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Wuhan institute of virology posted ad for scientists to test new SARS virus in November

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Started by overeight [Ignore] 04,Apr,20 10:29  other posts
The institute of virology in Wuhan China posted ads for jobs researching a new SARS cOv-2 or covid-19 back in November 28 2019 from an article posted in National Review and published out to public today. Its an interesting read. Supposedly the Wuhan institute has been aware of this virus for at less a year but didn't inform the World Health Organization about it until December 2019. One researcher at the Wuhan institute could have known since possibly 2015 when one scientist who is now dead and his last work was recorded in early 2018 had self quarantined himself three times during his research.

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 22:10 other posts 
we're still no closer to any real evidence of chinas responsibility for it or them admitting to be at fault.. humanity has paid the price for a few peoples reckless decisions that have changed the world as we know it.. I dont see any government doing anything but running for cover and making band aid responses to it from the beginning. Im no expert, but I said from the first month, that purpose built quaratine centres should be put into place, out side of major cities .. and eradication should have been the objective, why fight an invisible pathogen when you can quash it in a matter of months and keep your population safe from it in the future. But not one countries politicians did the right thing from the start, instead they played politics with the lives of their nation.. they brought economic hardship to hard working honest business owners and broken many, all the while propping up big companies to make sure they succeed while their smaller competition is being broken and taken out of the market... I cant see that being good for us all in the future.. we're being pushed into a communist society and way of thinking, we're not allowed to voice our opinions if they dont agree with what the media is forcing down our throats. No one has committed to giving any real forecast as to where we will stand in a months time, 2 months time, a year??? there are no consistent reports on the vaccines, the effectiveness??? you can all throw regurgitated web based statistics at it, yet it doesnt match what Im seeing or hearing on the ground?
when a fully vaccinated person, is still not allowed to travel freely?? or see a DYING family member, because it might be bad for their health, is just a ridiculous oxymoron to me.. we have laws thrown out at us and we're expected to believe that these puppets telling us how to live, are making the right decisions for all.. When those same people made decisions to open the door to the rich and give them special privileges over and above the common man, and again letting infectious people be trusted to stay home, when their wealth makes them feel like the law doesnt affect them.....
I hope this doesnt scar the world too much, but Im afraid Im seeing it every day in our children, and our lack of contact with friends, our lack of dancing and music and festivities, from weddings, birthdays and to the death of our elderly, not being able to mourn them or give them a proper send off. its an abomination on mankind ... brought on by bad governments and big business. yet again the pharmaceutical companies are printing money, rubbing their hands with sanitiser and filling their share holders pockets even if they fail at what they doing ... *Lix*

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