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Boobs on Men

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Started by #204615 [Ignore] 11,Dec,11 07:44
Be honest now....How many Men out there would love to have a real pair of Breasts of their own.... I really want Breasts and am doing every thing I can to increase the size of my Breasts.... Hopefully I achieve my goals...
So... How man of you will be HONEST???????

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By #1860 11,Dec,11 17:29
I be honest ... I'd love to have them. I wish I was more feminely built, with breasts and a dick, I'd lady shave all over and switch into a shemale whenever I wanted to
By #143536 02,Jan,12 10:55

By #195641 02,Jan,12 05:08
Oompie...great topic. I love them. My are so sensative around the nipple area. Yours a great

By #206416 16,Dec,11 03:39
I once read that men can be induced to produce milk through constant sucking/pumping over a period of time. Weird.
By #201583 29,Dec,11 16:24
It's true. That's why men have nips. Other than hormones men aren't much different than women. Prostate becomes a uterus, testicals turn into overies, gland becomes the clit. The only real difference is an extra hole and hip bones are made for birthing, and the hormones.

By MoeJoe [Ignore] 16,Dec,11 05:59 other posts 
See mine....

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 15,Dec,11 23:18 other posts 
how about "pecs"?

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