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Rate my cock please!! Be honest!

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #392468 [Ignore] 27,Jun,13 14:14
Rate my cock please!!! I really would like to hear your honest opinions on my cock. I an some what self conscience about it.

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By #596680 09,Aug,19 00:12
I love pussy around my dick
By #551147 09,Aug,19 08:11
🤔 Just curious... But, wtf does your declaration have to do with this thread?

Was it like... This looks like a great place to just say "I love pussy around my dick"?

Genuinely curious, nice cock btw!

By #124665 28,Jun,13 22:35
You have a big/huge cock. Be proud.

By bigone21 [Ignore] 27,Jun,13 18:15 other posts 
pretty good man! sorry you're cut, but in the US that will not raise a frown..!

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