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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #283617 [Ignore] 03,Oct,12 23:25
Im interesting in sounding but don't really know how to go about it, any help would be appreciated thanks.

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By Jb11 [Ignore] 10,Jan,17 06:20 other posts 
I started with a small one and not too long and have tried larger and enjoyed. My ladyfriend likes to use them on me, that makes it feel good. Use plenty of lube

By #121361 10,Oct,16 02:17
[deleted image]

By #485312 09,Oct,16 23:46
[deleted image][deleted image]
mmm ribbed for extra sensations and extra hot *lix*

By #121361 09,Oct,16 07:45
[deleted image]

By #121361 09,Oct,16 07:44
[deleted image]

By #121361 09,Oct,16 07:43
[deleted image]

By #121361 11,Sep,15 15:37
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 9448 hours


By cumonme1 [Ignore] 10,Jun,15 08:26 other posts 
I want to try sounding need someone to explain what does it do make you cum etc.
By #410609 07,Sep,15 18:31
Sounding in the forested areas of the upper midwest is where we go out in the woods and bang on tree trunks with a wooden bat or clack two rocks together to make loud noises. The resulting sounds will usually call in a curious Squatch. Whether or not you cum is entirely up to what mood he is in. Glad to help.
By #121361 08,Sep,15 01:00
Try it , Start slowly !! We wish you a lot of Fun

By #420420 07,Sep,15 01:20
Lenatur is obviously ADVANCED!! I'm not sure that I would go to that extreme, but FUCKING WOW!! Start small, get a little set of stainless steel sounds of various sizes: only registered users can see external links Start with the small ones, and work up, maybe two smaller ones is better than a larger one, depending on how you feel. When you know what you can take, get one that vibrates!!
By #121361 08,Sep,15 00:54
For all Sounding Starter beginn small ca 4-5 mm and check it feel good or not . my first deep, Start with 6-8 cm . Now i use 8 mm and 17 cm in length. Found some Girl the like to do this on me, SUPER [deleted image] THX Lady

By #121361 03,Sep,15 00:47
Finish [deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 13 hours

Cum is cumming
By #485312 04,Sep,15 04:27
it feels awesome l bet, you've shown me new uses for my speculums *lix*
By #121361 05,Sep,15 07:53
Love to ispirate you, nice strech Feeling for Men

By #121361 03,Sep,15 00:45
[deleted image]

By #121361 03,Sep,15 00:44
Streching and Sounding TOP Feeling[deleted image]

By #485312 29,Aug,15 00:32
[deleted image][deleted image]
beautiful instrument *lix*

By #485312 24,Aug,15 04:33
[deleted image][deleted image]
what a man! would love to play with his metal *lix*

By #121361 18,Aug,15 13:44
Part Two [deleted image]

By #121361 18,Aug,15 13:37
Strech and Sounding !!!! This Pic is espacialy for licksipsuckit In love [deleted image]

By #485312 18,Aug,15 07:09
[deleted image][deleted image][deleted image]
love this glass rod *lix*

By #121361 09,Aug,15 10:05
My new Toys , top Feeling . [deleted image]
By #485312 10,Aug,15 04:05
hope we get to see them in action Len *lix*

By #121361 15,Sep,14 01:27
Well done by the Lady ![deleted image]

By #485312 08,Aug,15 04:56
that's so hot Len, all your play dates are hot *lix*
By #121361 09,Aug,15 07:15
THXfrom booth licksipsuckit

By #390287 15,Sep,14 01:13
By #485312 08,Aug,15 04:54
[deleted image][deleted image]
very hot play sessions *lix*

By #121361 05,Jun,15 01:02
Top !

By mrwhettams [Ignore] 18,Sep,14 08:53 other posts 
My blog has some points on sounding...

By #121361 15,Sep,14 01:25
[deleted image]

By #121361 15,Sep,14 01:22
I love this ,THX Lady![deleted image]

Top Feeling !

By Vita [Ignore] 27,Nov,12 14:20 other posts 


By #181785 25,Nov,12 23:27
Check my site. Go slow and use lots of lub. Be CAREFUL

By mywusch [Ignore] 25,Nov,12 09:51 other posts 
lub the object and put it in slowly, you`ll like it Photo of a penile from mywusch
there are more on my site

By #121361 05,Nov,12 13:48
Hi check our Pics !!!

By #26746 04,Oct,12 16:29
se my Site

By #149276 04,Oct,12 11:56
slide objects into your penne..tickle your prostate from the inside... feels goooooood!!!

By #121361 04,Oct,12 03:35
Check our Page !!

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