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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by big9inch21 [Ignore] 08,May,15 16:31  other posts
We would like to run another contest giving away a premium month membership, any suggestions of some good ideas would be appreciated Running out of ideas? Lol

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By bella! [Ignore] 08,May,15 16:48 other posts 
Go 'Old Skool'!

Where you work, do you offer patrons a bucket of peanuts or a bowl of pretzels? Individually count the units, photograph it and post it. Obviously, the person with the correct guess wins. If you do not have someone who guesses correctly, the member closest to, without going over.

M&M's work too.
By 170cal [Ignore] 10,May,15 09:11 other posts 
Hahaha the phrase "count the units" has a different meaning on this site hahaha

By #485312 10,May,15 08:35
most daring out door shots to promote nudism and what the site is supposed to be about...how many people can you get in the shot without getting arrested for indecent exposure...famous landmark in the background...planking naked...body painting and creative cock painting....*lix*

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 08,May,15 22:37 other posts 
Dick and/or pussy picture scavenger hunt. You need to take a picture of your dick next to a vegetable that resembles it. You need to insert something blue in your pussy. You need to cum on a picture of Taylor Swift, etc.

Give out 5 or six tasks, first one to complete wins. Be careful not to get anyone arrested.

By #358797 08,May,15 18:04
Make em draw a picture of your weiner doing silly things. We can +1 the best/most creative one as a way of voting. Lol.

By mr_blue [Ignore] 08,May,15 16:57 other posts 
Drink a pint of beer in one,time how long it takes you...

The closest guess to the time wins....

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