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Info about my foreskin and inflating it since many ask...

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By slipper [Ignore] 13,Oct,17 13:23   Pageviews: 320

People ask about my fairly generous foreskin and about how I pump/inflate it. I have always tried to give some kind of personal response to each one who has queried, but I finally decided I could offer the info here. I'm always happy to try and answer further questions, though, of course.

First, I have been blessed with a pretty decent skin which has been my favorite toy all my life. I was very lucky that my family never cut any of the males so at a time in the US when almost everyone lost their foreskins my parents saved mine. During four years of PE classes I never encountered another uncut. Nary a single one! It wasn't until I entered the Army that I found a few.

Regarding how I inflate... for tools I simply make my own. Any fairly soft, spherical object of an appropriate size for any given foreskin is a possible "tool." Look around dollar stores, pharmacies, etc. I use baby-bottle nipples (one inside and out to retain them since they are too small for me), halved ear-washers, the squeeze-bulb from anti-freeze testers and similar from keyboard dusters, etc. Use your imagination and experiment. Then, attach a length of vinyl tubing and a pinch-valve if you want to leave the skin inflated for a while. Experimentation is important to find out what works. My first try was with small plastic funnels... OUCH, too hard!

Now some important CAUTIONS, if you wish to try this... First, NEVER inflate your foreskin with anything other than by mouth (either yours or a friend'**** can work nicely. ;-) Or, one can use a ****-pressure cuff hand-pump. With some practice it will probably surprise you how much pressure you can use. Foreskin typically has a lot of assorted nerve endings but not many pain receptors. With experimentation and a little practice to discover what you like best, inflating feels good; now, I can almost cum from just doing so. However, you do NOT wish to rip the foreskin loose from below your glans. Yikes, what an embarrassing trip to the ER! I have read accounts of guys who have done so using an air-compressor. Can you say ker-BANG???

One other CAUTION. If you try this, note: some men report mild bladder pain following inflation. I suspect this is due to air leaking up the urethra; one can use a lot of pressure while pumping. This has not been an issue for me or most I've spoken with who do it, but anyone trying this needs to be aware of the possibility.

I am now using a tool 2.25" in diameter, but must have one that is compressible so as to mash it in order to insert and remove. My opening, though I stretch it separately is not as large as my skin itself. Also, I recommend using lots of lube for your tools. And, if your frenny is real loose or snipped it helps; mine'**** not. As for how long you can leave it inflated, again experiment. I do a half-hour or so but sometimes go longer. However, I have a 2" diameter rubber squeeze bulb my glans fits in that I've modified so that I can insert and leave it in, even peeing through it if need be. I can comfortably wear it for hours at a time... since it is not an inflation device. In fact, I can wear it under fairly loose jeans out-&-about. One of the things I really like about it is that with the foreskin stretched over it, the skin is quite sensitive to the lightest touch. So, wearing it under my clothes while out in the world I get a constant light stimulation of my foreskin that helps keep my slightly aroused for long periods of time which I delight in (my "d**g" of choice, certainly)!

I only wish I'd commenced tugging, stretching, and inflating my foreskin while a teenager; if I had I probably would have significant skin by now... hehehehe!!! If you try it, take care, have fun, and do post pix/vids!!!

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By JeffinKS [Ignore] 18,Feb,23 09:46
can you show some up close pictures of your device?
By slipper [Ignore] 18,Feb,23 13:37
I'll send you a picture, Jeff.

By surferharry [Ignore] 19,Jan,22 21:21
By slipper [Ignore] 19,Jan,22 22:49
Thanks for stopping by and the thumbs-up
By surferharry [Ignore] 20,Jan,22 22:23
By slipper [Ignore] 21,Jan,22 02:47

By CircPlay [Ignore] 03,Dec,21 17:38
Very descriptive blog, I know I replied years ago under a different user name. I love inflating and have been using the gag ball. I can leave it in at various diameters. I canít imagine using an air compressor. That is definitely a trip to the ER to only get circumcised. I had a similar embarrassing ER visit when I let guys use a cock pump on my foreskin they got carried away and I was in ecstasy when the cock pump tore off my frenulum. Thatís another blog lol!

Love the feel when walking around the gay spa with a bulge in my foreskin or showing in my pants. I know you want longer skin but it made me leak a lot of pre cum daily from all the vibrating wad of bunched up foreskin.

Hereís a video on how I use my inflatable gag ball!
By slipper [Ignore] 03,Dec,21 21:20
Thanks, for the comment and vid! EXCELLENT!!!

By #451923 [Ignore] 22,Oct,17 18:31
love to inflate it stretches my foreskin the best. I use a gag ball inserted into my foreskin.
By slipper [Ignore] 24,Oct,17 14:49
Yes, so many ways to experiment and all are such fun!!!
By niceonebighead [Ignore] 06,Nov,17 16:20
my lady likes 2 run her tounge under the skin an around the head she likes i dam sure do
By slipper [Ignore] 10,Nov,17 14:08
SWEEEEEEEEET!!! Same with my wife and me!!!

By #537131 [Ignore] 15,Oct,17 07:36
yeah, if I knew then what I know now!....Love ur hot videos! I've been into solo play for several years (dildos, sounding, cock rings, etc.) and recently began giving head. Love this site and (new hookup site). thnx for ur instructional and for all ur hot pics; they give me the opportunity to cum when I want to!
By slipper [Ignore] 24,Oct,17 14:50
Thanks, and such a NICE one you have to play with!!!

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