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who likes to wear speedos?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by tdx75 [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 01:40  other posts
Who likes to wear speedos? Which countries and places are the best places to wear speedos?

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By ScottsCock [Ignore] 19,Apr,23 12:07 other posts 
I like them, just don't get to wear them as much...

By casado [Ignore] 18,Apr,23 16:00 other posts 
eu adoro

By wycowboy [Ignore] 17,Apr,23 11:56 other posts 
I wore speedos in the 80's when I worked as a lifeguard. Other than that I haven't worn them. Now that I weight 320 pounds I wouldn't consider it.

By #677384 16,Apr,23 15:17
I grew up in speedos at the lake every summer. I wore speedos as a varsity swimmer in high school too. Since I live in Colorado, we can only run around half naked in summer. Since I am older now, and pretty sure nobody wants to see me in speedos I haven't wore them in years.

By bostonspdo [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 15:06 other posts 
I have worn only speedo style suits (Aussiebums recently) to the beach and swimming and occasional other occasions since I was in my mid-teens. A long time.

By XJacker [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 03:44 other posts 
For swimming and the beach I wear baggies now at my wife’s insistence.

But at my all boys school we used to wear regulation blue speedos. They were very brief and I liked the way they showed the bulge of a boy’s sex kit, especially when they got wet and clung to his outline. They were great for showing other boys what we’d got. They make it obvious when a boy was erect, which most of us were. Even at that age some boys had erect cocks so big they almost peeped out at the top.

One of our swimming teachers used to wear bright red speedos even briefer than ours. He used to squat wide legged on the edge of the pool to instruct us, showing off his cock outline and with his pubes peeping out. With all us nearly naked boys around those speedos showed I think he wanted to sho us he was erect most of the time!

By #691289 16,Apr,23 03:25
I love wearing bike shorts, and I think you can wear them anywhere.

[deleted image]

By decatur212 [Ignore] 16,Apr,23 03:13 other posts 
Hello great topic I love to see a guy in underwear or speedo or bike shorts showing off his bulge and if you can see the VPL that’s even hotter and by the way, I love your page ladies check him out

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