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Mastering Masturbation

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #285354 [Ignore] 24,Jan,15 18:48
Have you ever thought that each time you masturbate you become more experienced and better at it. It's no surprise that we love it! We're getting better at it every day!

[deleted image]

Keep practicing!

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By spunkluvr [Ignore] 21,Apr,24 10:40 other posts 
Been wanking for sixty-five years. I'm an expert!

By #662360 29,May,23 18:26
Yes masturbation experience develops as our bodies change. When I first masturbated I got rock hard erect in seconds and a couple of minutes of hard pumping took me to my cum. These days i enjoy slowly fingering my cock to the peak of erection stiffness and sensitivity. I know the most sensitive parts of my cock and concentrate my stroking there. Ive learned how to hold it back on the brink and the best length of time to hold off. I also have a wealth of memories of women, men, porn and erotic experience to remember as I wank, much better than just wishes of things Id like to do.

By #519017 22,Oct,16 12:14
So true. When I started masturbating I tugged my foreskin back and forth till I came. It took some time to develop an even better stroking technique. Over the years I've discovered better masturbation positions that stretch my foreskin and cock muscle. The most important thing I've developed is holding back my orgasm, which is a useful skill for sex with a woman.

By #289712 31,Jan,15 15:45
I wouldn't say mastered, although due to the fact I masturbate a lot, and have pretty much everyday for 25 years, I've learned and progressed on ways to improve it.
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And a little later on, I am going to further my research, possibly a couple of times!

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