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First Porno

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #454258 [Ignore] 20,Aug,15 20:48
Describe the fist Porn film you've ever seen.

As for me, I decovered a VHS tape in the bottom drawer of my father's dresser. i was about this guy who buys a blow up doll, and while using it, it turns into a real girl...somehow....... No Idea what the title was.

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By bi1953 [Ignore] 20,Aug,15 21:16 other posts 
When I was young porn films were all on 8mm. Most didn’t even have sound. My friend found a film hidden in his uncle’s garage. We watched with a projector at my house we used for home movies. The film was called “Hard Candy” and featured big tit superstar Candy Samples. There was lots of cock sucking and tit fucking. Ahhhh memories.
By #454258 21,Aug,15 23:07
is it worth looking up today?
By bi1953 [Ignore] 23,Aug,15 00:30 other posts 
Yes, it was a very hot fi!m.
By #454258 23,Aug,15 01:00
strange. all I get is some 2005 thriller.
By #454258 23,Aug,15 01:05
I looked up the actress, and found some videos of her on Xvideos. very nice
By shackles [Ignore] 22,Aug,15 00:05 other posts 
My first porn films were watching 8mm also! Amazing how it's gone from that to instant movies online.

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 21,Aug,15 23:49 other posts 
I don't remember the first movie. I do remember finding my uncle's stash of porn mags. I wondered why in those magazines is that guy sticking his willie in her mouth. Now I wonder why isn't he balls deep in her throat?
By #454258 22,Aug,15 03:05
good times. i remember finding an old issue of hustler in the same drawer. the cover didn't show anything, so i thought it was going to be like Maxim, or Lowrider. my 13 year old mind was blown.

I beleave I had my first wet dream that night too.

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