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By petunia51 18,Jan,24 08:42
15-20 minutes

By petunia51 19,Jul,23 05:46
Wow ..... I Want to rub my cock on yours!
--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

I am always ready for it and I promise you the greatest fun!

By petunia51 09,Jan,23 07:05
I lovre to chat with men and women about Sex, fucking, dick and pussy! And I want to share our experienes. Every user, man and woman, is welcome!

By petunia51 05,Jan,23 07:30
This is a very seductive cock that entices me to put it in my mouth and suck it until it cums!

By petunia51 09,Dec,22 08:08
Mmmmm ....Very nice and exciting cock! Young and powerful!

By petunia51 06,Sep,22 02:24
For me, the best jerk off position is when I'm standing completely naked in front of a large wall mirror and masturbating. I fantasize shakily that I'm jerking off with another like-minded guy and when I cum, I also see that we both come at the same time and soil each other with our hot sperm

By petunia51 18,Aug,22 07:04
I love it and I keep making it with like minded friends!

By petunia51 06,Jul,22 12:43
Mine is cut too!

By petunia51 19,Apr,22 14:26
Thanks Bella! You are always very friendly, nice and helpful💋❤

By petunia51 19,Apr,22 12:56
Thanks Bella! But It doesn't work when I add him as a friend. He has to add me. But I can't tell him

By petunia51 16,Feb,22 03:28
Your pics and your sex apeal keep turning me on! Please don't leave this page! You are always very seductive

By petunia51 25,Dec,21 14:01
That's correct! But in 2009 I was registered under the username Accacia and then under Gerania and now under Petunia

By petunia51 25,Aug,21 01:36
Hi! I usually like cut because the tail looks gorgeous and it's clean too. I love uncut when the foreskin is long enough so that it can pull over my glans to rub our glans together until we cum together . Interested people can contact me!

By petunia51 23,Apr,20 02:08
I do something else: When I fuck a pussy and get in, I lick the pussy and swallow the mixed juice of me and her. It tastes great

By petunia51 16,Apr,20 06:00
Yes! I like to jerk off in front of the large wall mirror in my bathroom. It turns me on very much when my powerful loads burst against the mirror and then flow downwards

By petunia51 14,Dec,19 11:36
Mine. Do you like my glans

By petunia51 29,Aug,17 21:10
I fuck all pussies; especially if they are harry

By petunia51 11,Jun,17 15:44
U like my cockhead?

By petunia51 11,Jun,17 15:37
I miss Julia! But maybe she was a fake!

By petunia51 08,Jun,17 16:23
Hi! Melde dich bei mir!

By petunia51 08,Jun,17 15:59
When I masturbate and cum then I aim at my open mouth. The two first loads are very often landed directly in my throat and I swallow fast and greedily! Thats so yummy!

By petunia51 21,Dec,16 02:59
I miss bella!

By petunia51 27,Sep,16 20:53
A Tergo style with its four variations either all together until I come or every orgasms only one version after another with orgasm with four orgasm!

By petunia51 27,Sep,16 20:50

By petunia51 23,Sep,16 08:36
Ok! Thanks Admin!

By petunia51 11,Jun,16 23:14
I think, mostly Photoshoped!