 16:38
Sounds great, I'd love to watch her use them.

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