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Started by mpmforce [Ignore] 18,Sep,12 21:58  other posts
I've blown a guy once, that's it though. But for some reason I want someone to bend me over and shove a cock all the way into my ass. I was never really turned on by anal but I have this urge to be held down and fucked senseless

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By mpmforce [Ignore] 22,Sep,12 15:49 other posts 
I was in a crowded bar and this guy was pressed up against my butt while he was rock hard, felt so dirty/ good. At the same time my cock was fully erect and poking a cute lady in front of me

By #293865 22,Sep,12 09:50
Yeah I quite agree with you I have also sucked a couple of cocks but never fucked an arsehole or had mine fucked I would love to lose my cherry to a big cock

By #295481 19,Sep,12 22:20
Mmm, I love being held down and fucked hard in the ass...
By mpmforce [Ignore] 20,Sep,12 00:09 other posts 
How does it feel?
By #295481 21,Sep,12 00:56
Sooooo good!
By mpmforce [Ignore] 21,Sep,12 04:51 other posts 
I'm afraid I'm going to like it too much
By #295481 22,Sep,12 04:04
No such thing as liking it too much
By #27633 22,Sep,12 04:19

By #220845 21,Sep,12 11:02
I need it to. I would love to get it from both ends.

By #68656 19,Sep,12 07:25
Hello Will.
Excellent comment and very true, it is an activity he does not need and which should be avoided.
Not to mention the risks involved.
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 19,Sep,12 09:44 other posts 
alright John , I almost was in doubt now about "your last activity", because of your pic...

By #233140 19,Sep,12 07:04
It sounds to me like there are other things driving your urge to be "held down and fucked senseless", not just the thought of having a cock shoved up your ass.

There's nothing wrong with exploring your submissive side. Find a good partner you trust and see where it goes I say

By mpmforce [Ignore] 19,Sep,12 00:54 other posts 
Never just wanted to be held down and fucked?

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