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Shemale porn??

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #559922 [Ignore] at 02,Jul,18 22:03
This is NOT meant as a transphobic post so please don't ****. I think transpeople are strong and courageous.

But... What is the appeal of shemale porn? I'm straight and it turns me off even more than gay porn. I feel physically sick whenever I see nude pics of a "girl with a penis" - it just grosses me the fuck out!

But apparently some people are really into it, so what do you like about it?

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By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 08,Nov,18 04:47 other posts 
I love mens cocks but like nipples and breasts too..If you have both how fun it is and not to forget a great ass too!

By #571467 at 08,Nov,18 04:16
the best of both worlds in my opinion,cock and tits

By JackHammer [Ignore] at 07,Nov,18 08:54 other posts 
A beautiful women turns me on and cocks turn me on, so there ya go.

By 2nice [Ignore] at 03,Jul,18 09:07 other posts 
Itís the best of both worlds.
By whatsupcocks [Ignore] at 07,Nov,18 01:28 other posts 

By knewbi [Ignore] at 15,Jul,18 19:32 other posts 
Well, while I am Bi I love romance with women but with guys I really only prefer sex... Any kind of sex but not into kissing and hugging and all.. Interesting how I will suck a guys cock and tongue fuck his ass hole but do not like kissing.. Anyway, with a tranny I can see that I would be happy romancing her as well as getting my hands and mouth and whatever else on her cock... Have not been fortunate enough to find a tranny to play with but I am still looking.

By #532695 at 03,Jul,18 22:52
I like to see tits, and I like to see a nice cock. The overall feminine look, meh. Actual women look so much more feminine.

By whatsupcocks [Ignore] at 03,Jul,18 09:01 other posts 
It's the 21 st century :x What ever wacks your willy. Different Strokes for Different Fokes. It no different then a chick putting on her boyfriends close . I wish there were more it would make the dating thing more interesting . What I like about them is they got the balls to do it and look good doing it. Jump the fence and give it a try it will ancer lot of queistions

By Jasondup70 [Ignore] at 03,Jul,18 08:08 other posts 
If its another mans fancy go for it. Not quite my cup of tea. Plenty of other porn out there to give me pleasure...

By champstamp [Ignore] at 02,Jul,18 22:44 other posts 
I am straight too but on rare occasions ill watch some shemale porn. By that I mean solo posing pictures. I too am only attracted to girls but i guess its hard to explain.

By cody8789 [Ignore] at 02,Jul,18 22:26 other posts 
You get the best of both worlds. You don't have to like it or even post how you h a t e it, but there is a lot of people who do like it. I don't post what I h a t e, or I would be posting all night
By #559922 at 02,Jul,18 22:34
I'm not just saying I **** it, I'm asking what it is about it that people like.
By cody8789 [Ignore] at 02,Jul,18 22:39 other posts 
I've never been with a trans so I can't ans. It for you, but what I'm saying, don't put down what other people like, you don't have to like it or post about it, everyone likes something different.

By #559922 at 02,Jul,18 22:05
The censored word is h-a-t-e.

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