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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #231008 [Ignore] 03,Mar,12 16:56
After my wife's works party she told me that someone we both know wants to fuck her. His wife will not play and he does not want me to watch or take part, my wife is not sure as I am left out of it. Should I allow her to get fucked by him?

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By #460385 29,Apr,17 16:31
Since this post was written 5 years ago. I wonder if she fucked the guy?

By #478191 21,Nov,16 10:52
If you are both comfy with it why not.my hubbys watched me with other guys plus lets me have sex on my own.he knows i have sex at work as i always tell him about so when i return hes as horny as hell.I wouldn't do anything without him knowing though or anything without his consent.
By smcock [Ignore] 25,Apr,17 07:14 other posts 
Oh yes I totally agree with you jande2014 just wish my wife would do another man.
By #515432 29,Apr,17 12:43
Same situation my wife and I have. I love her naughty side

By #515432 29,Apr,17 12:41
That's entirely up to you, only you know how you will take it.
You can message me if you want details in how I felt about my wife doing it ...(I love talking about it)

By #509938 26,Apr,17 07:27
Personally, I'd turn up after your wife's work and kick his face off the front of his skull.

By #363802 25,Apr,17 09:09
I would definitely let her! If the situation was reversed and a woman from the party wanted to fuck you and the husband had no interest in your wife, you would want your wife to let you fuck her, wouldn't you? Why deny your wife a fun night? If she wants to fuck him, let her! Maybe she'll let you eat her pussy when she gets home! You know the saying, happy wife, happy life! Let her have some fun!

By smartmax [Ignore] 25,Apr,17 06:32 other posts 
Yes u should alow her in ur presence.. So u can also see Wt ur wife feel during fuck...and observe she is horny with u or dat guy

By #485312 22,Nov,16 16:52
as the women, ld have to ask, does he have a bigger cock than my hubby, is he better looking, does he have a higher sex drive..he might be a better catch and he might be looking for his next wife...knowing that men sometimes hedge their bets and look for greener grass all the time *lix*

By #188764 04,Mar,12 10:36
All depends on whether the idea turns you on (a budding cuckold fetish) or turns you off (jealousy). If having your wife tell you all about the experience would be sexually arousing for you (and her), I think you should do it.

You get to set the ground-rules, however. She shouldn't have a blank check to fool around without you knowing about it, every time. And it might be that you would want to start out with a three-some situation (whether participatory on your part or just watching), rather than you being out of the picture. That would put the ball back in the other guy's court. If he wants to fuck your wife, it has to be by your rules.

Edit: I just noticed you self-describe as bisexual. Wouldn't it be better to start out in a 3-way with another bi guy? You could satisfy your cock-sucking urge, AND your wife could get fucked by you and the other guy.
By #261269 15,Jul,14 14:25
I agree totally with Balt and others, you get to set the ground rules. There are ways for a win-win situation.

By #136427 15,Jul,14 14:14
Both or nothing

By #427539 07,Sep,13 14:03
Ifnhe wants to fuck your wife he should fuck you olso. Is wrong to just fuck the wife and not the husband
By *kmadeau* [Ignore] 13,Jul,14 21:55 other posts 

By #174339 13,Jul,14 21:45
my wife and cousin I allow her once or twice

By #231008 04,Mar,12 16:12
Thanks people, will have to see what happens. We both fear std if it is someone we don't know.
By #6568 04,Mar,12 16:23
....You should "fear" a bit more than STD's, frankly....

By yellowman [Ignore] 03,Mar,12 17:22 other posts 
No way. You watch and take part or it does not happen. Having said that, if of course she wants it to happen then it will, in a secretive manner.

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