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By cockbot3000 17,May,18 08:57
Im Pazuzu11. Hope to see you all there!

By cockbot3000 28,Sep,17 15:18
I love my super head honcho! It's fun and feels great!

By cockbot3000 28,Sep,17 15:16
I have a super head honcho that i use from time to time. It feels great and I have rough hands so it's great to use for longer sessions.

By cockbot3000 10,Mar,17 00:18
I have about 100 times does that count?

By cockbot3000 16,Jan,17 15:19
Hairy all over is the best! Loves me a fully natural hirsute hottie!

By cockbot3000 12,Jan,17 11:32

By cockbot3000 12,Jan,17 11:27
I think it's the best. Bigger bush the better in my opinion but even a neatly trimmed one is super sexy.

By cockbot3000 04,Jan,17 16:23
It seems one of my absolute favorites from this site Swallow10 has left us hope to see him return some day!

By cockbot3000 02,Jan,17 15:16

My perfectly average penis

By cockbot3000 18,Dec,16 16:29
I do it during a shower. Use conditioner or dove soap as your shaving cream and a ladies razor. Works best if your balls are tight but works either way. Good luck!

By cockbot3000 18,Dec,16 16:24
Love using a slimy banana skin on my cock! A couple times I warmed up and cut the end off of a soft banana and slide inside it! Super messy, but feels great!

By cockbot3000 18,Dec,16 16:21

My very average cock!

By cockbot3000 18,Dec,16 16:18

By cockbot3000 15,Dec,16 14:13

By cockbot3000 14,Nov,16 20:23
I prefer old cocks to younger ones!

By cockbot3000 10,Nov,16 21:46
I just use my precum, spit or sometimes I squeeze out some a little piss which mixes nicely with the pre cum

By cockbot3000 10,Nov,16 21:33
I jerked off a few times with a friend in h.s., never touching but fully exposed a couple times. Once I watched him get jerked by a girl we knew which was fun

By cockbot3000 10,Nov,16 21:28
My balls usually hang much lower than my cock!

By cockbot3000 10,Nov,16 21:13
I agree! Small is sexy!

By cockbot3000 10,Nov,16 21:07

By cockbot3000 06,Nov,16 20:32

Not the biggest but ive always thought it was aesthetically pleasing!

By cockbot3000 06,Nov,16 20:29

My latest!

By cockbot3000 30,Oct,16 21:23
Church basement!

By cockbot3000 25,Oct,16 21:57
Belly cum!

By cockbot3000 25,Oct,16 21:54
Panties are fun for everyone!

By cockbot3000 25,Oct,16 21:47
This is about as hard as he gets!

By cockbot3000 14,Oct,16 14:52
Back in high school my mom caught me mid session naked and spread eagle on the toilet. She yelled Jesus Christ! Go to bed! And we never spoke of it again.

By cockbot3000 23,Sep,16 23:19
Mine is much sweeter and tastier than my cum. I love licking it from my hands while i jerk off.

By cockbot3000 13,Sep,16 17:01

By cockbot3000 21,Aug,16 01:19
heres my fat head

By cockbot3000 21,Aug,16 01:16

my latest

By cockbot3000 21,Aug,16 01:10
heres me! what do you think?

By cockbot3000 28,Apr,16 15:27
I like your cock!

By cockbot3000 04,Feb,16 13:59
I find the more active i an on the site the more comments (not that there's many) i get. Using points, commenting on others pics, and using the forums are all gray ways to attract people to your page!

By cockbot3000 05,Dec,15 02:18

By cockbot3000 05,Dec,15 02:14
Here's my most flaccid photo!

By cockbot3000 05,Dec,15 02:11
I love hanging out in a soft fuzzy diaper letting my wee flow freely and drizzle around my cock before it is soaked up.

By cockbot3000 04,Apr,15 19:35

By cockbot3000 05,Jul,14 00:22

By cockbot3000 05,Jul,14 00:20

By cockbot3000 05,Jul,14 00:19

By cockbot3000 05,Jul,14 00:16
Here's me. I'm about 5.75"

By cockbot3000 05,Jul,14 00:10

By cockbot3000 05,Jul,14 00:09
I like this one of mine

By cockbot3000 24,Apr,14 00:25
Nice I'm In Springfield!

By cockbot3000 26,Feb,14 17:22
A Full Open Bottle Of beer

By cockbot3000 14,Apr,13 21:11
Here you go!

By cockbot3000 14,Apr,13 21:09
I caught my older bro as he was just finishing once. I loved it and wish I had gotten there sooner. I also used to hear my parents moans through their door late at night sometimes and I'd stand in the hall and jerk off as they fucked.

By cockbot3000 13,Jan,13 23:18
Western Massachusetts!

By cockbot3000 13,Jan,13 23:16
Although I dislike the taste of my cum, I love licking up my pre-cum! I taste some probably every time I jerk off.