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By 15x55 21,Feb,22 06:02
I love all ypur pics and vids! You are what keeps me here and alive

By 15x55 20,Sep,21 05:20
I have to all of them

By 15x55 14,May,21 11:22
Yes but i would enjoy more if i were the reason for your moans!

By 15x55 13,May,21 15:45
Totally awesome all the way around

By 15x55 24,Mar,20 09:11

By 15x55 27,Jan,20 20:32
I'm 5.5 long 4.25 girth

By 15x55 06,May,19 09:01
Looks wide to me. In only 1.5 inch wide.

By 15x55 08,Apr,19 06:34
Im 5.5 inches check my page out

By 15x55 08,Apr,19 06:30

By 15x55 22,Aug,18 17:51
4.25 inch girth 5.5 inch long